Mighty Morphin’ Party Ranger

Mighty Morphin’ Party Ranger

(upbeat techno music) (dramatic music) (electric crackling) (screaming and stomping) (evil laughing) (adventurous music) ♪ Ultramechatron team go! ♪ ♪ It’s a giant battling,
kicking, punching robot of ore ♪ ♪ But it can only be
controlled by the chosen four ♪ ♪ So now they’re working
hard and live together in ♪ ♪ The Ultramechatron ♪ ♪ Ultramechatron Team Go! ♪ (infantile screaming) – Ready team, let’s go! – Yeah! – Come get some! – Orange, what’s happening? Do you need me to move closer? – I don’t know what’s going
on, none of my punches can connect. – That’s the power of the Baby Boomer, he’s somehow always out of touch. – If you want to defeat me, maybe you should work harder. (laughing) – Ugh, so exhausting. – The most boring opinion. – Such bull(beep) – Brody is everything okay in the torso? I’m detecting smoke. – Oh, uh, yeah, um, yeah, must
be something malfunctioning with my Bachman Turner Overdrive. – Your BTO? I replaced
it yesterday it should be taking care of business. – Uh, I don’t know what to
tell you Trisha, I must be working it overtime. – Is that (sniffs) weed? – Okay, here’s the thing- – Ugh. – Brody! – Come on! – No, this is important, I
actually work better when I’m high. – No you don’t! – No one performs better
when they’re high! – It’s a performance enhancing drug (laughing) (explosions) It relaxes me. Whoa, hey, see, if I weren’t
high I’d be really stressed right now. – Brody, you promised us
before that you would stop smoking in the middle of battle. – What do you want me to do, vape? – No I don’t want you to vape! Please can we talk about
this some other time? – Why? (explosion) – Oh (bleep), we’ve been disarmed. – Okay, Brody, launch the nipple missiles! – Would you stop telling me what to do? – Launch the nipple missiles! – I’m in charge of the
torso, I think I know when to launch the nipple missiles. – Launch the nipple missiles! – All right, launching the naval blockade. – What? No! (mechanical whirring) – Huh, that’s not what
I expected to happen. – Sorry Ultramechatron, looks
like the only thing you’ll be winning today is a participation award! (explosion) – Wow, wait to go Brody, thanks
to you we’re gonna die in the stupidest way possible. – I’m gonna kill you like
you killed fast casual restaurants! – Okay, we didn’t kill
fast casual restaurants. – Give it a rest, they
would’ve died on their own. (electric crackling) (mechanical whirring) (cracking) – What the hell just happened? – Looks like if you just wait long enough, the baby boomer dies on its own. – Yeah! ♪Ultramechatron Team Go! ♪ – Well done, Ultramechaton
team, once again you have rescued the world from certain doom. – Don’t worry about the
damage to the Ultramechatron, my team is already repairing it. – You should all be equally
proud of yourselves. – Yeah, about that- – Yes, each of you deserves
a perfectly identical amount of praise, thank you all equitably. – You’re welcome. – Captain Duke, this was yet
another mission that almost failed because of Brody. He’s so inconsiderate, he
leaves his trash all over the cockpit. – Have you ever heard him chew before? It’s so gross, I can’t
even eat while he’s eating because it’s so nasty. – All of his personal grooming
takes place in my cockpit, why? Go to the bathroom, we
have a bathroom, does he not know that? It’s disgusting. – I’m sorry, wait, who
are we talking about? – Ugh, why is he even on the team? – Because I have skills, okay? I’m sick of you all thinking
that you’re better than me because you’re “smarter”,
or “stronger”, or “better”. – That’s right, I picked
this team to defeat Galatax. Brody, like all of you,
has a role to play. The tactical leader. The skilled fighter. The tech wunderkind. And the party dude. – What? No, I’m sorry, I
thought you were gonna say that I’m like the unexpectedly
talented everyman underdog. – No, you’re the party dude. – But why do we need a party dude? – Because it rounds out the team. – No, he’s a huge distraction,
and he never obeys orders! – But I’m also like
secretly very talented. – No. – Mmm, maybe I am the
underdog, and you’re also underestimating me. – Absolutely not, no you
are accurately estimated. – Then why am I on the team? Wouldn’t someone like Boshi be better? – That’s actually a very good idea. – Boshi! – No, no, Boshi sucks, it
is the four of you and only the four of you that can
pilot the Ultramechatron because- – Um, ma’am? – As you may have noticed,
I am a giant floating head. – No! – The first thing I noticed I
was like, “boom, that’s a big floating head.” I said it in
my head I was like “is this rude to say out loud?” So
I didn’t, but I’m glad that you said it. – Well I am. It’s true.
And why is that Boshi? Why am I a giant floating head, hmm? – Uh, you see, a few years
ago, I developed a device that was supposed to transport
Captain Duke into a parallel universe. (mystical music) (electric crackling) Instead it made her explode. – Yeah. – Sorry. – My body was gone, but my
mind survived, stretched across the multiverse it
was incredibly painful, and it lasted forever. – Sorry. – I saw infinite universes,
trillions of times we were defeated by horrible
monsters, and I saw one universe where we prevailed, one with
