Rachel Lindsay Reacts To Dean’s “Ready To Go Black” Comment | The Bachelorette US

Coming into tonight myself and a few other guys have already had the chance to meet Rachel at the after the final rose special she My first met Rachel I said, I want to go black and never go back. I’m Curious to see what Rachel thought about it. I’ve been a little nervous to see how she reacted. How are you? Again good to see you too. What clever line do you have I? Don’t think it was possible Of to hear your reaction it was cute, but I love the confident are you gonna get support? I loved it some of the guys met about ready If you got an opportunity to meet at first you definitely have a leg up we’re here what’s up good guys Rachel Lindsay reacts to Dean Unglert’s ready to go black comment at the first cocktail party of The Bachelorette US Season 13. Check out more videos from The Bachelorette 2017 on our channel.

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