Rakshak : The Protector – Full Length Action Movie Dubbed In Hindi

Rakshak : The Protector – Full Length Action Movie Dubbed In Hindi

‘Protector!’ Mother! Sir. Sir, the Goddess’s idol
was found while digging there. Come on! Let’s see. Sir. Since we’ve found the idol here,
we should make the temple here. It’ll be good for all of us. We’re making this bridge
for everyone’s welfare. How will the pillar
be built if the idol’s here? We’ve to move it. No, sir. Don’t say that, sir. We worship this Goddess. If we move her from her place,
she’ll be angry. There’ll be grave troubles.
The Goddess will ask for blood. She’ll ruin all of us. Don’t have this idol removed.
– Nonsense. I don’t believe in this. Don’t stop the construction,
scared of such things. Raman Sahu. – Yes? You’re the leader.
You’re intelligent. You get this idol removed. We’ve
to start working in the morning. Okay! What have you done? There’ll be trouble now. Help! Anyone there? Someone help me! Help! Anyone there? Help! This forest is very deep. There’s iron ore worth
millions buried deep inside. Many scientists have found it. If this valuable iron ore.. …is sent to the factories
on railways from these forests.. ..our country will benefit. Therefore,
the government has decided.. ..to restart the construction of railway
line in this forest, externalize it.. ..and start building
a bridge on the roads quickly. Till now, working with
full enthusiasm on this bridge,.. ..was an engineer named Prasad Rao,
who was killed brutally. So, to go to this dense
forest and carry out the work.. ..expertise isn’t
the only requisite. More than that, courage,
patience and strength are needed. It’s a very prestigious
and important project. If anyone takes it up
as a challenge, I’ll be happy. Strange!
An engineer was killed there. Who’ll go there to die? Anybody there to
take up this challenge? Yes, sir. I’ll take up this job. – What? I’m sure you’ll succeed
with this project as an engineer. But you’re a woman.
How’ll you work in that dangerous.. Uncle, you know that the word
‘scared’ is not in my dictionary. And you know my track record too. I’ve got awards in
hunting and rifle shooting. That’s why I assure you,
I’ll go to the forest fearlessly.. ..and make this project a success.
– Very good. Had your dad been alive, he’d have
been proud of your bravery, child. By the way,
the government will appoint an.. ..assistant engineer
and a gun man for your safety. When will you leave? Why wait, Uncle? I’ll leave tomorrow itself.
– Wish you all the best. Thank you. – Okay. Listen, Ibrahim. – Yes? The gun isn’t for hurting people. It’s used to shoot.
I’ve told you often. I’ve told you a 100 times! Thank God it has just hurt you. Had it fired, you’d have been dead. Forget it. Where did she go? Look there.
I think they’re the ones. He looks like a bird hunter. No! – He shouted as if
there was a rail accident. But who are you? He’s Suri. He’s a labourer. And I’m Raman. Why are you here? To take the engineer.
– For the engineer? She’s in that compartment.
I’m her bodyguard. And he’s the supervisor. Greetings, engineer.
I’m Raman Sahu. We’ve come to take you. – Okay. My luggage? – I’ll carry it. Madam.. – This way. Will this gunman
feed you dead birds? What’re you saying?
Do I look like a bird killer? I was the home minister’s gunman. You work as my bodyguard now. Why did you leave your job there? While saving the Home
Minister from terrorists,.. ..his gun didn’t fire,
but theirs did. So, he came here. – Shut up! The home minister’s
lucky to be saved. Madam. Welcome to the forest.
– Thank you. You’re..? – I’m Girish. I’m the forest officer here. You’ll be working
in my jurisdiction. Nice to meet you.
– Thank you very much. I welcome a beautiful
girl like you into the forest. It seems like a dream. If you ever need my company,
I’m always at your service. Thank you. – Come. I’ll drop you. They’ll come with the luggage.
– Excuse me. I’ll go with them. Thank you, ma’am. Suri. – Yes? Take madam’s luggage in.
– Okay, sir. – Hello. These are the labourers’
houses. – Okay. And that’s a hospital. Farming is done there. How far is the work
area from this camp? About 3 kilometers.
A five – minute drive in a jeep. Okay. – Please get ready. Okay. I’ll get ready in an hour. Then we’ll leave for work. Gosh! I was scared. Who are you? – I’m a girl. Even I can see that.
