Overly Confident Dog Walker | Allstate Mayhem

Overly Confident Dog Walker | Allstate Mayhem

I’m your overly confident dog walker. I’d walk 100 dogs if my paws were big enough to hold all the leashes. But right now, all this fur is making it
hard to see where I’m going. (Speaking to door camera)… and your
brickwork? Worst on the block. What are you doing walking my dog? You’re not Kevin. I am today. And if you’ve got the wrong
home insurance coverage, well, paying for my medical bills is gonna be rough. So get Allstate, and be better
protected from Mayhem, like me.

36 Replies to “Overly Confident Dog Walker | Allstate Mayhem”

  1. First time I saw this was tonight….I’ve rewatched it over and over, lol, my man ate those bricks like he was starring in a remake of American History X. “Bite that curb!”

  2. Everytime this stupid commercial comes on (which is often) I have to look away in disgust because of the whole fall and dog lick. It's so painful to watch and gross…

  3. I'm a dog walker and my niece sent me this…it's hilarious but very true! I was pulled into the air then dropped several feet…messed me up really bad but I still crack up when I see it! With a lot of dogs you need tons of coverage…lol

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