New College ROOMMATES, Will We Get Along???

New College ROOMMATES, Will We Get Along???

– Hola! – Hi! – What’s your name? – Christina. Also known as, Tina. – We named her. – They did. – Hi. – My name is Bethany. Please don’t call me Beth. I’ll come for you. – We call her Beth. – Hello. – [Interviewer] What is your name? – Brooklyn. – Ready? Okay! (laughing and cheering) – Go team! (laughs) (upbeat music) – So, we decided we’re gonna film today. But Bethany told us she
needed energy for the video, so she needs coffee. It’s an adventure with the roommates. – Please give me the AUX. I want to listen to
“Dance Like Me” right now. (pop music playing) – Bethany, here’s your coffee. We can film now. – Oh, I’m ready. – Thank you. (upbeat music) – Hi. – (laughs) – Hey guys! It is Brooklyn and Bailey! – I don’t yell like that. – (laughs) – Today, you guys are
gonna get to meet our brand new roommates! In our brand new house! So, all of y’all is
super curious about them. When we posted our empty house tour, y’all just kept asking
what they were like. So, here are the two weirdos. – I’m Christina. – I’m Bethany. – So today, we’re just
going to be doing a video that would help you guys get
to know what they’re like, ’cause you’re probably
going to see them in like a butt ton of videos. – We’re gonna explain how we met them all. – They’re like, “We have, in all caps, we have free makeup in our room.” – Oh yeah. – I’m sitting in the
lobby, and I was like, yo. We should go get free makeup. – I just did not think that
it was gonna be immediately, because I got in the shower, and when I came out of the shower, Bethany was in my apartment. Normally I would’ve just been in a towel, but I put my robe on. Granted, it was a soaking wet robe, so it really wouldn’t do much for me. But there was a whole group
of people with Bethany, just chilling in my living room. – (laughs) – And then Tina- – So I have a lot of guy friends that hang out with a lot of guys. But so does Tina. Ironically, some of the
guys I was hanging out with was her boyfriend and his friends. So, they were all talking about how I needed more girl friends. And then, he basically
said, “Tina has no friends.” – (laughs) They literally introduced us because neither of us had
friends that were girls and they were like, “You guys need to hang
out with each other.” – Rude. – The first time we met, I
thought Tina was super weird. – (laughs) – So we walk in and we’re
like studying or whatever, and she’s trying to teach my now boyfriend or something like that. – We literally had a
business test the next day, and he hadn’t studied at all. So I sat down and was like, “Okay.” And then… – We were like flirting the entire team so he was very distracted. – But I just remember being like, this girl is not investing in
her man’s education right now. – (laughs) – Wait, what was your
first impression of me? – I literally was like,
“Who the nut is this?” – And so Brooklyn was
obviously fed up with me, so she was like. And so I was like, “Uh-oh. She’s scary.” And then Bailey I met her, she texted me because at
that point Brooklyn liked me, and so then she had spread the word that I was actually a good person. So Bailey was like, “Hey! Do you want to come over and watch a movie and
make brownies with me?” – Yeah, no, my first impression of you, you were like, “Oh my gosh,
hello! Welcome to our home.” – (laughs) Such a hostess. And Brooklyn was sprawled
out on the green chair. She was like, “What’s up?” – I want to play a game where
Bethany and Tina have to figure out who knows us better. – Okay, what is Brooklyn’s favorite food? – Beef stew, pazookies. – Beef stew, chicken fettuccine Alfredo. – Oooh. So my favorite dessert is pazookies. But my favorite meals are probably beef stew roast or Alfredo. – What is mine? – Salmon. – And? – Potatoes. – Wooo! – Oh man, I’m not in this game! – How many boyfriends has Brooklyn had? – What? – (chuckles) One? – Yeah, one. Just Parker. – I’ve only had one
official boyfriend, yeah. I dated guys that we
weren’t like boyfriend- – Like (bleep). – (laughs) – Wait. I have a better question. How many boys that Brooklyn
went on dates last year were engaged by this time? – Three! She would literally go
on a date with a guy, and then literally no joke, weeks later, he would be engaged to someone else. Three times! – What was the name of your first video? – Wait, are you asking me? – What about the rap video? I only care about the rap video. – It goes… – Oh, she still remembers it. – Beetles you better stay away, ’cause I will stay, and I will smush you like a piece of poo! Word, refresh it. Respect the high-tops. Yeah. – Please, make it go viral. – If Bailey wasn’t a
YouTuber, what would she be? – A fashion designer. – Not a fashion designer but
the one that dresses people for movies. – Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah. That’s what it is. – I would have been a vet. – Brooklyn you would be… – Someone that’s in charge of everything. – (laughs) – You would be… – A psychiatrist! – A child psychiatrist. – I was gonna say like (inaudible). – Oh we forgot to tell them
what they’re majoring in. – Business. – Theater performance. – Comment down below
if you want us to make another roommate video
in maybe a few months or next semester that is a
“Who is more likely to do” roommate edition, so we can really expose people up in here. – Drama. – Who is more likely to leave
their dishes on the counter? – Nugs. The nuggets. – Healthy queens. – We have a meal plan, amongst all of us. Where each of us cook
one night of the week. – In under 15 seconds,