But what’s your name? Oh, gosh! Listen. My name is Shivangi. But every one calls
me Shivani affectionately. One only calls his wife with
such love. They’re crazy about me. But I’m secretly happy
that everyone loves me. Come to the point. Our overseer told me yesterday.. ..that the engineer madam is
arriving and I’ve to stay with her..
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..and do all her work. So I’ve brought milk
and fruits for you. Oh, gosh! I forgot
to greet you while talking. Congratulations to you all. To you too. Let’s start work. Run! A lion! Help! Run! Help! A lion! Help! Run! Help! Save me! Run! Oh, God! Lion! Help! Save me! The lion is here! A lion! Run! Oh, God! Help! Save me! Engineer madam, shoot! Shoot! Run! The lion has come! Help! Help! The lion! Munna! Run! The lion! Run! What did you do?
Why didn’t you shoot the lion? Wonder what happened
to me when I saw it. If it was an ordinary lion,
you’d have killed it. It’s the Goddess’s lion. We moved the Goddess’s idol.. ..and so, this lion is
angry with all the villagers. Whether it’s a man-eater or not.. If we don’t kill it,.. ..it’ll kill us all by
the time the bridge is complete. If we’re saved,
we’ll have to beg in the city. Come on! Brothers! Wait, Nagul. Why are you so hasty? Sit down. Engineer madam. – Yes? We’ll have to call
Raju to capture this lion. Raju? Who’s he? He’s the king of this forest. The villagers and
all of us love him.
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He catches all the kinds
of beasts without fail. He’s our guardian. Who’s it! Where are you? Who’s it! Run! Run! Come on! Find him! Who’s it? Where are you? Run away quickly! Run! Run quickly! Leave me! Forgive us. Don’t harm us! Please let us go. Where are we stuck up? I should forgive you? Listen! I’m the son
of this forest’s Goddess. I’m the one, who protects
the animals that believe in.. ..the Goddess and whom
you kill to earn your own living. You’re stealing the treasures
of this forest for your profit. So I’m angry with you. Your antics are
destroying humaneness. Henceforth, if you do any
such thing, I’ll burn you alive! Got it? Come. Yes, brother, come on! Come on! Come on! Hurry up. Please, forgive us.
– At least untie us. Release them by evening. Okay. – If some wild
animal spares them! Come. Hurry. Raju. – What’s it? Many tourists are here for you. They’re asking for
the jungle’s guide, Raju. Come. Hurry. – You go. I’ll come. Hello, Chief. Hello, Mr. Raman! – Hello. Come. Who’s this officer with you? This.. – Who, me? I’m the new supervisor.
I’m newly posted here. If you stop with your English,
I’ll tell him the truth. It’s nothing special.
I want to meet brother Raju. Where’s he? – Raman! Raju. – What’s it? I’ve come to meet you. A lion’s killing everyone
at bridge’s site. And all the labourers
are fleeing because of that. You’ll have to trap it. You can kill that lion, pal. Why am I needed? That’s okay. But this isn’t
an ordinary lion, brother. This lion has tasted human blood. Nobody other than you
can kill this man-eater. It isn’t my job
to kill beasts, pal. I can’t do it. Don’t say that, brother. It’s killing men,
women and children. It isn’t a sin
to kill such a beast. Yes. You can kill that animal. The government has ordered. It isn’t a sin to kill
such a dangerous animal. Listen, son. I think killing a
man eater isn’t wrong. What’s written in the scriptures? It isn’t a sin to kill evil in war.
– Correct. And that’s what you’re doing. Go, son. – Yes. Correct.
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What can be more pleasing to me
than my son helping others? – Yes. Right. – Wow, chief. Hurry up!
– You’ve pleased me. – Bye. Who’s that? It’s me. Shivangi. Why were you peeping? I was looking at
how city people bathe. I was stunned to see it. Why? What happened? Your skin was as
fragrant as sandalwood. And it was shining like silver. I went crazy seeing that. Had Raju seen it he’d
have gone crazy too. Raju? Who’s he? He and I are going around. What did you say?
– The whole village knows it. And he has promised
to marry me too. I liked your love story. Tell me, why will he
go crazy if he sees me? Tell me. – What can I tell you? He starts chasing
every beautiful girl. And you’re very beautiful. On seeing you, he’ll go crazy.
