Purohitudi Pelli Part 2 | Comedy Videos 2020 | Funny Videos | Chandragiri Subbu Latest Videos

Purohitudi Pelli Part 2 | Comedy Videos 2020 | Funny Videos | Chandragiri Subbu Latest Videos

It’s Dwithiya Vivaham
(Second Marriage) website. We’ve mentioned your profile
on that website too. Tell me if there is any update. Sir, it’s already been two months
that we’ve posted your details. Everybody has rejected
your profile there too. What the hell? Even the people who are ready for
the second marriage are rejecting me? Hey! Sir, all the girls… …are seeking for professions like
software engineers, doctors and lawyers. No one is ready to marry priests. Else recruit priests! Priests? We do coding in the software company.
What do you people do? Not just the people who
do coding and testing, but you also have Transport
desk for transport needs. Similarly you also have
a Canteen desk for food. In the same way, your company employers
might need the help of the priest. Introduce a priest desk for their sake. Your finances aren’t great too. And we needn’t discuss how you look. Yet, how are you able to
woo such good looking girls? How? How is it possible? Girls might fall for jobless guys
like me but never to priests. What’s it Harshita?
Have you changed your mind? Have you talked to your father? Why do you still pin your
hopes on me Subbu? My father refused to marry me to a priest. Forget me Subbu. What is this
“Loka Bava (Universal brother-in-law)?” All stars have taken
various available titles. Onto that,
when they address me as Loka Bava, everyone in the world would
be like my sisters-in-law. I named myself so,
as it would seem different. You are awesome! Harshita! -Are you heading home?
-Yes. I’m heading home too, I’ll drop you. That’s okay, I’ll walk. Oh no! I’ll anyway be going on my bike. I’ll drop you. Sit for a while. Huh? Okay. [phone ringing] Hello!
Is it Anjaneya Dal? Hey! Pronounce it properly. Pronounce it as Anjaneya Dal. Okay. Ignore it. First, listen to me. What is it? A handsome enthusiastic guy and a girl with average looks, are passing from your office on a bike. They’ve been advancing before wedding
which is against your principles. So, come fast and get them married. It’s not possible now.
We are lacking with the mangalsutras. It is as if, to cite… having no money to afford a bus ticket
as an excuse when the director Rajamouli, wants to cast you as a
protagonist in his film. Idiot! Why do you give such stupid excuses when things are getting out
of hands on the other side? Huh? I’ll somehow bring the mangalsutra.
You come first. Why would you bring? Who is going? That is… Even I follow
the same principle as yours. Ah… which is why,
I wanted to offer help from my end too! You sound so strange! Here, I’m telling that a
terrible thing is going to happen and you still stuck up like
a dosa on the pan! First, you start. Meanwhile, are you going to
bring the gold mangalsutra? Yes, man!
Start immediately. -I’m starting.
-Okay. Why did you stop the vehicle here? That is… My bike ran out of fuel. You stand here.
I’ll go to this petrol bunk and fill it. It’s okay, Subbu.
It’s nearby. I’ll walk. Oh no! I said I’ll drop you, didn’t I?
Stand here for two minutes and I’ll be back. Okay. [phone ringing] -Hello.
-Hello, Mr. Dal. Where are you? I’m having tea. Hell with your tea! Idiot! Hey! Come fast, man! Hey, man! I’ll present you a
tea stall if I get married. Alright, I’m coming.
Where are they? They are roaming in the lane just
behind the petrol bunk near your office. -Come fast.
-Okay The tea is very tasty.
I’ll finish it and come. Hmm! Subbu,
why did you stop here again? That is…
There is a puja tomorrow. I have to speak to my
friend regarding that. It just takes two minutes.
Let me finish it and then we’ll leave. Argh!
Alright, make it fast! Where are you? Hey! Hold on, man! My bike doesn’t have the valid papers
and onto that, there is a police checking. And you are irritating a lot. Sir, try to finish the event fast. We don’t have much time. I’m coming, wait there. Is it done? Shall we go? Would you like to have ice cream? I don’t want anything.
Drop me at my home. Why are you riding slowly? That is… It’s because the dealer told me that the
tyres would last longer if I ride slowly. Why don’t you walk so that the tyres
would last even longer? Think about it. You crack good jokes! Hell with the jokes! I have work
at home. Ride a bit faster. Yeah, let’s go fast… [phone ringing] -Hello.
-Where are they? There is no one over here
except the dark buffaloes! Of course! They went to
Kasi to perform the last rites! Bloody idiot who gets
married in a graveyard! Ill-timed idiot! Hey! Why are you scolding? They left! Oh no! Anyway, you said you would
give me a gold mangalsutra. Come and give that to me. Another word and I’ll perform your
last rites while you are still alive! Rascal! Get lost! Priest! You have to perform
deity’s wedding at MLA’s home. He asked you to come over and discuss. I’ve decided not to
perform wedding rituals. Hey! It’s deity’s wedding.
You’ll be cursed! He would get his wedding
rituals done regularly. But he hasn’t destined
my life with marriage. Why should I perform his wedding ritual?
I’ll not do. Convey him the same. Alright, it’s upto you. Hey!
Are you out of your mind? Why did you reject the work just
because you aren’t married yet? God’s wedding at MLA’s house. No matter what it may take,
they might pay you a huge amount. Anyway, someone like you dried up
something in himself out of anger on a lake. Ask him to stop. Hey! -Tell him that I would perform.
-Alright, I’ll convey. Though we have love in heart, though we have the
ability to take good care, though we can make them happy, Idiots!
I don’t mean it! I’m talking about the
financial affordability. As if son-in-law is ill-fated
despite having everything, Though I’ve got all the
abilities to love… …there are too many who
doesn’t have people to love. I’m one amongst them. Which is why,
even after being so jealous… …I’m telling you by
putting my feelings aside, Happy lovers day to all the lovers. Happy valentines day. Pray for me to get a
lover by next year’s… …valentines day. Hi, guys!
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  3. Bike scenes and last lo chettu dagara scenes adiri poyaye subbu… Dal lo synamo na…. 😂😂😂….Keep on going…. All the best…. Special appreciation to the girl on bike…. For her Cute expression and voice…. And no need to say specially about you and Amrutha…. U are awsome…

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  8. Exceptional reality of present state of marital bottlenecks showcased..Great job Subbu. This is happening in present day scenarios..The agony of parents also could have added. Expecting more videos from you.. My blessings are with you always.

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    Really waiting for next episode
    Ma office group lo ne video part1 and part 2 share chasa every one enjoyed

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