Patiala Babes – Ep 95 – Full Episode – 8th April, 2019

Patiala Babes – Ep 95 – Full Episode – 8th April, 2019

If we go and search outside,
we won’t find anyone like Sister-in-law Babita. Look, she has send ‘Chole’ for
your kitty party. Careful. Wow! These are her
trademark ‘Chole’. The same fragrance and taste. I knew, sister-in-law Babita
will never refuse me. Lovely, I hope you’re not taking
advantage of her goodness. No, I mean,
so much happened with her but none of us had
the guts to support her. And I wonder what
she is made of.. Her love for us still persists. Sukhi, you will create
misunderstanding between us. No, I mean to say,
on one hand you consider Meeta
as your sister-in-law. And on the other hand,
you are taunting Babita about relationships..
Isn’t this double standard? Means,
aren’t you being selfish? Sukhi, I am not selfish.
I’m helpless. And you know, if I don’t call
Meeta as sister-in-law then what should I do? And if dad has fixed
their alliance what is my fault in that? And you know this truth,
that no one can take Babita’s place
in my heart. Forget all that.
Give it to me. What?
What should I give you? Give me my new dress.
You went to the tailor, right? Actually I had gone, Lovely,
but he has not stitched it. Then what will I wear at
the kitty party? Lovely, ask Meeta once. No, Sukhi, I don’t have
so much time. And anyway, Meeta has such
nice dresses but she always wears a sari. I would borrow from
Babita too, isn’t it? Lovely, there is a difference
between Meeta and Babita. You just said that to me. Yes,
there is a difference. Babita sent ‘Chole’
and Meeta didn’t make cupcakes. She left with brother. Now if she couldn’t help,
her clothes can help. Listen.. You don’t know, Lovely,
what you are doing. You are stirring a beehive. Guys, pout. Nice, isn’t it? I’ll just post this one. #new friend, #new life, #life without your bestie. Hello. Hello. You are taking a lot of selfies. What harm have I done to you? Take some selfies with me too. Why? Why should
I take a selfie with you? I am that..
What were you saying? Ugly, boring.. Boring clothes,
boring hairstyle, right? So why do you want
a selfie with me? Oh, gosh! You felt so bad? I was just joking. And anyway,
you see for yourself if I hadn’t teased you
yesterday then you wouldn’t be looking
so beautiful today. You are looking so pretty. And you have become friends
with these girls too. You should be thanking me. Give me some credit. You want credit
for everything, right? I mean, you never get tired
of praising yourself, right? But on a serious note, what will
I do with a selfie with you? I can’t post it anywhere. Hang on. Why? Don’t you know the parents
of us girls? Specially mothers. They get hyper when they
see such pictures with boys. And aunties.. They also
start gossiping. Times have not yet changed
so much. If I post a picture of us,
Babes will get so hyper she will question me
nonstop like a lawyer. ‘Hey, Mini, you roam around
with this boy all day?’ ‘Look how close
he is standing to you.’ ‘You should be careful,
Mini, etc.. etc..’ ‘And the girls
and boys nowadays’ ‘instead of studying,
they are falling in love.’ Where do girls and boys
believe in love nowadays? I agree.
Parents don’t stop them at all. Frankly speaking,
when we were in Canada my husband would
only say one thing that the girls here are very
shameless. Our India is good. But frankly, now in India
too it’s the same situation. Everyone wants to be
a foreigner here. Hello, everyone.
– Hi. Amazing! New sister-in-law
has come from London. Lovely looks very stylish. Look at her dress. I have ordered this from
an online store from America. You know Shaina,
$300 is not cheap. You may consider it
approximately Rs. 18,000. Lovely, we were waiting
for your cupcakes. We are so hungry
waiting for them. Bring them and show us
how your cupcakes are. Let us see too. Hey, this ‘Chole’! You were going to bring
cupcakes, isn’t it? Of course. The thing is
that last minute my oven broke down.
It’s a German make oven and you don’t get its
spare parts in Patiala. I think I will have to get
it repaired from Delhi. There you go!