– I’ll break his teeth.. ..if he comes close to me!
– Raju isn’t an ordinary man. On seeing a girl,
he looks at her in the eye. And then all the
girls fall for him. He smiles a bit. That’s it. And consider the girl gone. You’ll surely fall for him.
– Not me. Mind your language.
He’ll be marrying you, right? He might do anything. It
doesn’t make any difference to me. He’ll marry me for sure. Look, Shivani. Whoever that Raju is, he’s playing
around with simple girls like you. If he tries to play with me,
he’ll be in jail. Got it? This is ridiculous! I don’t know what
she’s saying in English. I don’t care. She’ll lose her senses
if she sees Raju. Only then will she believe me. If she doesn’t, to hell with her! Brother Raju has come! Brother Ibrahim, Raju’s here. How’re you, Suri? Brother Raju,
this is Ibrahim, madam’s bodyguard. Please don’t mind, brother Raju.
This is how he greets. Come on, take it. Hello. So your name is Raju,
right? – Yes.
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It’s a pleasure. What?! – What’s it? What a hand! He has a very weak body. Why did you call him when I’m here? Brother Raju,
we’ll go to the engineer. Look here! Brother Raju has come. Ma’am, he’s Raju
whom I told you about. Brother Raju. She’s the engineer madam. Is this the engineer madam? – Yes. Is she married? – No! She looks great. Our engineer madam is really nice. ‘lf he sees a girl,
he looks at her in the eye.’ ‘Then, all of them fall for him.’ ‘He smiles a bit. And that’s it.’ ‘His work is done.
This will happen to you too.’ Engineer madam.
Raju isn’t an ordinary man. This forest’s.. – I’m the king. Engineer madam. – Madam! If Raju is with us,
we can kill the lion. – Yes. He uses guns, knives daggers,
bow and arrow very well. Should I show it? – Yes! Only using the weapons
isn’t enough. Brains. You should use brains too.
First of all, it’s a lion. It kills people and escapes deftly. Did the lion come
and tell this to you? Untamed Africa. I’ve read the book. If you’re so educated.. ..why didn’t you trap it
when it attacked us day before? Raman, if she’s so smart.
Then why am I needed here? Mister. I’m not only
an engineer but a hunter too. I’ve killed many animals. Do you mean a chicken,
mosquito, goat or ant? – You! Raju! He’s joking.
You tell him. He’ll listen. The plan will be mine. Family planning? – Mister! Brother Raju.
You tell us your plan. Okay. We’ll meet at the camp in a while. I’ll show you the detailed
plan on the computer. Shivani. I met you after so long.
What’s the matter? Raju, since I’ve been on duty,
I don’t get time. You must be missing me. I never forgot you. What happened? The water here is very nice.
That’s why you’ve bloomed. Stop it! Wait! What’s this? Engineer madam is showing
a film on lion. – Film? I had seen it in my childhood.
Please increase the volume. Please. – Madam, I’ll explain them. That isn’t a TV.
It’s not a film either. That’s a computer. Madam will show everyone
how to catch the lion. Raju, look here. Not at me. Then? – There. Sorry. In our language,
look here means kiss me. I was going to do that. No. I won’t do it now. This is a camp area. The lion can come from
here as well as from there. What if it can’t? What’s this? Cigarette. – Throw it away. I hate smoking. Very good. Enjoying a lot. This isn’t a joke.
This is about a lion. Brother Raju! – We’ll have to.. ..observe a lot before the lion comes.
– I’m there. Nothing will happen. Don’t move! Wait here. Hold on. – What’s it? It’s an insect. If it bites, you’ll froth
from your mouth and die. Stay like this. I’ll see. Quickly. – Don’t move. I’ll kill it. Don’t worry. Is this a common insect or a
poisonous one? – It’s a common insect. It’s not poisonous.
It doesn’t even bite. I killed him without reason. Sorry, madam. I thought it was
a dangerous insect.. ..and I hit you with
these strong hands. The details are not important.
Look here, please. I told her. Yes, it sat there. The film is very good. So, did everyone understand? We’ll start this from today. So all of you’re ready, isn’t it? Let’s go. What are you doing? Has the lion come?
I’m feeling sleepy. I’m feeling cold too. If you don’t mind, can I smoke? Yes. – Okay, thank you. Yes. It’s time for
the lion’s arrival. Will the lion arrive
at a fixed time? Don’t ask too many questions.
