NALY’S 5th BIRTHDAY HOUSE PARTY – FOOD, FUN with FAMILIES & FRIENDS ជុបលៀងខួបកំណើតអូនណាលីឆ្នាំទី ៥

NALY’S 5th BIRTHDAY HOUSE PARTY – FOOD, FUN with FAMILIES & FRIENDS ជុបលៀងខួបកំណើតអូនណាលីឆ្នាំទី ៥

Hello all friends, welcome to my channel. Today is Saturday, November 30. The day that we have a chance to throw Naly her 5 years old birthday party. Listen to the vlogger voice it’s so hoarse. Naly’s Mom is now sick. Why must I get sick on this day? So right now this is my 2nd living room. My house has 2 living room. The one that you often see is in the front which is the first living room. This is the 2nd which does not get use often because it’s in the back. When we moved in, we wanted to use this one as the main living room like a family room and the one in the front as a formal living room but now everyone likes to stay in the front. I want to show you this area as it is now because soon this will all change and turned into a dining area. The hammock will needs to be move. These tables needs to be set up. This box has been sitting there since the tree was up. It’s used to block Eli from pulling stuff. Block it like this. He’s at the grab and pull stage. Put it there and place something heavy on top or inside so he can’t move it. Naly’s Dad is blowing balloon. It’s only 10AM in the morning right now and we are gathering at 4:00PM in the evening. Earlier the husband tried to blow air in the balloon and he used 2 air pump why doesn’t the balloon expand? So he then tried to blow it by mouth it was then when he realized that the balloon has a tear. That’s why the balloon would not blow up. Now he took another balloon and test it and there were no tear in that balloon so he brought out the air pump again. Time to take care of the crabs. No bathing for the wife, but bathe the crab and rub and scrub the crab. Did you all hear that? With the crab, the husband gives a full body scrub but not with the wife. It’s “you are on your own”. I pluck the grey hair for you too. We are talking about scrubbing. I pluck your grey hair we didn’t get to go anywhere this year just take care of the wife. Pluck the wife grey hair so she looks a bit younger not too old for the new year. It’s almost the end of the year and our age is getting older just update for the wife a little bit. Pluck grey hairs once or twice a year. Buy crabs for the wife to enjoy New year I didn’t get to buy anything for the wife beside crabs. One of the claw is small. Maybe it broke and recently just grew out. This one is good nice and heavy. This one is fat If it wiggles when you pick it up, that’s skinny. Look, it’s loaded with fat. No eggs, but you get the fat. No eggs since they don’t sell the female. Yeah. Scoop out the fat into a bowl then rinse and strain it well it will no longer be black after that. Since I shared my recipe for
Stir Fry Crab with Sate Sauce has anybody tried making it? He’s cleaning and chopping the crab into pieces. Not my favorite crab! That favorite crab will be in my tummy again. I’ve shared how to clean these crabs many times so now I’m just showing you briefly. It’s now time to fry the eggrolls the ones I rolled the other day. I fry them while it’s still frozen. Heat the oil until it’s hot
and then add the frozen eggrolls. Then fry them up. Turn them often. Then strain the excess oil and set it aside. Boiling the octopus for the papaya salad. Almost done frying the eggrolls. Filled up a big basket now. Fried crab with saute sauce. That the first pan still another pan left that needs to be done. See the crab fat? Once it’s been rinse, you get that color. It’s no longer black and green. A photo with the birthday girl. Mommy is now sick. I have a cold so my voice is not clear. Please don’t mind me OK? Julianna, you are blocking me. The food are now all prepared. Let me show you what’s on the menu today. This is stir fry crab with the sate sauce. Boiled chicken, made by the husband. Boiled chicken is eaten with Kampot fish sauce there’s lettuce, cucumbers and herbs. This is an appetizer platter to snack on like American style. There’s cracker, cheese, meat and grapes. Eggrolls. Papaya salad with salty crab mixed with octopus. Here’s another pot of the sate crab. This is roasted chicken that my Mom made. There’s also some rice vermicelli for those who wants add cut up eggrolls and eat with sweet fish sauce. This is kaboch cake that my Mom made and this is dessert which is not done yet. There’s still some green grass jelly and the coconut sauce. In Thai or Laos it’s called “NAM WAN”. Also another thing is the ice cream birthday cake. Stir fry crab with sate sauce. Naly why are you clinging on like a gecko?

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  1. Oh I forget to mention ur buffet style setting, I like those pots w/the stands where did u buy those?? Thanks for sharing ??

  2. Beautiful family! I love how playful your couple is ? Hope you get well soon!!! The food looks amazing. Makes me miss family gatherings.

  3. Happy belated birthday Oun Naly❤️ Any party that has Khala Klouch is my kinda party ?. I love the buffet style food. I think I’m going to steal your idea for Dilan’s 3rd Birthday next year.

  4. បុកល្ហុង​ញុំា​ជាមួយ​នំបញ្ចុក​ឆ្ងាញ់​ណាស់បង

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