Pelli Choopulu | Athadu Aame Telugu Comedy Web Series | Chandragiri Subbu Latest Comedy Videos

Pelli Choopulu | Athadu Aame Telugu Comedy Web Series | Chandragiri Subbu Latest Comedy Videos

(MATCHMAKING) Oh! Hi. Shaving a thick beard
is as hard as farming. Actually I’m here to meet
the girl for matchmaking at her home. If you want to know why I’m
shaving at the time of matchmaking… …you should know what happened. You get to know that first,
I’ll have a clean shave meanwhile. Okay? Oh! Are you still here? Go and know it! [door bell rings] Subba Lakshmi! Someone’s at the door. Open it. [door bell rings] Strange. I don’t understand if she is
a maid or am I her servant. [door bell rings again]
-Yeah coming. [chuckles]
Oh you? Please come in. I didn’t come just like that.
I brought a match too. Sir, don’t you know I
decided to stay single forever? Anyway, how can I get married at this age? Sir, please let me complete. The match is for your
younger brother Satish’s son Subbu. [chuckles]
Come in. Of course I know! [groans] Caste and creed match well. Sir, caste and creed are like excreta. Getting rid of excreta
is good for health… …getting rid of caste and
creed is good for the society. Excellent.
Please pardon me for saying it sir. Okay. Tell me about the girl
and her family background. She is the daughter of a
lecturer called Mr. Praveen. She is a good girl. She’s beautiful too. She looks pretty even in a Voter ID card.
Imagine her beauty now. Hmm… If you organise a competition
amongst the girls’ faces in Aadhar card… …she’ll bag it for sure. Oh! When she puts her pic in Instagram,
loves and buzzes come in loads. Likes pour in like rain when
she uploads her pic on Facebook. She looks so beautiful. There aren’t any love stories or
eloping in her past either. Also, the family background is good. [chuckles]
Nice. This match is good for
you from all the angles. That aside, this is the pic of the
girl and her family. Take a look. Oh my! He is Chanti. Is she Chanti’s daughter? Oh! Good. What? Do you know them? Know them?
They were our rentees for a long time. A good family background. We needn’t check her as she is
his daughter. Fix the match. Sir, it’s better if you discuss
this with your family members. Yeah, you said it right. Hey Satthi Pandu! Err… brother! I’ve selected a good match for our
naughty boy. It’s our Chanti’s daughter. Whatever you say brother. It’s good that our idiot
pays a visit to her place. Ask him to go meet the girl once. Well, he is more closer with you.
It’s better you tell him brother. Okay then. Pretty well then. I’ll tell our
boy to go meet the girl once. Son,
select a girl from among both these pics. [chuckles] Looks like I’m given the
pics after you’ve decided? It’s a good match son. Why don’t you pay a visit and see? What? Does that mean you aren’t coming? If you go see her,
we’ll follow whatever your decision is. Oh… Okay. Hmm… And son, why don’t you
shave before going. You’ll look good. Look at you, you look like a
terrorist who hijacks flights. [machine gun fire]
Not required. Didn’t you ask me to select
a girl who likes me for what I am? Let me like her first,
all these come next. [chuckles] Crazy idiot. Doesn’t listen. Okay, do it your way then. [bird chirping] “Oh my! A magic took place likingly” “My heart became yours likingly” Hi… I’m Subbu. Hi, I’m Amrutha. Your name should’ve been Nithya,
You look just like Nithya Menon. Cute, short and chubby…
you look good. Do you work in some gas company? No! I work with a software company. Oh, I thought you worked at a gas company. Please come. -Tell me.
-Fuel prices have hiked too much! Ah what I mean is… I topped up some fuel in
my car on the way, so… Do you want to have some soft drink? Yeah… Actually, we term the soft
drinks as toilet cleaners. They say they cotain pesticides.
So we can clean toilets with them too. Oh. So you don’t want it? I didn’t mean that. I’ll drink. Damn! The cap of the soft drink
bottle has a coupon code. They give us a cash back
of Rs. 20 if you give that. Oh. We have a lot of such
empty bottles at home. Take them on your way back.
You might get a lot of money as cash back. I don’t know.
I usually talk very jovially. Now suddenly, I’m unable to fetch words. You ask me something. Are you bald? I’m a bit stubborn but I take care
that I neither get bald or grow belly fat. Then why did you shave your head? -Offering.
-Oh… you prayed? My grandma. She prayed to
offer my hair if I get a job. Did you get a job recently? No. It’s been 5 years. Your head was shaven in all your FB pics