– Okay. Don’t shoot! I was scared of Ibrahim’s gun,
madam. Therefore I shouted. Oh, no! I committed a major mistake
in the afternoon. – What happened? I hit you very hard there.. with these hands.. – Shut up. No. I’m really feeling bad. Look there. Something is moving. Go down and look. What if it’s the lion? Shake hands and introduce yourself. This isn’t the time to joke. I think it’s a lion. Madam, please give
me a chance this time. Okay, shoot. – Okay. Wait! Shoot! Come on! – What shoot? It’s a rusted government gun. It won’t work at all. It really didn’t work, madam. You try it this time. Let me do it. Security. – Madam. Go and bring the body. – Okay. Wait. – Yes. Four of you go and get it. Right away, madam! You wouldn’t have thought
I could shoot so bravely! Come on! – Yes, madam. They must be scared
looking at the dead body. Yes. Surely. Madam, see that. Why are you so scared? Actually, it seems to be scared. Brother, bring it here.
Let me see if it’s alive or dead. Yes. It’s alive. Why did you let it go?
We’d enjoy roasting it. Shut up! Engineer madam. – Yes? If you don’t mind,
can I tell you something? We’ll have to think
of a new scheme tomorrow. Madam. – Yes, tell me. Listen to me. Let a professional
handle it. – Yes. This is what all of us want. – Yes. Is it so? – Yes. All right then. All of us will go there together. Come on. Engineer madam aimed
well at the rabbit, right? Where is this smell coming from? Brother Raju. He didn’t come to
work for three days. I thought he fled due to the lion. But the fear has cost him his life. Brother Raju. What’s this, Raju? This is the blood
of a wounded lion. There was a slight slip.
Or it’d dead by now. This happened due to the bird. No, this happened because of me.
Please forgive me. Whatever it is.
All of us must be alert now. A wounded lion is very dangerous. Come on, let’s go. Greetings, brother Chandu. Why are you greeting me?
Greet the mother. Whatever we eat
is due to this land. Due to this land,
my five acre land.. ..has become so huge
that it’s 50 acres now. We can achieve everything with
courage and hard work. Even God! Indra Singh! – Sir. Give them two bags of grain.
– Please come. Really, brother Chandu. With people like you around,.. ..poverty will end in this village.
Wait and watch. You’ll have a long life,
brother Chandu. Hello, sir. – Hello Okay, carry on with your work. Girish, come.
– You’re great, Chandu. You’re matchless, pal. You wear a farmer’s clothes.
You speak of patriotism. Yet you grow cannabis. And then you take
their blessings, too. Are you any less corrupt, Girish? You came here as a ranger,.. ..and you sell government material,
rare animals and other things. And if anyone asks you about it,
you blame the lion. And, you take
commission from me too. Now. I’ll come to the point. We were earning money here and the
government started the bridge work. If the bridge is completed
and people start coming.. ..our business will end. That engineer’s bent
on completing the bridge but.. ..we must stop her somehow. I can understand everything,
Girish. That lion will kill
all of them someday. Raju too has come
to kill that lion. He has become the protector
of that engineer and her labourers. We’ll have to do something
or that bridge will be completed. Never. First of all, that engineer will
die before the sunrise tomorrow. Help! Madam!
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Help! – Madam is in trouble! Help her! – Help! Help her! – Help! No! Help! No! Help! No! Help! No! Help! Help! Hold my hand! – Raju, careful! Give me your hand. Quickly. Caught her. Both of them are saved. Don’t worry. Open your eyes. Thank you. Brother Raju, very good! She’s saved.
– Madam, are you all right? Brother Raju, are you all right?
– I’m okay. Well done!
– Brother Raju was great. Please, let go of me. Let go. Let go of me. – Should I? She was saved. Otherwise
I’d have taught you a lesson! Don’t you dare do this again! Oh, gosh! I was saved, God. Shivani! – What’s it? Where are you going?
– To catch rabbits. It isn’t safe. Come quickly! I’ll come. – What happened? Stop. Come here. Shivani, what happened? What is it? Run! Run! The lion has come! Run! Run! Run! The lion has come! Help! Hurry! On the truck! Where are you people going?
