popin’ cookin’ 21 – Sweets Party (You can eat)

popin’ cookin’ 21 – Sweets Party (You can eat)

Sweets Party Biscuit 2 scoops of water melon jelly it gets solid in 10 minutes mandarin orange it gets solid in 10 minutes strawberry it gets solid in 10 minutes blueberry it gets solid in 10 minutes sponge cake put it up to the line inside the mold get the air bubbles out of cake sponge cake blueberry strawberry mandarin orange melon jelly put a pastry bag on the ☆ mark tray whipped cream

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  1. I’m so happy you’re still making videos 🙂
    I know people are giving you a hard time… but that’s because they’re jealous of you and your success and that we, your fans, love you and your videos cherry <3

  2. Back then before satisfying videos came out, this is the channel I would usually go to when I wanted to feel satisfied

  3. RRcherrypie様の作るポッピンクッキンがほんと〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜に大好きです!!!!!!!!!!これからも応援してます💖💖💖💖

  4. 本当に毎度毎度小物のこだわり具合がドツボです。唯一安心して見ていられるYouTuber様🙏🏻✨

  5. 四種類のゼリーがみずみずしくて凄く美味しそう!

  6. เราเคยทำแล้วได้แค่บางชิ้น
    อันอื่นพังแต่กินได้นะ อร่อยดี

  7. Thank you for making videos even when people try to steal your content. Your true fans will always come to your channel, like I've been for years and years. Thank you ❤️

  8. RRCHERRYPIE I LOVE YOU VIDEO❤❤❤First i see you video when i'm 4 year old now im 10

    Edit:i almost forgot can i be you number 1st fan plss…:)

  9. It's been quite some time since I've seen you do one of these videos. But you still make those candies look even better than the pictures.

  10. i remember staying up so late just to keep watching your videos because they were so satisfying! i love them a lot and will always support you❤️❤️ this is where my asmr addiction started but i didn’t even know lol

  11. OMG Lmao! I use to watch a video of u in 2011 I was only 2 back then xD but I enjoyed ur videos a lot ! I was going thru my liked videos that I liked and now I'm back here

  12. こういうナイフとかの先っちょを使って作業する感じ好きだわ〜笑

  13. これはマネというか作れないや…

  14. I know it would take a huge amount of time but could you change the titles? I mean that instead of "You can eat", or "You can't eat", IT could be changed to "Edible", or "Inedible*. It is only my advice.

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