Power Rangers Ninja Kidz! Rita vs Zordon

Power Rangers Ninja Kidz! Rita vs Zordon

welcome back awesome ninjas! We hope you enjoy our brand new episode of Power Rangers ninja kidz Surrender you can’t win this time. the green ranger is back and this time he has something you interrupted our vacation. yeah that’s way rude
I’ll take him low,I’ll take him high what are you talking about zordons been
lying to you he destroyed Rita’s planet and knocked
her fiance into a volcano. thats not true. Zordon would never lie to me. oh yeah
then why didn’t zordon tell you there was a green ranger. I don’t know but it
doesn’t mean he lied! open your eyes Jason. you know my name? I
know all your names I know a lot about you Jason I consider you a friend just
like Rita considered Zordon a friend when she was a member of his team. a
frien? what? Rita was a Power Ranger? yes until Zordon betrayed her. she was
just trying to save her planet. then why did she keep sending you and all these
putties to attack us? I’ll use these power coins to trap Rita. She doesnt
want to hurt you she just wants the power coins out of Zordon’s control.
you don’t believe him do you Jason? I don’t know guys I think Zordon’s been
keeping some things from us what do you think Billy? this expedition is a
possible scenario it fills in several gaps from the stories we have been told by Zordon. Come with me I’ll prove it! Jason’s not going
anywhere with you! yeah you’re a creep and I’m a good judge of character.
yes Trini I’m sure you are. Give me a chance and I’ll prove it to you.
how can we trust you we don’t even know who you are. yes we do I figured it out
on Halloween. really who is it? it’s the same fighting style from the tournament very good Jason, I’m impressed. Tommy’s
the Green Ranger. NO! join us together we will defeat zordon and
save the earth. What happened? What happened? Jason, where are you? wait, where’s my dagger? I think it’s running from something,
let’s go check it out! yeah whatever, let’s walk toward whatever the big
animals running from. they will see what really happened and learn the truth for themselves.
Are you concerned that they will alter the timeline? Yes alpha but it is a risk I must take. contact the other rangers and inform them of our plan. oh no the teleportion knocked out our communication systems. sorry guys, what do we do now? I think my mom is ordering pizza! Hey, what was that for? Really Zack? Her brother’s vanished! Are
you really talking about pizza? well you know what I meant. like we need
a refuel you know so we can save my best buddy. I know you mean well Zack,
we’re just all a little freaked out right now Uh guys, what is that? Trini, Kim, you might want to see this. who is that? Rita.
very good Billy. that’s Rita? What have you baby Rangers done with my Green
Ranger? what have you done to my brother? You big meanie! this place goes on forever! you know what
dude do whatever you want but I’m gonna find my own way back . did you see that
mammoth? those went extinct thousands of years ago.
why did Rita send us here! You think that Rita did all of
this? then maybe you’re as dumb as you look it’s probably Zordon. do you really
expect me to believe that Rita is a good guy and Zordon is a bad guy. Oh I
should’ve finished you off at the park you’re not so tough without
your dagger. you’re trying to hide from me? get down here!
or they will see you! im not scared of some caveman. first of all if we really are
back in time then you want to avoid getting in a fight with on your
ancestors or you might never be born. point taken its not a game. it looks like the Red Ranger and the Green Ranger. I bet thats us! come on lets go get a closer look. Im not scared of you. Give back my brother Why would I take your brother when he was
about to join me on his own free will? her point is valid Tommy attempted to
recruit jason not capture him! Jason, where are you? could that be us as grown-ups? dude get your
eyes checked! The red one might be you, but the green is definitely not me. I think that Zordon and the
other one must be… Rita! This was all Zordons doing, I am NOT your enemy.
Then why did you send Tommy and those putties to attack us? the putties were supposed
to bring back the power coins they only fought back after you attacked them . you’ll
never get these Power coins. of course dear. I only want to prevent them from
falling into evil hands. we dont believe you. yeah Zordon is a good guy
I have no reason to lie to you. Unlike the evil Zordon. I bet he is
responsible for the disappearance of Jason and Tommy. Rita don’t do this! we can
still save Gamaville. I will save gammaville. I don’t need help from
you or your puppets. this isn’t the way! return this planets Zeo crystal before
it’s too late! Its already too late. You seeled this planet’s fate when you threw my fiance