– To save our lives. If we escape from the lion,
we’ll beg and live. The lion will eat us up. Hurry! Come on! – Raman.. Babu, hurry. – Yes, Father. I say, stop! We’ve to complete the bridge.
– What will we complete now? Hunger led them
to work in the forest. But we won’t, now.
Our lives are at stake. Nagul. – Keep quiet, brother Raman. That dangerous lion is
eating and killing our people. So can your government
bring them alive again? We want to raise our
family with hard work. But we don’t want
death in lieu of money. Farewell to you and your work!
Come on, brothers. Come on, climb up. Hurry! Why? Why did you stop? Go. Go away. Tell everyone in the city that
you ran back due to fear of death. You’re leaving the work incomplete.
You should be ashamed. Look. You’ll run to
the city fearing the lion. You won’t have money
for food in the city. You won’t get a place to stay. Rather than being totally ruined.. ..it’ll be better if we stay here.. ..and complete the bridge
with hard work and sincerity. With the help of railway lines.. ..Distinct material
from here can go far beyond. We’ll get a lot of work after that. Our life will be happy.
Think about it. If all of you show
some courage then.. I’ll risk my life
and kill that lion. But if you can’t understand
even now, you all can leave. But remember one thing I say. Cowards die everyday.
But the brave die just once. Brother Raju. It’s all right now. Come on, now. Quickly. It’s almost nightfall. How can we be sure that
the lion will come to this trap.. ..and not our homes, brother Raju? The thorn trap that we’ve set up.. ..will ensure that it
won’t go towards our homes. I’m sure it’ll come to this trap. As soon as the
lion barges into it.. ..the string hung
there will hit its legs.. ..and the door will close down. Provided it happens, right? Then if this door
has to be opened.. ..this rod will have to be pressed.
Like this. Will this trap be enough
for that man-eater? It can break this very easily. We won’t give it time. We’ll shoot it immediately. Who has the guts to go
into the cage when it’s there? I have. I’ll go. Here you are, brother Raju.
Be careful. Okay. Look, don’t come
out of your houses.. ..till I ask you to. Understood? Brother Raju. You’ve hurt the lion once. If it sees you again,
it’ll surely attack you. And if something happens to you,
chief Valmiki.. I won’t care about my life
if it’s for everyone’s welfare. Brother Raman, wait! No! Brother Raman! Raman. Brother Raju!
I have given up my life for my kin. Oh, God! Raju killed
that lion by risking his life. But another man-eater
has come to kill us! Here you’re, brother Raju.
Be careful. Yes. Don’t hit me!
– Tell me! Don’t hit me! Why did you do this?
– I’ll tell you! Forest officer Girish
told me to do this! Raju! Wait there. If he’s hurt,
I’ll kill engineer madam. Whether you kill her or spare her,
I don’t care. But I won’t spare the man who
helped the man-eater lion flee.. ..and killed Raman too. I’ll kill him and bury him here.
– She isn’t just an engineer, Raju. She’s your wife too. So Raju.
The truth has stunned you, right? Yes. She’s my wife. I accept it. Even then, I won’t spare Girish. My hand! My hand! Where did he vanish? Uncle! Uncle Narshim! Here I am. What have you worn, Uncle? From where did you get
these clothes? – I liked them. I won’t feel cold,
heat, or rain in this. – Okay. Forget about me,
you look great in these clothes. You look like a groom. Really? – Yes. That astrologer was right.
You’ll get a beautiful girl. Raju! – Yes? Look, someone is aiming there. Even I feel like doing it.
– Come on. You’ve been aiming since so long.
Can you shoot or not? Whether she knows it or not that
isn’t the point. At least she can try. Right? Vicky! Please. – Okay, proceed. Gosh! – Wow! That’s great. You didn’t get it? Don’t feel bad. Many people don’t
get it in the first try. Evening’s still a long way off. Just five rupees per aim. Try it again. Try it. Look Ash,
if you go on missing like this.. ..then it’s better
that you let it be. If you take the balloon and
burst it with both your hands.. ..there’ll be a bigger noise. Great shooter. Listen. You should encourage
the one who tries. You shouldn’t discourage them. Look. You want to aim. Right? Give it your best. I tell you. Shoot! You’ll aim correctly. I’ll have you aim correctly. Shoot it. The balloon will burst. Not like this! Hold it like this! Hold it here, closer. Yes. Tell me. Which balloon
do you wish to aim at? Red balloon. Hold your breath and shoot! Shoot! She has got it! Give it here. – I did it! One more. Here. Shoot. – Yes. Shoot! All over!
