My Crush Didn’t Kiss Me Back

My Crush Didn’t Kiss Me Back

So there was worth this superhot guy named
Jonah. Everyone was always drooling on him.
He was really cute. I was really excited because that day he came
up to me at my locker and he was like, “ah hey,? so are you doing anything tonight?”,
And I was like, “um no…” And he was like, “do you wanna maybe come
to my party?” Inside I was literally screaming cuz I was
like, “oh my God the hottest guy ever just asked me out.” And I was like “yeah sure”
but inside I was obviously like exploding. So then I ran home asked my sister to take
me to the party and it was really good it was going great. We got pizza and everything.
And Jonah said, “do you want to help me I I kind of stubbed my toe and I can’t find
the band-aids.” So I was like “are you sure?” I didn’t ask him but I was like “I’m
pretty sure you didn’t but whatever let’s go in. “
So we went into his room. We were just sitting and laughing and we just
had so much fun talking and I really you know got to know him better.
And then we were like still looking for the band-aids and we were like, Eh, where are
they?” And then we sat back down on the floor and I was like, “oh my God is he leaning
in for a kiss?” And I straight up put my tongue in his mouth
and kissed him and he was like, “wait what the hell are you doing?” I was like, “well
you leaned in for a kiss.” And he was like, “you have the band-aids behind you they
were under my bed.” And it was like, “oh my God!”
Like, I almost shot myself there it was so awkward.
I was like hoping that he would say but like that was good or it was worth it but he wasn’t
the biggest silence ever like I could literally hear the crickets.
And I was like, “um I gotta go okay…?” And then like his friends were waiting outside
because they were like, “are you okay Jonah?” I don’t know I just started crying.
Everyone the next day was like, “um did you really kiss Jonah…?” And then I was like,
“oh my God what a mean person Jonah is telling everyone.”
I went up to Jonah and was like, “Why would you do that you know it was an accident?”
He was like he didn’t tell what his friends heard and I was like, “oh sorry about that.”
“Also just an FYI I am gay that’s why I haven’t been kissing any girls you know, I’m gay.” And I was like, “Oh my God I’m so sorry.” I’m right now in eighth grade and me and Jonah are best friends and now I don’t kiss him
by accident because I know he’s gay. So yeah that’s my story.

100 Replies to “My Crush Didn’t Kiss Me Back”

  1. Girl: *kisses guy*
    Girl: you were leaning for a kiss
    Guy: you have the band-aids behind you

  2. Oh shoot 🙂 You can kiss a hottest guy in your school and then he said he is gay… That’s worth girl 🙂 But unfortunately I didn’t even dare to approach to the hottest guy in my year 🙂

  3. i just rejected a guys attempt to kiss me because i was scared and he thinks i don't like him and i really do, i am so mad about myself right now…..

  4. Orrrrr he might’ve said he is gay so you don’t try anymore moves on him and so you can stay in the friend zone

  5. I tried to kiss my crush and he just stood there talking it in…and then didn't talk to me for the rest of the time….he also said he didn't like me like that and wasn't interested….FML

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