the four of you piloting the Ultramechatron. Fate has decided that you
are all necessary in order to defeat Galatax before
his monsters kill us all, and that Boshi does not deserve happiness. – I said I’m sorry. (sirens) – Oh my god. – An emergence from the portal. – Go, fulfill your destiny. – Wait, but we already
changed to our street clothes. – All of you! – But we already changed. – Then go get changed again! – All right, let’s do it team. – Ultramechatron team, go! – Woo! (crashing) – Hey guys, I’m sorry if
I’ve been dragging the team down. – Oh, it’s fine. – Yeah, whatever. – Don’t worry about it. – I really want to show you
that I deserve to be on this team, okay? – Brody, you don’t have to
do that, just listen better when people are talking. – You know what, I don’t
care what anyone says, I’m gonna prove to you
all that I belong here. – No, Brody- – You don’t need to do that. – (bleep) what Duke says,
(bleep) what you all say, – No, no, no- – Brody! – Don’t surprise us, it’s
not gonna impress us. There it is! – Gaze upon me, the Hypnopotamus! (laughs) – What is is doing? – Wait, Sarah, don’t! – Yes, I will control your
mind just as I control my body temperature by wallowing in the mud! (laughs) Look deep into my eyes. – Yes. – Now, sleep! (crashing) – Sarah? Sarah, wake up! – Oh, (bleep), you fall under
its control if you gaze into its eyes. (crashing) (laughs) – Your brains are as weak as
your pathetic jaw strength! – How can we fight it
if we can’t look at it? – Just guess? (action music) (explosion) – Dammit, what the hell is happening? – All right, this is it, this
is my moment to prove myself! – Brody, don’t! – No, no, it’s fine, it’s just
gonna take a second, okay? – No, you can prove yourself
by following orders! – No, no, no, please we don’t need this! – It’s just gonna take a second, it’s just gonna take second, it’s
just gonna take a second, it’s gonna be so quick, it’s
gonna be so quick, guys, you’ll see! You’ll see I’m
gonna be the hero here. (mechanical whirring) – Uh-uh, I said “sleep!” – Huh? – Brody? – Oh (bleep) Brody! – Brody, what’s happening? – No! I don’t wanna! – Oh my god, Brody is so
stubborn that he’s immune to the Hyptopotamus! – I’m not stubborn I just
don’t like people telling me what to do, okay? – That’s stubborn. – It’s not stubborn. – Sleep! (clanging) – Oh ho ho ho, we got ’em
now! Okay, I’m just gonna punch wildly, Brody, use the
right adjust where to aim! – Oh, now you’re telling me what to do? – Crap, his greatest strength
is also his greatest weakness is also his greatest strength. – I’m telling you to tell us what to do! – Ugh, fine, um, right foot. – Let’s go! – Left foot. – Okay. – Hands on your knees,
hands on your knees. – This is the Cha Cha slide! – The Cha what slide? I don’t
know what you’re talking about. – Brody, stop (bleep)-ing
around, you know the Cha Cha Slide! – The Cha Cha Slide! – Oh, I guess you don’t like
it when other people tell you what to do, huh? Huh, you
don’t like it as much as anyone else does. Slide to the left! – We’re not doing the Cha Cha Slide! (laughs) – What the hell! I told
you to slide to the left! – I thought that was a joke! – How is that a joke? – Ugh! Just do what he says! – All right, slide to the left! Slide to the right! Hands on your knees! Three hops this time! Okay, get funky with it. Ah, yeah, get funky with it,
lemme see ya get funky y’all. Cha Cha real smooth. – The hell is going on? – Take it back now y’all. – Sleep! Why won’t you sleep? Sleep! – Everybody clap your hands! (cheering) – Ah. – What happened? – I’ll tell ya what
happened. I saved the day, and it’s all thanks to
the awesome power of not following directions. – But also giving directions. – Yes. – Well, the important thing is
that I’m a part of the team. I really belong here you guys, ya know? ‘Cause teamwork isn’t about
working hard all the time, it’s about doing the bare
minimum until somebody (bleeps) the bed, and then you
do a little damage control, and you can go back to coasting. – That’s not what teamwork is. – Sure it is, I mean, how would you know? You were sleeping on the job. – I was hypnotized, you idiot. – All I know is I came in
here, you were taking a little nap, and it was up to me to fix it. – I was not napping, stop pushing that! (overlapping conversation) (dramatic orchestral music) – Ah, it seems the Ultramechatron
has defeated yet another of my minions. The battle
is lost, but the war rages- what the- what the (bleep)
is wrong with this thing, is there- Oh, it’s lost the (bleep)-ing
signal, (bleep), (bleep), oh- (laughs) – Hey kids, that video was a
lot of fun, but you know what’s not fun? – Ads! – Kind of like this one. – You can watch the rest of
this series and other cool stuff at Dropout. – Go to Dropout.TV to start
your free trial today. – And never have to see
us in another ad again. – Ultramechatron team, whoa! – Which Ultramechatron
team member are you? – Why would you even need
to take that quiz, you are Brody. – Actually, I took it earlier,
and it said I’m an Armand, so – What? – Yeah. – The hell you are, I’m taking that quiz. – Uh, me too! – We’re in the middle of battle! – I’ve got my eyes on you, Ultamechatron. – Okay, question one-