– You hit all the balloons! Thank you.
Thank you so much. – My pleasure. Now it’s too much. Who are you? Raju. Where do you stay? In the great kingdom. There’s a forest nearby. I stay there. In that village. You’re wild. Not wild, young man.
He’s the king of the jungle. You are? I’m Aishwarya. And your name? – I’m Vicky. Her fiance. Finance?
Do you spend a lot of money? Not finance, fiance. What does it mean? Fiance means Aishwarya’s
to be husband. What’s this? Your future wife was losing
and you were discouraging her? Well said! What Vicky? – Yes? Don’t you think Raju taught
both of us a good lesson? So Ash. – Yes? You’ll throw a party for us, right? Yes! Party! – Uncle, come on. Raju! Okay. Look. Raju made me win.
I’ll do what he says. Tell me. Raju? What do you want? What do I want? Hot tea! – Okay. Get me one cup of tea. So simple. Come on Hot tea! Tea! Mister, come here. Give tea to everyone here. Here, have it. You take it too, sir. Is tea worth having? No! You say that tea isn’t good? Sir. This tea is great. Why? Did you like it? Yes! – Okay,
did you get tea’s attribute now? Okay, bye! – Bye. Son? – Yes? I feel very strange here.
Is this madam’s house? Why can’t it be? Where can I find Ms. Aishwarya? Greetings. – Greetings. Thank you for coming
to my engagement. You had called with such affection.
How could I refuse? Thank you. A small gift. – What’s it, Raju? Just a small.. Why do you call it small? It’s your engagement.
So I brought this small gift. You brought a gift for me? – Yes. Where is it? Show me. Hi, Ash! Greetings. Tribal tiger. We called you casually
and you actually came. By the way,
there are many delicacies here.. ..that you wouldn’t
have even dreamt of. Okay? Ash. – Yes? I got a wonderful gift for you. I bought this necklace from Paris,
specially ordered. Thank you.
I’ll wear it later. – Okay. Vicky. – One second! Excuse me. Get ready quickly. Show me. Where is your gift? Let it be.
– Raju, please give it to me. This flower blooms only
once on the new moon night. Wherever you keep it,
it spreads its aroma. It’s said that it brings
peace and tranquility at home. But rich people like you..
– Why do you say that? Sometimes,
the price of a gift doesn’t matter. The one who gives it is important.
I liked this gift the most. Thank you so much. Ash. – Yes? It is time for the function.
Come on. Raju. – Carry on. I’m downstairs. Vicky, what’s all this? Romance with variety. You’re about to get engaged
and you’re here with me. This is life. Engagement over there
and entertainment, here. You’ll do the same
after marriage, too? Listen, what are you doing? Who let you come inside?
– Forget that. You’re to be engaged
and you’re doing this here? Who are you to tell this to me? One can say a good thing, right? A marriage means that
a woman trusts a man.. ..and agrees to spend
her whole life with him. And betraying such a
woman is injustice and a sin. You should share your
joy and sorrow with your wife. Not with some stranger.
– Mister, mind your tongue. You get lost.
I don’t want to speak to you. Don’t betray her.
Please mend your ways, brother. Ms. Aishwarya is very nice. If you betray a Goddess like her,
it’ll be wrong. Forget whatever happened.
Even I won’t tell her anything. Because if she finds out,
she’ll feel hurt. Hence I request you.
Please listen to me. And listen to me carefully. Keep Ms. Aishwarya in your heart. Another thing.
Being a husband is no big deal. But it’s a big deal to
get your wife’s love. Yes. My dear friends. My only daughter Aishwarya
is getting engaged to Vikram.. ..the only son of Jayraj
of Vikram Industries. What’s this? She’s leaving the
ceremony and coming here! Yes, why not?
I’m elder to her, right? So she’s coming
here for my blessings. Yes. She’s great. Come. Will you marry me? It’s time to take a huge
decision in a woman’s life. That’s why I’m asking
you without any hesitation. Aishwarya, what’s this? Are you crazy?
Are you in your senses? I’ve come to my senses.
