Project X Style Party at Canadian College

Project X Style Party at Canadian College

is upset about that noise and the trend
in behavior during saint patrick’s day saint patrick’s day which just last
saturday so zip barry timely video with c_ which with let see what he has to say
are used in listing dan and uh… university towns order of
their car went absolutely crazy are in from waterloo ontario answers
university lori and more members speak and right there is one st i had over five thousand people on it but no one got hurt there are no fight
something went wrong but somehow a college not even university be invention enjoyed college team went to an aerial managed to go ballistic mainly police cars on fire and
we’re trying to close and i would project exile party newark to dfw monies person we’re still remembers what did you read
the asshole we’re growing estimated there was warned me like residing
abolitionist wow applies first he’s very intimate parts of something must have happened to this but
private property but look i’d agree with frank to a certain
extent let idon’t mind partying and foolish behavior but allot of times when
it comes to these college parties they do cross the line gather the necessary
rioting anyway rights are unacceptable but just because you are on a college
campus and your partying in your drinking doesn’t mean that you can do
things that are harming other people in this case
that’s what happens so i agree with brain it’s really unfortunate when that does
happen uh… but i think the best thing you can do cool in these kinds of situations is
just join them flip but our but and also you know a lot of tobacco no
look there’s nothing you can do in those situations control it i mean you can
maybe call police and hopefully police will handle it as soon as it becomes a right there are
a police they’re trying to handle the situation but i definitely feel for him look i get
annoyed when people are too loud i’m trying to sleep so i would definitely
get your to boulder in that situation uh… but unfortunately in some cases it’s part of
college life and it’s in this capable the problem is it doesn’t just for
individual students efforts for protecting sonoma school sometimes at
night my undergrad as yukon and we had of
reputation of writing every year an the fills up about twenty thousand
people dole party and mister flipping cars the second fire
and also because this is the best possible at least we were before it skirted the breakfast here um… the couple years ago we are the
basketball school so the bride over that same u_n_ we had his reputation in the
northeast of being a bunch of basically organs and elijah what enjoyment you get out of writing and
putting over cars and never really understood that i knew there was one of the popular cars i don’t know i personally i’m saying
that people do yet seriously i don’t like waco how people are learning i can
understand the appeal of like a big dance party like for the the death on the cars the role lead days
daily lifetimes of our patrol visit and laughing definitely worth it come up but that have a dance party as opposed to
write like pass out some clothes six
replacement c_s_o_ in the back of the red family apana and so that’s the same your naming all
the heating gradients of a successful bar mitzvah about that

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  1. LOL!! k/w, is octoberfest town, every year they have drunken idiots in downtown!! london!! LOL!! yeah, their getting wild in london bahahaha!!

  2. when people riot they release stress, even if they're rioting for something little, thats the only thing I think people get out of rioting

  3. I think it gives people a temporary feeling of power. Being able to destroy things without any repercussions. – John

  4. BTW for any Americans that don't know, in Canada "college" means community college and "University" is the equivalent of an American 4 year college

  5. based on past videos i have come to the conclusion that rick likes ana not tryin to be immature about just sayin what think

  6. Flipping/Destroying a car helps one release stress and pressure, kinda like playing football and tackling someone down. Sure it's not morally right, but you gotta try it to actually get that feeling.

  7. Seriously, u guys should make more videos! This is so funny! And Rick contributes so much with his unexpected comments lol, but really he does! Awesome trio!

  8. I was in Waterloo for St. Patty's (I'm a UWaterloo grad), I didn't drink or party because I'm getting ready for a bodybuilding show, but I was just there for my girlfriend. Waterloo wasn't bad… no riots, nothing out of the ordinary really (for a Saturday and St. Patty's). Now, London was another story! A CTV truck got set on fire! Insane.

  9. I live in that city i feel so proud! (In the being on the young turks show way) But also, The teachers at fanshaws are dicks ive heard, went on strike for awhile and cost the STUDENTS money, But nothing happend to them. Now that makes me angry….

  10. Nice, Ana calling what must be a rave from the description for a "dance party". Next up, she'll call a LAN a "computer party" 😛
    Also, i prefer a bit more energic (UK Hardcore/hardstyle and some dubstep) or melodic (uplifting/melodic epic trance) music than Tiestö when dancing, but it can be nice as a breather.
    I never had the impulse to get violent or riot when partying, i'm more of the PLUR raver philosphy: "Peace, Love, Unity, Respect". Though it's a subset of my philosophy.

  11. Hahaha As a student At Fanshawe, I'd like to point out that out of all the arrests that have been made so far, less than half were students of the college. It was just a big party near the college, where a lot of those students lived, but attracted kids from all over the east end of the city.

  12. Yeah college has a bit of a lower connotation in Canada as the proper place to get an academic education (eg. sciences) is always called a 'university'.