then. Do you shave your head regularly? I keep offering it. My head has become a farming ground. They get my head shaven on the name of
some offering even before new hair grows. When someone in my family was ill,
when my sister’s wedding was fixed When I passed out my Engineering,
when I got a job Even because it didn’t rain this year… They’ve offered my hair. Why do they do that? My family has a lot of devotion.
[temple bell rings] And my head has a lot of hair. So, I’ve been the scape
goat for their offerings. When I made them promise that this is
the final offering and was growing hair They arranged to meet you meanwhile. Why did you grow such thick beard? Just like grass on smooth stones… …if there’s no hair on the face,
it might look odd… …I’m growing beard. If you don’t mind… I’d like to see you cleanly shaven now. Sorry! Only if you like to. I brought some flowers and
sweets as it was for a match… I didn’t bring any
shaving equipment with me. If I go out for a shave now,
it’s hard to get in again. The bathroom is there and
the shaving kit is in it. Don’t be tensed. It’s a new kit
I bought for dad just yesterday. You can use it. No problem. [no audio] Actually, I like to grow beard. I don’t like to shave. But I feel like doing it now as you asked. I’ll go do it. Umm… do I look good? Actually, I liked the girl a lot. Would she like me with this look? Somehow, I feel that I look
good with a clean shave. Not just me,
any man would look good cleanly shaven. Anyways, wish me good luck. [sighs] [heart beat] Err… [clears throat] So, is it okay now? Did you like me after the shave? “Oh my! A magic took place likingly” Actually, I kind of like… Sis, they are calling you
down as it’s been a long time. [song continues] Sis, so shall we go? Come. [song continues] Wait. How come he entered with a
thick beard but ended up shaven clean? What happened in the bed room sis? You have him under control
right in the match making? -Hey! Tell me!
-Shut up and walk now. -Tell me sis!
-Shut up. Look Satthi Pandu. I won’t attend
the wedding if the lunch is a buffet. We have to stand in a line as if we
are begging for food at a temple. Uncle! The person serving puts up a
face like we are eating his money… …and serves a little quantity. Over that,
he serves some dishes named strangely. If we like it by chance and
want another serving of it, we have to stand in the line
again and wait like beggars. What he serves doesn’t fit our hunger. The plate we are given weighs a kilo, but
what he serves isn’t even a quarter of it. There wouldn’t be place to sit there.
My legs don’t cooperate to stand for long. Not just me… But history’s never seen anyone like me
standing and eating their heart’s fill. The wedding attendees should eat well,
burp and talk auspiciously… but they shouldn’t eat half
their fill and talk inauspisiously. It’s not good for our chap too.
Do you get it? Anyways, if we serve in a banana leaf
and fill all the delicacies in it …just a look at it fills your stomach.
That’s how a wedding feast should be. Don’t set up these idiotic buffets.
Got it? How ridiculous! The girl didn’t even confirm liking me
and they are discussing the wedding feast. What if I call her once? [pets the dog] [dialing beeps] [mobile rings] Hello? Err… Hi. Who is it? It’s me Subbu, the one who visited
you in the match making process. Oh… yeah hi. Tell me? Well I mean…
my people are moving ahead too fast.Actually… if you like me or not……I thought of asking you directly. Well…
I don’t want to get married so soon. -Oh…
To be frank…I wasn’t even interested
to talk to you that day. It’s okay, no problem.
Bye, take care. Thank you.Wait! Excuse me, hold on!Well,
I didn’t know how to avoid you that day, I asked you to shave as I
could avoid you for that time. Oh… thats a nice idea. Great thought. Anyways, bye. No problem. No. But I liked the way you
respected my word and valued it. Oh. So you didn’t like my face? Not that, after you shaved… …you looked very handsome and cute…
just like my favourite hero. [song] I thought of talking to you then,
but my people arrived by then. Okay. Well, then… You still didn’t tell me if you like me. I don’t have a habit of talking
to people I don’t like on phone. I know some girls like guys with beard… But i just came to know that all girls
fall for the ones who are cleanly shaven. Does that mean you… …don’t have any issues marrying me? Well… can we marry once you
grow some hair on your head? [music mutes audio]

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