Party Games for Toddlers using Plastic Cups (Motor Skills)

in today’s video I will be sharing with
you four cup games that you can play with your toddler. this is part of my
frugal fun series where I give you game ideas that cost little to no money. hi my
name is Shawn and welcome to Prayer lights. I would love for you to consider
subscribing to this channel if you are new. In this video I’m going to be giving
you verbal instructions as I show a brief video clip of my toddler playing
each game. alright let’s get into this video. alright the first game is just
rolling a ball into a plastic cup. guys all these games are so simple. if you
have toddlers at home you know things need to be really simple with them. so we
just got a basic cup and had her- instructed her- to roll the ball into the
cup. now my toddler in this video she is 13 months old so she is very limited in
what she can do. I was very surprised that she knew what I was talking about
when I asked her to put the ball in the cup. number two is knocking down cup
towers. I built the Cup tower as fast as I could and then I released her and let
her play with the cups or knock them down or whatever she wanted to do with it. she
had a blast in that we play that game quite a few times. number three is just
simply stacking the cups. so I gave her a big stack of red plastic cups and let
her pull apart and then put them back together and pull them apart and put them
back together. and you know toddlers they just repeat activities over and over. she
had a lot of fun. she kept walking around the house and pulling apart the cups.
another game is just to hide one of her toys under a plastic cup. so I put a
couple of toys and some plastic cups and then the other ones are blank and I
had her pull the cup off to see what was underneath. now this one did take her a
little while- I think older toddlers might catch on to this a little better.
is to take her a little while to figure out there were toys under each of the
cups but she had fun discovering where I had hidden her little duckie. I’m not
going to show you footage of my daughter playing in the bathtub but she
absolutely loves playing with the plastic cups in the bathtub.
just kind of pouring them, trying to push them under the water, and she also likes
just squeezing the cups and hearing the sound that they make. let me know down
below if you have a toddler in your house
and if you’d like some more game ideas for your toddler. bye!

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