Naeun will make a birthday cake for Gunhoo!! [The Return of Superman/2018.09.30]

Naeun will make a birthday cake for Gunhoo!! [The Return of Superman/2018.09.30]

(Naeun’s family welcomes the morning in a tent.) Which family welcomes the morning in a tent? A family as bright as the sun, Naeun’s family is sleeping. It’s fun to sleep in a tent. It’s cozy. (She stretches.) (Naeun wakes up first.) Naeun is the first one to wake up as always. (Uncles are here.) (She is lovely in the morning.) He must have slept well. His face is swollen. Babies are so cute when they wake up. (Jooho is still asleep.) Dad, wake up. (He doesn’t budge.) (In that case,) (I will wake him up with a kiss.) She wakes him up with a kiss. Wake up. – Should I wake up? / – Yes. (A single kiss wakes him up.) (Babbling) Gunhoo, did you sleep well? Gunhoo, did you sleep well? Gunhoo, did you sleep well? (I slept well.) You slept well. (Patting) The sun is out. – It’s hot. / – It’s hot. The sun is out. (Wriggling) (Gunhoo holds his hand and stands up.) My goodness. (Smiling) Jooho, you should eat breakfast. Let’s eat breakfast. Naeun, let’s eat breakfast. – Okay. / – Let’s eat breakfast. Today, Gunhoo will have his first birthday party. I was abroad when Naeun had hers. My parents didn’t have the time or energy to join us. I am really happy to celebrate Gunhoo’s first birthday with them. Naeun’s first mission is to get some fruits for the birthday party. Grapes. Grapes. – Shall we pick grapes? / – Yes. – Hold my hand. / – Dad, be careful. Should I be careful? – It’s dirty here. / – Jooho’s parents grow those crops. – One, two, / – One, – three, / – two. four, five, six, 7, 8, 9, 10. Are there 10 grapes? Yes. There are big ones. (Let’s see.) (She picks one) (and gives it to her dad first.) She gave it to her dad first. It’s tasty. Naeun, try one. (They are eating by themselves again.) Try one. It’s tasty. (It’s juicy.) – It’s tasty, right? / – Yes. (Longing) It’s really tasty. Gunhoo. You are holding two. (Let’s have a taste.) (Dropping) (He is annoyed.) He doesn’t cry like Bentley. (I will eat it.) (He takes one.) (Will it go into his mouth?) (Dropping) It dropped again. (The grape goes back to nature.) Gunhoo can’t eat one. Gunhoo, here. (My sister is the best.) Thank you. Okay. Thank you, Naeun. (She puts it in her mouth.) It’s really tasty. Dad, it’s really tasty. – Is it really tasty? / – Yes. It’s tasty. It’s like they are filming a commercial. (Let’s film a commercial.) It’s tasty. Gunhoo, look at her. She is eating well. You are so pretty. It’s like a commercial. Grape farmers might just give her a call. (Naeun begins to pick grapes.) It’s meaningful to use the crops you grew for the first birthday. (She can only take one at a time.) Naeun, are you picking one at a time? Yes. (Jooho tries to take the whole cluster.) Good luck, Dad. (Naeun cheers him on) (and she drops the cluster.) She dropped it. The grapes will scatter. My goodness. What should we do? It’s on the ground. It’s on the ground. – Really? / – Yes. Let’s try it again. (She is optimistic.) – Let’s try it again. / – That’s right. – Try it again. / – You can try it again. That’s right. (They carefully take another cluster.) All right. My goodness. Uncle, look at this. (They take one cluster after another.) (The basket is filled up.) It’s filled up. We have a lot of grapes. Thank you, Dad. Thank you. (She gives him a kiss of gratitude.) (They finish picking grapes.) Naeun, shall we pick some chilies as well? There are so many chilies. There are so many chilies. There are so many chilies, right? Naeun, do you want to pick a big one? Pick it with your hands. (She picks it in one go.) – You are good. / – It’s chili. It’s really big. (She picks a red one this time.) (She gets one of each color.) (She picks chilies diligently.) Dad, won’t you eat it? I won’t eat it. Won’t