Prayer For Marriage | Powerful Miracle Prayer For Marriage

Prayer For Marriage | Powerful Miracle Prayer For Marriage

welcome to the prayer for marriage this
is simply a video I put together were allowed to pray for anyone within the
sound of my voice about miracle prayer for marriage all I ask you to do is to agree with me as we seek our Heavenly
Father together please continue to meditate on the spur for yourself speak
it daily or listen to this video over and over again about powerful prayer for marriage and all other water
garden concerning marriage to reach deep into your spirit let us pray heavenly
father we gather together your online income into agreement in the wonderful
and powerful name of Jesus where two or more gathered there you shall surely be
anything we agree upon is touching you will surely do the Bible says that if
there’s any unforgiveness that should be dealt with before praying therefore we
release any anger bad feelings resentment or any other wrong attitude
before you now we laid at your feet and we release our forgive those who have
wronged us I lift up those watching this prayer for our marriage video we come into agreement and lift up
their marriage larger words says in Romans 55 that love is shed abroad in
our hearts by the Holy Spirit if you say that and that’s in there and then that
settles it no matter what we feel father you are loved and you are inside us and
therefore love is working in the marriage of the listener we declare that
is expressed in its fullness in their relationship we pray that they will let
all bitterness bad moods malice wrath indignation rage bad tempers resentment
brawling spite ill will clamor contention slander abuse evil speaking
or blasphemous language be banished from their marriage we break the power of
these things in Jesus name we declare that those listening and their spouse
are becoming useful and helpful and kind to each other tender hearted compassionate
understanding loving hearted forgiving one another readily lend freely as you
Lord through Jesus have forgiven them we prayers for marriage bind your love around the marriage of
those listening by your Holy Spirit help them to carry themselves as husband and
wife honorably and properly in your site open
their eyes to see the value of their marriage that it is precious in your
site lord help them to live in harmony and in one accord with one another we
speak strength over them now in Jesus name we
declare that they are of the same mind and they are united in spirit we declare
that they are compassionate kind tender humble and gentle with one another lord we ask
that they recognize your piece which you have given them made that piece which
surpasses understanding guard their hearts and minds in Jesus name they are areas together of the grace of
God in Jesus name help those listening to build their
marriage on your word since they built their marriage on the rocks they will
not be shaken when storms come we declare that they are rooted in love and
founded securely on your love in Jesus name every day their marriage is getting
stronger in Christ we declare that those listening and their spouse endure long
and are patient and kind they are never envious and never boil over with
jealousy they’re not boastful their main prayer for marriage glorious and they do not display
themselves haughtily they’re not rude in an early and do not act unbecoming Lee
they do not insist on their own rights or their own way they’re not
self-seeking touchy fretful resentful they take no account of the evil done to
them and pay no attention to a suffered wrong they do not rejoice at injustice
but they rejoice when right in truth prevail they bear up under anything and
everything that comes in they are ever ready to believe the best of each other
the listener and their spouses hopes are faithless under all circumstances they
endure everything without weakening their love never fails they speak the
truth in love dealing truly and living truly in their marriage they are in
folded in love growing up in every way and in all things the esteem and delight
in one another forgiving one another readily in freely as God you in Christ
happen given them they live by faith according to your word father they are
imitators of you and copy your example as well beloved children imitate their
father again we declare that everyday miracle prayer for marriage their marriage grow stronger because it
is founded on Jesus they will walk in love is steaming and delighting in one
another as Jesus love them and gave himself up for them lord we thank you in advance that they
will be constantly renewed in the spirit of their minds having a fresh mental and
spiritual attitude the listener in their spouse will put on the new nature Jesus
gave them they are created in your image in true righteousness and holiness we
bind every planet the enemy disrupted their marriage and call it exposed and
useless in Jesus name we break any strongholds the devil has placed in
their marriage in Jesus name we declared liberty in their marriage
now in Jesus name we declare that they are united in total peace and harmony
and happiness we declare that they are powerful prayer for marriage strengthened right now in Jesus name to
carry on in their journey of marriage thank you for the answer father in Jesus
name we pray amen

100 Replies to “Prayer For Marriage | Powerful Miracle Prayer For Marriage”

  1. Is there a prayer simply for single people who doesn’t have ANYONE for finding someone to get married with? There seems to be a great neglect on single people without mentioning marriage problems but focus on “FINDING” someone. Too many prayers for married couples already.