  13. You're an idiot. Simple as that. There were 1000+ people at the riot. Less than half were Fanshawe students and the reported damages are around 100 thousand. If you divide it up evenly, you're talking 100 dollars worth of damage per person. Jailed for a year each?. Grow up. Get your head out of your ass. I think anyone involved needs about a month of community service. Obviously some people did more than others, but you can't charge them for more than the damages.

  14. Same, Mostly high school kids from the east end who dropped out lol -_-. I'm ashamed to know people who were there, let alone the fact they are proud of it.

  15. Wtf… I live in Ireland I enjoyed my paddys day. It was good fun. Grow the fuck up if anyone should've been partying like that its us and we behaved ourselves. Stupid college kids

  16. You guys should include Rick to the show as a co-host, or as a guest host or something. I know there is a tongue-in-cheek rivalry between TYTU and TYTSports but he seems to enjoy puting his two cents and we enjoy his contrubition too…

  17. I live in the area and have been to two "Project X" themed parties the last couple weekends… it seems to be a growing trend here.

    I witnessed at least two people stabbed (one being a female), men walking around with knives and baseball bats in the open, and a man with a golf club breaking car windows and whatever property he found. It's an absolute gong show.

    I hope these kids come to their senses– I'm not going to another…

  18. Great idea Ana! People are rioting & protesting, solLet’s call in the college & county police to bring order, respect , & humanity back to order, because we all know that’s what cops do best; make a possibly bad scenario into a nightmare….

  19. Get over it buddy. Stop bitching so much and just have a good time. If you do not want to then don't be involved. Stay home. Yeah those people doing the rioting are idiots but that is only an isolated instance. Get over yourself.

  20. i don't think you guys understand how nuts that was… they flipped a news truck over that had a man inside it and he suffered minor burns which sure doesn't sound bad but there was absolutely no reason he had to get hurt except for the fact that stupid people are stupid

  21. East end London is what it is, just because it was near the college means nothing about the college. A party happened and as usual everyone piled into the area. I would have been there if I wasn't busking at the other riot on Richmond Row (downtown London near the University of Western).

  22. I live in between the walking distance between WKU and the most popular college bar. I invested in a taser and a luchadore mask after my trash cans got thrown on my car the second time.

  23. I had a great time on St. Patty's Day, Waterloo was amazing, and we have thousands of people jammed into one street and all enjoyed our time together, without rioting or getting the police involved. I am just disgusted that so close in my own country could people act this barbaric.

  24. The cops were called to Ezra in Waterloo, and they just made sure nothing went wrong. No arrests were made with over 5000 people on one street. Cops are not evil, especially in Canada, the system is far different here.

  25. Calling me a nerd because I wear glasses? Come at me bro. You just upset you weren't accepted into a good frat, and your university probably sucks?
    No but in all seriousness, I just didn't enjoy the fact that people caused damage to property, especially news media outlets and police, it's just disrespectful.

  26. Yes wild animals… Who manage to have a better health care and education system than you, as well as a less volatile economy, and we are known as peace keepers throughout the world… Yep total animals we are.

  27. I agree with the OSAP thing, but the crime bill is ridiculous, yes turn us into the United States who house the majority of the worlds criminals…

  28. Yep and so should everyone in Vancouver right? And everyone involved with G20? Hell lets throw half our population into prison.

  29. I live in Canada and went to both college and University. I was referring to his quote, "not even a University" — as though Universities are more likely to riot, or something?

  30. I can tell you why rioting is fun. Okay so you're at a party in your nice threads and they're is music blasting, people bumping and sexy people looking for love making. That situation makes me want to riot already. I'll tell you why. Life is such a farce in a way. No one really believes in society as an objective truth but they follow the rules because they don't want to get into trouble. This is denying a level of your real freedom and choice. There is so much unspoken unexplored, so lets riot.

  31. Ugh, no? People are trying to sleep at night when these parties take place. Like Anna said, just because you're drunk doesn't mean you can be harmful.

  32. Well I mean, no duh. There is no JUSTIFYING harming another person be that directly or indirectly through noise pollution. I'm merely trying to play devil's advocate. If you're just going to say its wrong to riot, that's not a hard position to defend, nor does it cut very deep. I'd say its almost a truism. If you want to understand "bad behavior" then you have to take a step outside your comfort zone. You have to imagine some unpleasant things. It takes guts to search our darkest corners. No duh

  33. That makes no sense….you payed $1,000 for what exactly? Cause we don't pay for hospital treatment here in Canada. The only thing you might have to pay for is the ambulance…but that's nowhere NEAR 1k!? lol?

  34. alot of people blame fanshawe because it was down the street but in reality a majority of people there were western students and students from my highschool next to fanshawe.

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