Her oven had to break down on the kitty party day. It is all about timing. By the way, the timing of
your maid is also good. She left on the kitty party day. She had left,
but my husband brought her back. Actually I refused him,
I said I’ll manage alone. But the thing is, he is very
concerned about me. Now is he concerned about you
or the maid that he brought her back. I’m telling you,
the maids nowadays.. It is nothing like that. He brought her back because you
don’t get good maids nowadays. And she is really very good. You know,
my Tinku was crying so much but she pacified him instantly. By the way, where is she? Call
her, we also want to see her. Sure, I will call her. Sunanda, call the maid
from the garden. This is my
new governess Babita. Lovely! – Lovely.. What happened to her?
– Lovely, listen. Listen to me, Lovely. Lovely, wait. Lovely, listen to me. Lovely, I had no idea that Ms. Shaina
is your kitty party friend. I would never join here
for work. How does it matter,
Sister-in-law? You’d do it somewhere else
if not here. This was so humiliating. Khurana family’s daughter-in-law
is working as a baby sitter. Sister-in-law, I can’t see you
in such a condition. We.. Sister-in-law,
no matter how much we fight among ourselves.. The relationship
between sisters-in-law will always have quarrels. We have spent years together like sisters and today, you’re.. Sister-in-law, Goddess knows though I have an acid tongue I’ve never wished bad for you. You don’t have to clear it,
Lovely. I know you. But neither you nor Mr. Sukhi
are at fault for what happened. I understand your situation. You’re living
in your maternal house and Mr. Sukhi couldn’t establish
his business well. As a result, you’re dependent
on Mini’s dad completely. That’s why, you can’t say
anything to him. I understand, Lovely. Sister-in-law, can’t you find
some other job? Is it necessary
to work as a baby sitter? Lovely, all work is dignified
and no work is menial. The job that can help me
to get my daughter educated and to take care of her is a dignified job for me. Sister-in-law does Mini know this? No.
Mini doesn’t know. Lovely, please,
she shouldn’t get to know this. How long will you hide it
from her? Till I find some other job,
Lovely. Lovely,
I hope you understand that Mini is going though
a crucial phase of her life. She’s a 17 year old teenager. At this age, children
become quite touchy and moody. Every emotion
is a big thing for them. If they’re happy,
they’ll be very happy. If they feel hurt,
they get totally depressed. On one hand, they don’t care
about the world. Whereas,
at the very next moment they start comparing themselves
with the others. They start judging themselves. Lovely, I hope you understand. At this age, every emotion
becomes a big thing. In fact, if they don’t wear
the clothes of latest fashion it becomes a big thing for them. Their confidence shatters. Mini is going through
this phase lately. After all,
she has taken after you. So.. So, if Mini gets to know that her mom is working
as a baby sitter she won’t be able to accept it. Her confidence will shatter. Lovely, you have no idea. Mini acts quite confident, bold and strong but I know she follows my footsteps. As long as she’s following
my footsteps I can’t fall weak, Lovely. That’s why, please Mini shouldn’t get to know this,
please. Thank you. Thank you so much, Lovely. Sorry. I had prepared everything
so well for the kitty party but you guys
couldn’t have anything. Hey, that’s not a big deal.
It’s just a kitty party. We can have it some other time.
Don’t worry, all right? I’ll take your leave. I-I’m sorry, Ms. Shaina. Your party was spoilt
because of me. Not at all, Babita.
Please don’t apologise. It’s not because of you.
Don’t take it to your heart. And none of us knew.. In fact, I was wondering
if you’ll be able to continue or should I find someone else.
– Why someone else? Am I not good at my work?
– No, there’s no such thing. In fact, I can’t find
a better governess than you. You’re the best for my Tinku. But I didn’t know that you’re Lovely’s
sister-in-law. I was.
– Right, you were. I mean, I know you belong
to a reputed family. So, how would you..
– You can’t let me work as a baby sitter. Is that what
you’re trying to say? I mean,
even you might not want to continue. So.. I wouldn’t come back
had I felt bad. You need not feel bad either,
Ms. Shaina. The job
that I’m getting paid for.. I’ll do it with complete loyalty though it’s a baby sitter’s job. Don’t say baby sitter. Governess.
Call it a governess’ job. What happened, Shaina? Why did your friends leave
so soon? Kitty party got over soon.
– Oh! Wonderful! Then, let’s do this.
Let’s go out. You haven’t gone out
since long. But where shall we go now?
– Anywhere. Oh, yes.
There’s a Baisakhi fair put up. Let’s go there.