you eat it? Won’t you eat it? I don’t like chilies. – Don’t you like chilies? / – Don’t you like chilies? Then who wants to eat it? Your dad will like it a lot. Eat one. The cameraman said Jooho will like it. The cameraman got picked. (Uncle Onion gets picked.) He’s a cameraman for the family. He should eat anything Naeun gives him. Your dad should try it. It’s really tasty. He wants Jooho to try it. Naeun, I’m okay. Do you want me to eat it? – I’m okay. / – She is giving it to him. (He takes a bite.) Isn’t it spicy? (It’s really spicy.) – It’s really spicy. / – It’s spicy. (The spiciness hits you) It hit him. It hit him. (after some time.) – Naeun. / – It must be spicy. – It hit him. / – It’s hitting him hard. He’s stomping his feet. Naeun, give me one grape. Hurry up. (He gets treated with a grape.) Give me one more. (It’s nowhere near enough.) Dad, you like chilies. – Really? / – His lips turned red. (Pushing) It looks like he is wearing lipstick. – His lips are quivering. / – Are you serious? Are you serious? No. (I was joking.) Thank you. Shall we go home? (Let’s hurry up and go home.) Let’s go home. Gosh, it’s spicy. (The sweet and spicy chili farm harvest ends.) Happy birthday, Gunhoo. A fly. (Gunhoo, could it be that you are…) Gunhoo, don’t eat it! Gunhoo, don’t eat it! (The food fighter is on the move.) He is chasing after a fly. There are so many flies, right? (Gunhoo plays with a fly.) (At that moment…) (Who is it?) Someone is at the door. The guests must be here for the party. (Who is it?) Eden. Mama. – Mama! / – Her mom is here. (Mama is back.) Mama. My goodness, her mom is here. (Her kisses squish Naeun’s cheek.) (Anna, I’m here.) Look at his face. You make that face a lot too. – Really? / – Yes. (I missed you.) Did you have fun? (My baby.) Dad, it’s a bug. A bug? (She is a fairy of kisses.) My goodness. (I will endure it today.) (Who is this?) Anna, you’re home. When did you get here? – Just now. / – I see. (They are really affectionate.) Good job. Let’s make tasty dishes. – Okay. / – What will you make? I will make arancini. – Arancin? / – Arancini. Arancini? Arancini? – Arancini. / – Arancini. What’s an arancini? – It’s an Italian dish. / – An Italian dish. (Arancini is deep-fried rice balls.) I see. (They begin to cook.) (Anna is making an Italian dish.) Arancini is a lot of work. It takes a long time to make risotto. It’s a dish that requires an effort. She is making japchae. – It’s a lot of work too. / – That’s right. This is how they cook in the kitchen during the holidays. They are considerate of each other. They appreciate each other. Everything is pretty. It’s Gunhoo’s birthday. Gunhoo’s birthday. (It’s Gunhoo’s birthday.) I will eat. I like it. Okay. Would you taste it? I don’t know if I should add anything. Anna. Hey! Hey! Don’t eat my hand. It’s tasty. (She enjoys her time with her daughter-in-law.) Jooho, are you busy? Come and taste this. We are busy. We are busy. (Naeun, why are you busy?) We are busy. We are cooking. We are busy. (Is that heavy cream?) I like it. – Do you like heavy cream? / – Yes. How much do you like it? – Two cartons. / – She is cooking – for her brother. / – You like it a lot. I see. They will make a birthday cake. Hold on. Hold on. – My goodness. / – Jooho. You should have put the hand mixer inside. Look at this! Mama! Mama! Dad made everything wet. It’s a mess. – She is speaking German. / – It’s an emergency. – She tells her mom. / – Give me a tissue. – A tissue. / – A tissue? – You can take it. / – Naeun cleans up after her dad. Mama, may I use this? Use whatever you need. What are we going to do with this? I’m sorry. Will you wipe the table? Why did you splash it? Why did you do this? I didn’t mean to do it. He is getting scolded by his daughter. Do a good job. Do a good job. – Do a good job? / – Yes. You are nice. – Am I nice? / – Yes. I