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  2. Party Dude know's how to handle mind melding situations.. Baby Boomers do have a point. I'm an unemployed melenial. It's lame.

  3. Thanks for giving us poor peasants a tasty morsel of your great content that we can't see the rest of if we're poor.

  4. The most hilariously distressing aspect of this show is that I'm yet to see a monster concept that is too stupid to use on an actual Super Sentai/Power Rangers show.

  5. えっ、ちょっと待ってww やばい
    Translation: The idiots who work here can't speak Japanese, so I can say whatever I want! These people are very cheap (have little money), so it's better not to work here! I'm only going to actually say the last line…. ULTRA MECHATRON.

  6. Dude, people wearing 80's power ranger themed clothes are hotter somehow.
    PS: Brody saved the fuckin day and that annoys Sarah AF because se know it's true.

  7. I like this one but can I say I prefer their costumes in the original skits and the way Katie swings lever around in the OP.

  8. I can imagine myself having similar conversations with my friend Brodey if he was a stoner, though more likely in the context of interrupting Soul Calibur matches to smoke lmao

  9. Are you guys still making Paranoia because I really enjoy watching it and an episode hasn't been on YouTube since 3 months ago so please if you can make more epidodes

  10. Ok, youtube for no apparent reason was playing my video at double speed. Which is hillarious, because I didn't think anything was wrong and I thought it was part of the comedy of the video. Now I had to watch the video twice on both speeds haha.

  11. This channel is horrible. Why do you want the boomers to die huh? So you can implement your crazy liberal insane policies? Why would you wish death on Generation X and Y's parents?

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