name the top ten things someone needs to know about you. – I like to have fun. (laughs) – And that was your 20 seconds. – I’m in Arizona. I grew up in Kentucky. I love Baylor. I have a boyfriend. He’s really nice. I have friends. They’re really nice. (laughs) I was on dance and cheer team. – 15 seconds are up. – I’m ready for my 15 seconds. I only have fact but I’m ready. – Okay, ready? Go. – I’m allergic to tree nuts. My favorite color is yellow. I am in Chi Omega. I’m a sophomore at Baylor University. I have a sister, she’s my best friend. I love theater. I work at a pizza place. – That was your fifteen seconds of getting to know Bethany and Tina. – I feel like we know them so much better. (laughs) Wow. – Bethany needs to fake
sneeze for the camera. – Oh! – I’m really good at fake sneezing. – This is incredible. – ‘Cause I was in a play where I had to be sick the whole time, so. Ah-choo! Thank you. – Fake. – Fake! – Thank you. – That is so good. – Fake! Watch me try. Ready? Ah-choo! So good. – Ahh… (laughs) – Why the ahhh? – Ahhh. – Ah-choo! – Ah-choo! (laughs) – Wait, okay, everyone, each person, try a different accent. – Hello? How are you? I
don’t know what else to say. – Bravo. – So cute. Hi guys, my name is Christina
and I grew up in Kentucky. – You sound the same. – (laughs) – Her voice just went an octave higher. – Yeah, it did. – Hi guys – (all laugh) – What was that? – So I went over to my neighbor’s house and they were telling me
that I was being too loud the other night, and I was like no Joanne, you’re being too loud. This is ridiculous. Go away! Get away. You’re being too loud. I don’t like it. – Ze pepperoni on ze pizza. (laughs) (quirky music) – Ready, set, go. (laughs) Woo! – Okay, go. – Okay, lean back. – We just should’ve
had different partners. (pop music) – Guys, we haven’t been able to decide what our house name should be. All week at college, the people that live in
the houses name the houses. And we can’t come up with a name. We originally had The Dream House, like life in the dream house. Like from Barbie, ya know? If you know, you know. – We have a pink couch. – We have a really bright pink couch. – And then, we are also debating if we should name it the Tipton, like from “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” – But also my mom suggested Winterfell from “Game of Thrones.” – But “Game of Thrones” is just going out. – And then we can’t
think of anything else. – Please help! – So suggest and/or vote. You can vote in this poll
which of those three you like. And/or have other ideas, please comment them down below so we have something a name for our house. – I like the Tipton. So if you like me, you’ll vote the Tipton. – (laughs) – Name three things that bother you. Like, a lot. – When people smell like onions and they don’t wear deodorant. – I forgot to put on deodorant. – Nuh-uh! – (all laugh) – Wonder why I said that. – What’s your biggest pet peeve about one another? – (gasp) – Oooh. Drama. Stir the pot. – The tea. – I’m trying to think. I don’t really have… – Bailey walked in my room the other day, looked at my bag and goes, “I hate that. That is hideous.” And I was like, “Okay, good. So we know we’re
not going with that one.” ‘Cause I had two options. – She told me to tell
her which one I like. I said, “I do not like
that one. I like this one.” – Bailey is our mom. She curled my hair this morning. All right, thank you guys so much for watching this video. – We’ll see you guys next week. – If you will like, comment, subscribe, and turn on the little bell
so you get a notification every time we post. – Ooh la la! – I love YouTube! Oh my god, I should’ve worn my shirt. I can’t stop watching YouTube. I went to VidCon! – Fun fact! She went to the meet and greet for my mom. – I met Cute Girls Hairstyles at VidCon. – How many years ago? – 2014. – Five, six years ago. – She has a picture with my mom. – Like six years ago. And now she’s our roommate. Iconic. Anyway, hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. Also, do not forget to
suggest house names. We need them. – Please. – Please. – Badly, so please do that. – We will see you guys next week. – See you guys. – Bye!

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  1. Not to be rude or anything but my moms name is beth and her moms name is tina and they are really mean to me so im kinda sad about the names but ik that they cant help it but ya.. 😢

  2. You should name the house something aesthetic maybe the green leaf since there’s so many plants? Or maybe the bay house since like Baylor. Idk ❤️

  3. Bethany and I are literally the same person!!!! My sister and I are best friends, my favorite color is yellow, and I'm obsessed with theatre!!! My sisters a theatre performances major also!!!

  4. You should name the house "baiybritchrisbrook" because it stands for bailyn, brittany, Christina and, Brooklyn. Or you could name it igloo because it is a cool place to chill lmao. By the way I love your guys and your vids.

  5. I really like the Tipton bc you guys are actually that show. The talks the dumb one and that blonde one. Oh I don't mean this to offend any of you.

  6. So my grandmas name is Tina and mine is Bethany my sisters middle name is Brooklyn and her first name rhymes with Bailey. Whack. (Sorry this is so late I have been super busy)

  7. you guys should do another twin viedo where you guys dress the same and act the same and have your friends be blindfloded and have them tell you guys apart

  8. When are we going to get a house tour. I love y’all and if you could heart and reply to this comment it would mean the world to me!!💕😊

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