Our Marriage

Our Marriage

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  1. The only time my parents have slept on the couch is cause my mom has asthma and sometimes she’s coughing so much that she feels bad keeping my dad awake so she goes to the couch

  2. I love one tree hill!!!! I made my gf watch them all this year lol btw jess they have a oth tour in Wilmington North Carolina

  3. My parents had my brother at 17 and their 15th year anniversary is coming up. But here’s a little story- my dad used to coach my sisters soccer team and he lost his wedding band because he took it off because a ball fell in a pond and it fell and got lost and my mom recently bought a new one and is giving it to my dad on the 26th of October which is their anniversary. You guys also are like the cutest couple

  4. I have the same exact thing, Jessica! My family is just like that! I am 10 turning 11 in a few weeks, and I have been going back and forth from Mountain House to Hayward for 2 years. It has been tough, but it's okay.

  5. ok i know this is kinda off topic (i mean not really) but i'm actually gay..i think😂. (i'm a girl lol) and so i really hope it's not gonna be hard to find someone to marry. I know i'm only in highschool, but i'm nervous. i've never been in a relationship before let alone marrying😂. But wish me luck finding someone lol😂. You guys are the absolute best. I love u so much💜💜

  6. Jessica, I totally agree with you about Naley!! I am so sad they took OTH off Netflix. I love all this advice though. My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 8 years and we know we are going to get married and hearing this advice makes me know that we will be okay and we can and will have a strong marriage.

  7. Haha, Jessica–love that you brought up Nathan and Haley! My name is actually Hayley Scott, and my boyfriend's name is Nathan…..😂 I've joked around for years about "finding my Nathan"…. and I finally did freshman year of college! I made him watch OTH with me last year, and we realized how similar our personalities are to the characters on the show. Crazy stuff! 😂

  8. I have a long time until I want to be married, but when and if I get married and have a family, this is how I want it to be.

  9. Jessica talking about my favorite Tv show ever made me really happy.💜 Chris go watch One Tree Hill with Jessica!! I've wanted to rewatch it for a while now and this made me want to do that even more. (That would be the 6th time I watch the whole show. Did I mention it's my favorite😂)

  10. Jessica, I've been watching you for awhile and have got to say, you look wonderful and you are fantastic! It's fun to see you looking so comfortable with the camera. Xoxo

  11. You guys have the ultimate marriage and it makes me sad that mine isn't like that. It's only been 2 1/2 years and it has been soooo hard and painful.

  12. YOU GUYS ARE THE CUTTESSTTT!!!!!!! you are sooo in love and it bought a tear to my eye at the way Chris said that you two were one and it was so touching xxxx love you guys

  13. My grandma just passed away, 6 months shy of their 60th wedding anniversary. Your relationship reminds me of my grandparents and it makes my heart so happy. I can’t wait to get married, especially because my relationship is so similar to you guys

  14. I’ve been with my fiancé since 10th grade (2010) and now we’re getting married! So I totally feel the same about high school relationships. I think it’s made our relationship stronger! 💛💛

  15. Omg just when I thought I couldn’t love you guys even more! You have such a sweet and kind family that is built on a loving and caring relationship. Watching your family makes me so happy. nowadays, it is rare to see a family so pure. I love you guys ❤️❤️

  16. Nathan and Haley ❤️❤️❤️
    Loved watching this video… I’ve been married almost 9months now (have been with my now husband for over 8 years) and a lot of what you said resonates with our relationship and how I think we work together!
    Thanks for sharing your story x

  17. "We know each other's names a lot" lol! Then you're still newly weds! My parents have been married for 26 years, and my grandparents were married for over 60 years. It seems that at roughly the 20 year mark, you forget your spouse has a name other than Mom or Dad lol.

  18. HUGE One Tree Hill fan right here, love that you referenced that and definitely didn't see it coming. That's exactly where mine brain went too! haha 🙂

  19. So dumb for men to get married today and spend all their hard working money on a women, marriage is only good for a women!! Men don't do it, just a bad mistake! Then these women will want you to pay for everything and if they have past debt, guess who they are looking at to pay that!!! don't get married ever, no pussy is worth it!!!!!

    Listen to this! 8 reasons for a man not to get married! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38UPJNU_Ero

  20. Jess is right that not having baggage makes a huge difference.  the more partners you have the more difficult it is to truly pair bond – you always compare them with previous partners, ONS's etc.  It helps you cut down on the grass could be greener factor

  21. So glad I found this video! This is what I wanted to see… I was with someone in high school and we lasted 8 years but eventually broke up. I think your relationship is amazing! I'll probably never be as lucky.

  22. What I see in this video is two people that have love and respect for each other. They have fun together. They laugh. Marriage is a lot like a home. It's built from the ground up. It needs a stable and sturdy foundation. If it has that then it can weather any storm that hits it. And the joy and love and respect you see in a marriage you see in a family with kids. If that dynamic is lacking and if the foundation isn't sturdy, a marriage and a family can fall apart.

  23. How cute !! Me and my husband been married 31 yrs it feels like yesterday …i was married to my first husband for 10 yrs and it was a nightmare .and never ever thought I could be with a partner or should say a soulmate …but the lord did justice and gave me a husband that was just perfect for me …

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