MicBergsma’s Marriage Proposal Story

MicBergsma’s Marriage Proposal Story

Lori stopped by the store a few times. Good
to know what she really wants. Beautiful ring. So, I have to quiet. I hope to get the ring
maybe in one and a half months. Let’s see. Yesterday, June 2. It was crazy. Lori went
to the store to see the ring. And she text me really upset that ring was gone. I was like ‘oh man!’ That was me! She said someone put on layaway! And I said I’m sorry! She was really mad.
Now we can’t find another ring! I said there’s more rings coming. Wait. So hard to deal with her. Whoo. So I called Stephanie (works at the jewelry store) and she said.. oh yeah, I didn’t say who, I said some girl put money on it. Thank you for covering that! Whew.
Wow. C’mon! I have a few weeks to go. I’m tired to worry trying to hide from Lori. Aghhhh!
haha. Wow. I’m going to meet Lori for lunch. Then after
I’m going to meet Stephanie to pick up the ring. Wow. I can’t believe it. Whoo. Sorry, I was standing over there. Here ya go! Tah dah! Awesome. Yay! Thank you so much!
Congradulations! Good luck! Wow. I can’t believe it. I will propose to
her in Jamaica. So, we had looked at this ring.. in what..
December maybe? I found it and so nothing happened and I kept going, stopping back in
the store, just to see what they have new.. and you know if the rings still there. And
then one day, when went in, it was gone! The girl Stephanie said that, oh yeah, your ring
is on hold for someone. And I was like.. what! And so I thought maybe (that it might be Mitch)
but when I said something (to Mitch) he was like .. What! You know .. acted out really
good and … It was hard to lie to her! I was mad. And so I was like why didn’t you put some money
down, because you can make payments on it, and so it’s vintage.. one of a kind. I feel
like you don’t care! haha. And so I gave him a hard time for like a month. I was finding other rings you know, I had no clue! I was like we have to go look at this ring.. we
have to go look at that ring. Now she has the ring and she can shut up.
haha. And I can relax. And even Stephanie. she’s like have your boyfriend.. what’s his name again?.. like have him call me in a few months to see if person doesn’t get it.. or they
break up.. or they just didn’t pay. And I And I was like ugh fine. haha. She’s like you’ll
find something, don’t worry. So, on June 22. We woke up, excited to go scuba. I was like.. I hope she doesn’t remember
what day it is. That day we met two years ago. And I wanted to propose on THAT day.
I didn’t want her to think something.. Oh.. that’s our anniversary! Maybe hope.. a surprise
for her. That’s why I was shh That’s why I was like.. I did’t realize at ALL because we didn’t really have our phones
or laptops with us.. no wifi was working..so didn’t really look at the dates then. So,
worked out for you! haha. So we got scuba stuff ready. People around..
trying to make the plan without her knowing what’s going on. I had no idea! So we got on the boat.. ok! get ready to go scuba! It was her first time to scuba in the
sea. She was nervous. I said don’t worry about that.. very calm under. Right? We started back to the anchor. The anchor, the rope. And when we were hanging around
there, I looked down and saw a treasure box. Wood, treasure box. Yeah, with a rope around
it. So, I saw it and thought.. funny.. fun.. someone
left it for someone to find. Like treasure. You know. I thought cool. And I was about
to tell her let’s get up I want to put GoPro on her head. But she keep looking down. Whoa,
whoa, whoa. It was too late. But, I was like agh! Why didn’t I put GoPro on my head. Oh
well. So she kept focused on that. I was like down! down! look down! And they were like
go look. So I went down there and I kinda.. it was in between the reef so it was hard
to get to.. so I grabbed the rope and pulled it up. Then.. I had it up and then I said
I was scared to open it. Oh c’mon! I didn’t know what was in there. Yeah, I didn’t know..
I didn’t think it was from him or anything. I was like oh! And so I finally opened a little
bit, put it down, opened again. And it was fake coins.. gold coins.. in the box. So I
was like ok, fake coins.. cool.. whatever. And then.. Jeff was filming.. But wait, wait,
wait.. And then I saw him looking through the box..ahhh .. and in my head I’m like what
is he doing. And I kept tapping him on the head, I was like what are you doing?! They
are fake coins.. let’s go! I keep looking. I thought maybe they took
the ring out put in there. But nothing there! I was freaking out! And Jeff was looking..
what?! where’s the box?! Then he was swimming up. The (ring) box wasn’t in there. His fiancee and other guys said I saw the ring there floating. It floated to the top
of the ocean! It floated all the way to the top. They didn’t think to put a weight the
box, the ring box. So whooooo.. So he grabbed it and swimmed down with it in his hand..
and put it under his hand when he was looking… and I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t see any of that. Nothing.
I opened the box. She was looking.. I was in shock! I was like.. What!? Then she gave
a hard look.. what?! That’s the ring! She was really shocked! Will you marry me?! Yesss!! That part, that whole part when I opened and then yes.. missed. Jeff didn’t film that part.
Well, because he was swimming to the top.. getting the ring.. swimming back down.. putting
under. What he said was that he was worried that the ring may drop or something… so
he was underneath it waiting. So that’s why we didn’t have that on video. When I put on.
So we have when he put it on my finger and then after. I wish we got that on video 🙁 Yeah, to see my reaction. Oh it was so cute. Her reaction,
was so cute! It was funny. It took me a minute to realize what was going on. haha. You can
see in the video, the second time the lid opened, the box opened.. you can see the little
box hit the top of the roof of the box. Yeah! And then you see it gone. Lid.. Crazy how
it happened. Weird.. me, Jeff, and Lori never saw it. And it touched her hand. Yeah! It
touched my hand and i didn’t realize it! I don’t know how! We were focused on the gold
coins.. haha! She was scared to take out.. I was like no!
hahaha! I know how to do it, but was so much going that I was like ahhh! I was like no! And I wanted to cry, but I was scared because I had my mask on and everything going on. OMG! You got me! I’m excited! Happy! I love you! hahaha. Oh my gosh. So surprised! You got me really good! Haha! Now I can relaaaax. And I’m happy. hehehe.

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