My Poetry Teacher

My Poetry Teacher

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  1. 5:52, I would have said that the man jumped of the bridge, because when he ate the albatross he knew that he had taken the life of another being for a way to feed himself. So he decided to give his life to another being so that the being could feed HIMself and repeat the cicle forever.

  2. Anyone can dig a ditch but it takes a real man to, um, er, hm, ar, wha, what was I, what was I answering again?

  3. Him: mimics a bully to show he was stupid for thinking that Oh, I feel like picking on someone today!
    Me, and anyone else who goes to a public school: That’s literally what they do

  4. Poetry is only really useful to sound romantic, write songs, and in writing stories/poems (obviously). The rest is just to cope with depression and anxiety really lol.

  5. Anyone can dig a ditch
    But it takes a real man to…

    Get out of the ditch cause there stuck in it and can’t watch TheOdd1sOut
    Like for the person to get out

  6. “I’d also like to say a big thanks to CypherDen, she helped colour some of the pictures and she’s an pretty cool dude”

    ~James 2017

    The thing is that he said she’s a pretty cool dude if you were to dum to see it

  7. The real answer is to call it home. Anyone can dig a ditch but it takes a real man to call it home. I found it off of google…

  8. Hey @theodd1sout i know the answer: Any man can dig a ditch but it takes a real person to…

    Hide the dead body in it

  9. I am Spanish from a Spanish country but I am always attracted to the English amnims
    Traducción: soy un español de un país español pero siempre me a llamado la atención los YouTubers ingleses

  10. Hey since isn’t useless because technically we are since and also you can understand what Bill Nye The Since Guy is saying so since isn’t useless….

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