– Fine. Well,
I can’t go anywhere now. Tinku woke up.
– Come on, Shaina. We hardly get a chance
to go out. Let’s do this.
Let’s take Tinku along. Let Ms. Babita
take care of Tinku. And we both can have
a good time. No..
Why me? You guys carry on.
I’ll take care of Tinku here. Babita, come with us. I’ll be happy if you join. And even you can have
some change. Even Tinku will feel good
in the fair. Okay, fine.
But where are we going? I just told you,
it’s a Baisakhi fair. The venue is Old Fort Colony. Okay..
Everything is okay. Tell them
to keep me informed. Lala! Yes, sir. Everything is good.
It’s perfect. Very nice, sir. Sir,
shall I tell you something? It’s the first day
of our new year. Our street is getting famous. Yes.
– Lala, you are right. Yes.
– I’ll tell you what. Hanuman Singh
is also famous. – What! Gabbar Singh was also famous.
Are you getting me? But there’s a difference
between both. One is being famous
in a good way. And the other,
in a bad way. Being famous in a good
and bad way? I didn’t get you. Lala.. Tell me something. Are you a singer
or a policeman? I am a policeman. Understand something. Everything happened
very systematically. There was discipline. If we organise everything
properly then our neighbourhood
will become famous. Yes, sir. But if a person gets mugged by a thief or a hooligan then we will be humiliated. Sir, don’t worry. Do not worry
when I’m here. Okay?
– Be alert. Be attentive. It’s the matter
of our society’s reputation. It’s the matter
of our reputation. It’s the matter
of the police department. Sure, sir.
– Handle everything. ‘Jai Hind.’ Tell them to park the car
in the parking area.. I broke my back.
Scoundrel! May your family
yearn to attend the fair. May your mother’s purse
get stolen! And your father.. Hanuman! It’s you. Why did you bump into me? Talk softly. You are cursing me
in front of everyone. And you never talk good things
when you are angry. One will faint
upon listening to you. Nonsense! You have grown up
listening to me. Take this. Tell me something. Where is that shop where the women
put the ring around a thing? What! What do they do? Ms. Naeem,
tell me something. The one you had trapped
is no longer with you. Who are you planning
to trap in this age? Stupid!
You are troubling me! Okay.
I want to win that. The thing that’s used to take
out juice from the fruits. What is it called?
I am unable to recall the name. Juicer.. Yes. Juicer. I had won
a lot of things last year. Pressure cooker.. A vessel that is used
to store hot water. A huge jug. Well.. A flask! Yes. And this purse.
I had won this as well. You use it to keep
betel leaf. Param, that’s the juicer. I want to win
it for Mr. Khatri. I will serve him
fresh juice every morning. I will serve him
orange and sweet lime juice. Mr. Khatri works so hard. Let me try. What is this? It’s okay. Try again. Listen, try to put
the ring on the juicer. And I will put the ring
on the clock. My son has been asking for it. Give me three rings. Here you go. Darn!
Here she is. She will take everything. God, save us from her. God, save us.. There’s the juicer. She couldn’t put the ring. Yes. Naeem,
you have to do it this time. Here you go.. I lost my juicer! Yes! I won the juicer!
– Oh, God! Now, I will put the ring
on the clock. Here.. My clock. I won the clock as well. Give me my prizes quickly. People are getting
jealous of me. I am fed up of her. She took my juicer. How will I serve juice
to Mr. Khatri now? Lala! The crowd is increasing. You are busy
watching the dance. You are enjoying.
This is not done. What if people get mugged? Sir, as I told you earlier a thief or robber
won’t come here in my presence. Yes.
That’s some confidence. Lala, even the ‘Gola’
vendor is here. Give me Rs. 10. All right.
I will give it.. I need orange flavour. Sir.. My purse.. My purse is missing! Sir, it had Rs. 337. A policeman
got pickpocketed. Yes, sir.
I got pickpocketed. Oh, no.. Sir, you took my purse!
Don’t you feel ashamed? Lala,
you should be ashamed. You should be thankful
that it was me. If would have been shameful if a thief
had stolen your purse. Anyway, be a little alert.
Get it? Okay.
– Everybody is here. College students
will also come. The college students
behave badly. You must be alert.
What if they misbehave? Yes, sir.
Okay. Check.

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