will give it another try. (Jooho gives it another try.) See if it’s tasty. (Sticking) I’m sorry. (What is this?) (Worried) (Dad, I love you.) (Laughing) Do the same to me. (She puts heavy cream on her dad.) My goodness. (It suits him.) You should have put it in my mouth. (Donggook made him more mischievous.) I will wipe your nose. Come here. I will wipe your nose. Come here. I will wipe your nose. Why don’t you trust me? Come on. (She wipes her nose with her T-shirt.) (You need more practice.) I will put it on the sponge cake. Look. (The whipped cream goes on the sponge cake.) (Spreading) Anna. Anna, how should I do this? Jooho, you are terrible at this. It looks like it fell from somewhere. (She has never seen a cake like this.) (You need to be punished.) Gosh, it’s Gunhoo’s birthday. (What have you done?) Gunhoo. Oh, my goodness. (She is worried.) Naeun, make it with your mom. Jooho, it’s too runny. The cream is too runny. Gunhoo, help her. (I want to help.) My goodness, he ruined it. – It’s over. / – It’s time to play. Try it. – No, no! / – Eden! – My goodness. / – What will they do? Eden! (Naeun attacks for the second time.) – This is a mess. / – Hold on a second. – Gosh. / – No, no, no. – This isn’t soap. / – No, no, no. – Oh, my gosh. / – Don’t touch it. It can’t be salvaged. Goodness. Jooho. Oh, my goodness. (Anna makes a drastic decision.) She is removing the cream. Would you put this on the cake? It’s a train. – It’s a train. / – Train. It’s a train. That’s right. This is better. – It’s hard to make a cake, Naeun. / – Yes. It’s hard. Anna, we are done. Green and gold. (Ta-da!) Happy birthday. Happy birthday. It’s the first cake we made together. I give it 100 out of 100. – I give it 100 out of 100. / – Where is it? What’s your score? (Out of 100…) – 85. / – 85? 85. Good job. 85. Let’s get 100 the next time. – Good job. / – It’s Gunhoo’s birthday. It’s his first birthday. (Gunhoo grabbed a back scratcher.) This happened when they were scoring. He is using a back scratcher. (While they were scoring the cake,) (he took the puffed grain snack.) The first birthday party is also called “Dol party” in Korean, Naeun. Give it to me. (The family is unaware.) Gunhoo eats so well. (His family doesn’t know what his right hand did.) Let’s clean up. Let’s put this aside and clean up. (The puffed grain snack wasn’t enough.) (I don’t wait for food like Bentley.) Isn’t it harder to walk that way? – He is using his knees. / – It’s not a crawl. He is like a leopard. That was hilarious. (Staring) – What is it? / – What is it? (What kind of food did Gunhoo find?) – Gosh, it’s japchae. / – Japchae. Will he eat it? (It looks tasty.) (My goodness.) – No! / – He’s caught. He won’t take it out of his mouth. (No!) No! (What is she saying? I need to eat fast.) Mama. Jooho, come quickly. No, no, no. You can’t eat japchae. Gunhoo, were you eating japchae? You must be hungry. You searched for food. (He is a food fighter who acts.) He grabbed it. He is excited. (Bentley, this is the real eating show.) He should have a match with Bentley.

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  1. First time to saw someone eating grapes, popping it out first and not eating the skin. Still cutee wahahahhaha ???

  2. Anna's relationship with her mother in-law is so cuuute and lovely? I just fell Iove with their family?

  3. Hahahaha I'm dying to see some sweet moments between anna and joonhoo?i feel bad for him whenever he see anna kiss the children. It like mee too baby!! ?

  4. Cant believe gunhoo grew so much now he looks like a 3 y/o but his international age is only 1 1/2 he’s tall ??

  5. Yall can we just appreciate the fact that Anna speaks literally 6 languages. For her to go language to language with so much ease is just frikken incredible to see.

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