    Unwilling singleness is a big problem today for believers and nonbelievers today Am I right?

  2. We are both divorcee and in relation of 8months, but now He is denying to marry him, Please make him ready to marry me, Please do any miracle, by which asap, He will get marry to me and propose me and me and my family himself for wedding, Am so sad, Please make my home with him and make me, "Mom"of his kid and Make him, "Loyal"for me

  3. With GOD we will make it thank you Jesus for my husband and most of all you Jesus you are the rock in are marriage we love ❤️ you Jesus ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏

  4. I'm truly grateful for this prayer. This prayer helped me in the darkest time in my life. At one point i was listening to this prayer multiple times a day. Whoever is listening to this prayer, please trust in the Lord with all your heart and asks for peace that passes all understanding. Cause you will get through this in Jesus name.

  5. Amen and Amen in Jesus name ,we have the victory, thank you Father. Blessings to you and everyone!!!💝💝💝

  6. Thank you Lord,for destroying all demonic powers that destruct our marriage by the power of the blood of Christ


  8. I left my foster house for a guy I am with for 9 years. We haven't got married. He doesn't want marriage and kids. His mum doesn't like me too. He is stopping me from my walk and path with God. I am a baptized saved Christian with no family. I am 37. I got to know him when I was 28. Please help pray for me. He is not letting me go. His mum doesn't change her mind. I am stuck. He is not saved. I wish to get married and have kids. Amen ✝️

  9. Lord, we pray together in agreement with thanks for delivering our marriage and our generation marriage from all negative forces that cause strife and discontentment among us, by the powerful blood of Christ.

  10. Lord, we pray together in agreement with thanks for delivering our marriage and our generation marriage from all negative powers that disrupt and destroy it by abusive and selfish behaviours by the powerful blood of Christ.

  11. I have prayed and touch and agree with you in prayer in Jesus name! I am excited Torre Smith wil love me as Christ loves the church! Prayers work – I'll keep you posted #expectant and hopeful

  12. Lord in sincere agreement we pray together for our marriage and our generation's marriage be delivered from all negative powers that make our marriage and our generation loveless, unloving, unforgiving, insincere to one another by the powerful blood of Christ.

  13. Lord in sincere agreement we pray together to sustain and strengthen our marriage by delivering our marriage from all negative powers and our generations marriage from negative powers by the powerful blood of Christ.

  14. THANKS BILLIONS OMNIPOTENT GOD HOLY SPIRITאֱלֹהִי ✌*manifesting DIVINEs Empowering & Firing on thy's servant isisfong once of my life time LOVING GODאֱלֹהִs marriage together serving in *GOD JESUS POWER-MERCIFUL NAME of glorying THE unique*LORD ALMIGHTY GOD HEAVENLY✌FATHER יהוה ✌amen thank you GODJESUS*letting me receiving the PRAYER from DailyEffectivePrayer tks

  15. Lord in sincere agreement we pray together to sustain and strengthen our
    marriage by delivering our marriage from all negative powers and our
    generations marriage from negative powers by the powerful blood of

  16. Lord in sincere agreement we pray together to be delivered from all negative spirit that plagues our marriage and our generations marriage and is delivered by the powerful blood of Christ.

  17. Lord in sincere agreement we pray together to deliver our marriage from ungodliness, strife, malice, bad tempers, abuse and evil speaking and LOrd bind our love in your love and selfless love by the powerful blood of Christ.

