Qpython tutorial- 3 Print Function

Hello guys, welcome to another tutorial for your android device that is, Qpython based based on android.
On today’s tutorial i am gonna be teaching you guys : “how to run the print statement on your android device’ that is how you can actually display texts on your screen using the print statement Now, to use the print statement in python you would have to use… the p-r-i-n-t which is print, and after using the p-r-i-n-t(print); you open a parenthesis and inside the parenthesis you put in two quotes(single quote or double quote any works)and then you close your parenthesis.
Something like this it’s like making a face with two eye balls inside of it. So after you’ve done that, you will want to go in-between the eyeballs and Write whatever text you want to print out i’m just gonna write out ‘Hello World!’ Now, notice this text i have printed out and notice that when i run my code. the only thing that gets printed out is this ‘Hello’ and this ‘World!’ right here and that is because they are both inside the closing and opening quotation marks.Now, notice that you can not run your code ordinarily without saving it which means that this is telling you that; i am a plain black text! i am a plain black text!! and
i can’t run. So for you to run your code you’ll need to save it and for you to save it and to save it you will need to come over here : down at the bottom of your screen and click this save button right here. To save it, you will need to assign a name to your file.
I’m gonna use hum…’text’ because we’re just texting and once you’ve saved it as the name you want to use.You will want to use the
.py function that is, the file type you would want to save it as
.py and the reason we’re saving this as .py
is because python only recognizes a file that is saved as .py.
So once you’ve saved that as .py you’ll need to click this right here and your file is saved. Now, notice that… The print statement right here changes it’s default color to green and this text changes it’s default color to blue.
Now,for you to run your code you come over here and click this button right right here and your code runs.
Notice that once you’re in the console it shows you that: Qpython console is running and it displays out your text for you by saying… Hello world!
Now,once your code has finished running it shows you… [Qpython] Press entrer to exit and once i click enter, it exits the code
that is how you run scripts on python.
Now, i want to show another stuff you can also do on python. also do on python. You can also say ‘Hello world’ and then
add the /n to it. /n Which means that you’re telling python:
yes i want to go to a new line and once you’ve added the /n.
You can write out any text inside the quotation marks. Now, it says ‘Hello world!’ i’m just gonna say ‘Hello Python’ Now, notice that these are both in the quotation marks and they are separated this /n right here Which means that when i run my code You’ll notice that in about three seconds,
it shows… “Hello world!” and then it says… ‘Hello Python’
which means that the /n which was suppose to be at the end here Separated the lines into two
which means that you can now have after having this first line here
with the /n added to the end
and that’s how you print out statements and add new lines to it.
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and i’ll see you guys… Next time.

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