Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Motu ka birthday | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | Motu ka birthday | Wow Kidz

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Motu happy birthday to you. All right, thank you, thank you very much. Motu we have brought this cake, let us also have some. Cake was bought for me, now what gift have you bought for me? Give me that. Gift, wait I will give you right now dear. Leave me, what are you doing? Aah,
help me! Patlu! Hey, what happened? Why are you shouting? You are only good at two things, day time you eat samosa and in the night you see dream. Leave me. Patlu what is today date? Today is Monday, why? No, not only Monday but what else is there? Oh sorry, I had forgotten. You remembered, you are my friend, you should remember this day. Sorry motu, good you reminded me or else I would have eaten food. What do you mean? I will be fasting today because today is the new moon day. I am not talking about your fasting day but what else is there today? Today is a normal day, why are you after me, I have got some work, I will be back. Patlu please open the window and see out, you are outside, outside me, how’s that? How can I see myself out? One minute. It’s like this. You are my friend and you do not even remember my birthday. Patlu my dear, my brother, why are you lying on the floor? Today is Motu birthday, I thought of giving surprise party with all you guys. I have got twenty years experience of giving surprise parties, come let’s do preparation. Where is this hero of Furfuri nagar going alone? Chingam sir, I have heard the police men have very good memory all right, tell me what day is today? Today is law day, this is the day rule of law was first established. Oh, I am talking about human being, may be today is somebody’s birthday. Mahatma Gandhi 02 Oct, Jawaharlal sir, 14 nov. Indira Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Micheal Jackson. Sorry I do not think so any of our great leaders birthday is today. May be it is some robber’s birthday, and how can we remember that? You are right Chingam sir, Motu now tell us, which robbers birthday is today? Oh my god! How has turned from hero to villain? Many happy returns of the day, every time heart sings this, today was a special day, It will always be. Wow boss what a poem you made. Leave the poem and wish Motu. Many happy returns of the day, Motu wish you happy birthday. Very happy birthday. Thank you. I had sent you so many time in jail but you are wishing me today. And all my dear friends don’t even remember this day. Excuse me, wait a minute, control your emotions and tell me who don’t remember what? What are you talking about? I am talking about you wishing me. Only I know about this entire thing, how your friends would know this? What is it that only you know? Today is the day I had started doing a crime, today is the day I had dreamed of becoming a don. Today is a lucky day, many happy returns of the day, wish me. What happened to him? Call the fire brigade. Ok tell me why are you hitting me twice, I deserve this, this is my right. Bye! Perfect. Oh my god! When will our surprise party start? As soon as we finish the decorations,
Chingam sir, keep all this chemical outside. Dr Jhatka big brother. My big brother must remember my birthday, Big brother open the door. Big brother. Let him call, he will go away after sometime. We have not finished our decorations, and also sweets and cake is to be bought. Motu sir, is Dr Jhatka there inside? Why would I stand out if he is there inside? However, whom should I give these sweets? Sweets oh, give it to me, I am waiting for Jhatka, as soon as he comes I will give it to him. This greedy fellow is hell bend to spoil his own party, I won’t leave him. Stop, he has already eaten the sweets
Let him go. Big brother I am leaving now, I will come soon. Today nobody cares for me, what kind of friends I have? I am not anybody’s friend, nobody needs me, all pretends to be friends, the whole world pretends. I am leaving. Those chemical are not suppose to mix, quickly do something. No! Run! It’s going to blast. When Patlu himself has forgotten my birthday then how can I expect somebody to remember? Nowadays nobody has got time for anything. Happy birthday to you. Long live! You all remembered? How can we forget? Happy birthday to you. Let’s us finish the song at least. Happy birthday to Motu, happy birthday to you. When you guy knew, it’s my birthday then why didn’t you plan for a surprise party? Yeah, surprise party would have been fun. We could not give a surprise party but we bought surprise gift for you. Surprise gift, wow I love surprises, show me. What is all this? You did not let us give a surprise part, but you will definitely get a surprise gift. Hit him! Somebody tell me why are they upset? What did I do? Help!

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