into that volcano. sorry, I went to confront Lord Zedd about the
theft of your planet zeo crystal you attacked me by surprise and this end was unfortunate dude did Rita say she was
gonna destroy the earth? no I mean yes that’s only because she needs the Zeo
crystal and she didn’t know that people live here. are you sure about that?
what you didn’t even mention that zordon dropped her fiance into a volcano wait I think she’s crying! unfortunate,
unfortunate for you! wehere are you going? No, altering the timeline can
have catastrophic consequence wow, I totally just sounded like Billy well done Alpha contact the Rangers
and see if everything is okay yes! it’s Zordon. it’s about time! do you
know even going through? my apologies our communication system was momentarily
disabled. oh great now that it’s fixed can you call my mom and tell her I want
extra cheese? knock it off Zack! are tommy and Jason with you?
They should have returned by now. return, return from where? I sent them to the
Past to discover the truth about Rita. wait a second are you telling me my
brother went back in time with his arch Nemesis? yes it was the only way. oh
sweet girl it gives me no satisfaction to say that I was right about Evil Zordon. did we forget to mention that ritas giant head is floating in the sky! I am warning you rita.
stay away from my Rangers. end communication. Rita, We
Need to Talk she’s here well I don’t think that went very well. Alpha we have interfered too much already. The rangers are on their own. what about tommy and jason? what if they don’t return? Then all is lost. why? why here? why now? you know iwas actually thinking the
same thing. you were? yeah and if we don’t get this figured out soon we may never
get home I have freed me from your control, I am no longer
one of your mindless puppets! Rita you were never a puppet we’re a
team you me and the other Rangers we’ll figure this out together
ranger team please respond! it’s all over Zordon your puppets are not going to
answer your calls for help. what are you saying?
what have you done? I freed them. No! how could you you? You were my final obstacle.
now you will be destroyed with this planet you love so much. no this planet has human life. their
primitive, but they have great potential do you think I care about these pathetic
humans? She has been using me! I almost helped
destroy the earth Rita what is this power I sense in you? something dark, it’s
controlling you. I know. It frees me. The dark sword! the dark sword has made me
more powerful than you can ever imagine. Rita the sword is cursed! Its power will
consume you. dude, what do we do? Rita’s way too powerful she’s gone, but she’s not gone for good.
let’s go! Zordon needs our help. we’re here to help!
but maybe a little late. power rangers children? the spell is
making me hallucinate. dude he doesn’t even know who we are. Power Rangers from the future.
Rita’s returned she’s come back. it’s true Empress I mean Rita she’s come back
for the power coins Rita I’ll be ready for her
Rita spell is powerful but the power coins have just enough power to counter
her spell you can do that? that’s great you wont be a floating head anymore
floating head anymore! Power Ranger children how did you arrive in this time? Now that’s the
question of the day. oh I’ve got another one. how do we get back home? well we
think you, well the future you might have sent us here to see the truth about
Rita’s plan yeah she can be pretty convincing Ive seen that putty before. yeah it’s the
one that disobeyed Rita it’s got some nice moves.
this putty will guard the Power coins until it finds a team worthy
but what about you? you said you would you would beat rita when she returns! I’m sorry to
put this burden on you at such a young age it’s time for you to return to your
own time all we can do is hope I gave up my true
form and the hope of saving this moment in time if we fail then all is lost Rita, stay away from our friends
Tommy you are back I have been so worried about yo.u
I can’t believe I looked up to you! I trusted you you lied to me about
everything do not trust zordon do you remember he
destroyed my planet? look it wasn’t zordons fault you have to understand that
you can’t destroy our planet just to save yours Rita your planet is already gone
you don’t need the earths Zeo crystal anymore you fool I will have earth Zeo crystal
and my revenge I’m sorry Rita but I can’t let that
happen oh really baby Rangers guys? its me, jason. oh no, what do we do now? try not to hurt them! tommy, why did you betray me I created you and i will destroy you. I summon you! i cant get my line out with your screaming did power to counterspell a part of this putty will guard the
power coins until when will guard these power coins then I can
let’s see what’s under the red putty who is it gonna be?

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