  18. Please pray for my marriage with gurdeep.. we get marry soon before the end of this year.. please pray for me

  19. Thank-you Lord for a wonderful gift in life. I have always seek my other half. You are my hero Father in Heaven. In the blessings name of Jesus Christ. I m praying for this Love Amen

  20. I agree to this prayer i want to get married as soon as possible god love you amen 🕉🌹🙏🏻

  21. I pray that my partner comes back and we can heal all the hurt of the past and let him be committed to me and his children no more unfaithfulness I want him a god fearing man someone who is going to be turned around in Jesus name I pray amen 🙏🏻

  22. Amen, please. I need a miracle. I want this more than anything else. I'm so tired of coming home to an empty home. I don't even have a relationship. God, I need a family.

  23. Putting my faith with yours no more delay may my God ordain locate me un this earth rim amen thank you for prayers as I wait by fairh

  24. Hareesh and Shruti we both are in love so deeply we have to get married with each other… just keep us away from all the problems and help us we do not get any problem from bothe 2 families… please just help us all by praying for us we have to be together untill our last bredthe we have so much believe in jesus…AMEN

  25. I agree and receive in Jesus Christ mighty name for the body of Christ and for myself. I thank you in advance God. Praise the Lord and his name forever amen.

  26. Drugs and lust have been the destroyer of our peace but I claim full restoration of my marriage in Jesus name, to break the chain and all bondage in my husband, for a renewed heart, “you are my portion, you are enough, for when I am weak, then I am strong” in Jesus name!!! 🙏🏼

  27. Pls pray for my husband. He is BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN 🙏 but is mean to me every now and then 😟.
    God Bless You all !!

  28. In Jesus Mighty Name I come into agreement with the Prayer of the Righteous a bn out my marriage. According to Genisis 2:24 For this reason a man shall leave this mother and father and unite with his wife. I Thank yyyu ou Father for my marriage and make You the priority and the center. In Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  29. I agree and receive in Jesus Christ name for the body of Christ and for myself. I thank you in advance God. Praise the Lord and his name forever amen.

  30. Im praying for us getting married soon. No more long distance. GOD BLESSED US . We will have some kids in our future.


  32. I pray me and my future wife get married and continue to build in jesus name and believe this prayer is answered

  33. Please pray for my husband and I, we are both saved. However he is losing his love for me and is considering divorce, he's gone more and more into the world. & I'm trying my best to stay strong. Please pray that we may reconcile & he may come back to following God. 🙏

  34. Amen…I am looking for god bless with my honey beloved best friend my whole world I love you …I wanna get older beside you

  35. Hii everyone, those who are reading this plzzz plzzz🙏🙏 pray for me , i am a christian and in relationship for almost 2 years and the girl whom i love unconditional is from the other religion (hindu).we both are commetted to each other, knowing that it is impossible for both of us to spend our life in each others arm. I dont know what to do because in my family i am the youngest one have i have lots of responsibility and expectations of my parents on the other hand the girl whom i love so much more than anything else is the eldest one in her family , she has one brother and one sister .
    As she is the eldest daughter in her family her parent want her to get married as soon as posible.

    And i madly love her….
    And she also loves me so much, we are very close to each other and wanted to spend our whole life together… According to her it is impossible because she is from other religion and her parents wont let this happen in any situation she love her family very much but she also love me so much ..we dont know what to do…..
    There are many complication between us
    I m a middle class person living with my family on a rented house …and have lots of family expectations and responsibilitis to fullfilll and also i m the yongest one in my family ….so it will take time to establish myself ….as i mention earlier she is she eldest one in her family you all can understand our situation…. Havin all this problem we stilll love each other…and it is very hard for us to get separate specially i because i do not want any other girl to be my life partner ,, no one .
    i want only that girl to spend my entire life with her…..
    As a human being we know it is impossible ….
    I trust god and i have experienced his miracles in my life and i believe he can turn impossible thing into possible…
    I taught her how to prayer
    We both pray each and everyday and cry before the lord (specially i) to answer my prayer and make me responsible , establish,and accountable .
    And give that girl her to me for the rest of my life . ..i trust that god can do everything which is impossible for us as a human being…….

    So i request everyone plzzz prayer for us and let god hear our prayer .

  36. Shalom Hallelujah Agreed will happened first ex-girfriend back to girlfriend and so on via Jesus Christ God Bless Amen my dream wil her dream also

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