MS Bhaskar’s conditions for Marriage |Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru Scene| GV Prakash challenges MS Bhaskar

My Dad has been busy with
special class these days He’s taken a break for an
hour, just to meet you Somehow try to impress him Just wait and see how I’m
going to impress him As far as I’m aware, he’ll
just have one condition… …that you should
convert to Christianity Is that fine with you Kumaru? Why are you still calling
out my old name I’m Albert now Will there be issues at
your place due to this? Hey, the name Albert was
given to me by my parents – Hello sir, I’m Kumar
– I’m Michael Ashirwadam Please take your seat Sit dear Mr.Kumar My daughter has filled me in about
you, your family and profession In fact, my daughter
likes you a lot I have no objection in
you two getting married Sir, thank you I didn’t expect
the work to be done so quick Wait, please sit down Mr.Kumar If you wish to
marry my daughter I have two conditions for that I’m aware, I should convert to Christianity
and should be regular to Church I’ve even changed my name – Hi, I’m Albert
– That’s fine Mr.Kumar Converting to Christianity
and going to church… …these both are part
of the first condition Because, once you do you will
have to be regular to the church But my second condition
is something else Sir! You should change entirely Sir, I didn’t get you Wasn’t I speaking in Tamil Okay, let me make you understand Jesus How many members are
in your family? Totally six, I, my sister, my
parents and my grand parents Is that so All of them… …have to convert
to Christianity Only then, this
marriage will happen Dad, what’s with
this new condition Wait dear, I’m speaking to him Tell me, Mr.Kumar It’s fine If I had to convert to
Christianity to marry your daughter… …but all these years My family is been worshiping many
gods, How can I ask them to convert Through your mouth Jokes apart Mr.Kumar, there’s an
explanation behind this A year ago, there was
a girl named Diana Nancy you must be aware of her That girl came to me, asking her
to get married to a Hindu guy I even got them married She came back asking for
divorce in just 6 months You know why? Why? There are lot of cultural differences
and opinions due to the religion For instance We celebrate only 3 festivals,
Christmas, New Year and Easter But when it comes to you people, there
is a never ending list of festivals We go to Church on Sundays But you people are not aware of
which temple to go on which day The food habits differ Our dressing sense
doesn’t match See, I’m not wearing just one button,
but yours is all the way open I don’t want my daughter
to face such situation That’s the reason, I had stated that
condition earlier so that we can go ahead What do you say,
Mr.Kumar aka Albert Sir, I have an idea Please go ahead, ideas
are always welcome How many members are
there in your family? It’s just me, my
daughter and my wife Sir, instead of us six
converting to Christianity… …if you three
convert to Hinduism Kumar! There won’t be any cultural
differences or difference of opinions What do you say, Michael
aka Ashirwadam Son! I didn’t come to you asking
to marry my daughter You are the one who came
forward begging for the same If you and your family
come to my terms… …this marriage
will happen, if not Sir! – Is yours a love or arranged marriage?
– Arranged marriage My parents chose my own
cousin for me to get married – That’s why you don’t know
– What? Girls who are better
than us will leave us And the ones who are below
us, we will leave them Our height, weight and status… …keeping that in
mind we find a girl And make sure she doesn’t have a
boy friend or a close cousin Post which to impress her, we
spend on fuel and phone bills Send texts live on TV Channel Dedication over FM radio After all this manage
to get her number Post which text her day and
night with multiple smileys Capture her heart Make her reply to it Then without the knowledge of time or
date, flirt with her spending a bomb Convince her to
meet us in person Entertain her taking out for many dates,
spending half our father’s wealth Finally after all this, when I came
to you asking to marry your daughter You’re placing conditions If you get a chance, you’ll ask the workers
around my house to convert as well You call yourself a wise man Aren’t you ashamed Damn it Do you think, I’ll get my daughter married
to you, because you pelted a long dialogue Get Out, Damn it All this while I was waiting
for you to curse at me Damn you Kumar, that’s my father Mind your words He doesn’t deserve
to be respected Be happy, that I didn’t
finish the sentence Hey, you low life – Did you call me?
– Yes I won’t even roll my window down and have
a look at you on the road from my car Don’t look at me I’m just respecting for the fact that,
my daughter is in love with you Don’t talk to me Listen to carefully You can’t even touch my daughter’s
shadow without my permission I know how to nab your
daughter and when to You can’t do anything Too bad, you got no hair Kumar, get out Wait dear, don’t interfere
in this matter – Mr.Ashirwadam
– What is it? My wedding will happen
with your blessing Don’t keep sulking on this dear – Get out from here
– I’m leaving Idiot I won’t even roll my window down and have
a look at you on the road from my car He doesn’t sound like
an educated professor He sounds like that Dance master
from Bala’s film, asking to convert If given a chance will make the
entire family dance, and grade them Buddy, I’m ready to stoop to any
level for the sake of Nancy Let’s gather few goons
and threaten them By the time you gather them,
Nancy will be in abroad Let’s do this Let’s get those
henchmen from Madurai – They won’t come down
– Why? They will rather go and work
in Rajinimurugan sequel Then let’s go to the Police Then you will see a news next
morning saying, you’re dead Then let’s sue them and
take them to Supreme Court Nowadays, their verdict is not followed
by the State, how will he listen to them You have been saying no to everything,
and being negative about it What else can be done? No matter, what you do and try every trick
He won’t listen to them It’s possible only
by one person Who is that? Gomathi Gopalakrishnan Where is she? She’s there in each
and everyone’s house

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