So I took this decision. Don’t talk nonsense! Come here. He has taught you but that doesn’t
mean you’ll take this decision. You repay his favour with
a 1,000 or 100,000 rupees. Give it. Dad, do you know why
a woman marries a man? So that the husband protects her,
supports her all her life. Yesterday, when I was losing,
Vicky made fun of me. He didn’t try to encourage
me and make me win. Raju encouraged me
and tried to make me win. Vicky tried to hit a
pregnant woman in my presence. Raju saved her and her
son’s life as a good human being. He’s a wild man. If he saved her with herbs,
he hasn’t become great. Is kissing another girl
on the day of your engagement.. ..a sign of greatness?
He’s better than you, right? Think about it. Who among them can keep
your daughter happy all her life? But what’s his status? Many people have money.
Even we have money. Very few people
have such a big heart. I’m educated. And he has guts. Considering all this,
I’ve taken this decision. Raju, will you marry me? Raju, my son. I remember what the astrologer
said? You’ll marry a rich girl. We’ll get money. Say yes. Raju, tell me. If my parents agree, even I will. My dear friends, since my daughter
got married all of a sudden.. ..I couldn’t invite any of
you for the wedding. Forgive me. They’ve returned from
their honeymoon just today. I kept this party to introduce
you to my son-in-law. Where’s your son-in-law?
– He’s coming. Let’s meet your son-in-law. He’s just coming. – My friend’s
son-in-law won’t be a common man. Where’s the hero of the party?
– He’s getting ready. I understand all this. It was a good chance. You lost it. Right? Excuse me, sir. He’s my son-in-law, Raju. He has come to meet everyone.
– Greetings. Greetings. – Greet everyone. Mr. Bharadwaj. – Greetings. Mr. Dinesh. Hello, sir. Son! – Father! My son! My son! I like it so much. Look mother,
look how does your son look? Son, you look like an emperor. He’s a king! My darling son. Protect my son from
all the evil eyes. Listen, son. – Yes? Look at what has happened to this
peacock in your absence. – Okay! He doesn’t even eat! He misses you. Uncle. Excuse me. – Sir. My parents are here. Do you know, sir?
This peacock really likes my son. I’ve come to leave this with you. It’ll entertain you.
It’ll open his feathers. You mean this is ours? When my son is yours,
it’s yours too, right? Even this is yours, sir.
– Come here. Take it inside and.. – Yes, sir. My beloved, peacock. Go. Maid, get this sari for me.
– Yes, madam. This is my son-in-law. Raju.
– You did so good. That’s what I was thinking who
is this handsome fellow. Very good.
What do you do? I am a tourist to anyone
who comes to the forest. And I sell the hand
made materials.. ..made in my village in the city.
– That is great! What Mr. JPR?
Since you are a millionaire.. …I thought you’d bring a millionaire
son-in-law. And you brought him? This is great! Raju.. please go. Bring Aishwarya.
It is time for dinner. Not yet ready?
– I’ll wear the sari. Just five minutes.
01:24:16,932 –>01:24:19,004
What, dear? Does it take
five minutes to wear a sari? It isn’t a suit that
can be worn in a minute. I could make you
wear it in a jiffy. Okay. – Make me wear it. Sure. Move aside. Take this. Very good. You made me wear it quickly. I can remove it quickly too. My parents have come from
the village. Come down. – Okay. I’ll comb my hair and come. – Okay. Ready, sir. Look here. Your favourite dish. Oh, my God! It’s a peacock! – Yes. I like it a lot! I’m salivating! – Come on I’ll serve you. – Move. Listen. – What? They’ve killed our beloved peacock! Oh, God! Move! Hey. Hey. Hey, scum! I think he’s mad.
Get lost from here! Throw them out.
Security, throw them out! Get lost from here. Go out. Let him go! I said, let him go! – Get out! Security, throw them out.
– Leave him. Oh, God! I rear it like a son. And you’ve killed it!
Are you men or beasts? You’re a pauper and you
fight with rich men? Get lost! Get lost from here! Go! Mother! What happened? Those people.. Your peacock. Raju, actually what happened was.. Whatever it is. How dare
you raise your hand on a woman? I won’t spare you. – Raju! You raised your hand on my mother? Raju! Raju, what are you doing?
– Raju, leave him. I won’t spare you!
– I said, let him go. Telling me to leave him? He should be killed for his deed!
– Stop it! Are you crazy?
Are you a man or a beast? I’ll kill you!
– You’re behaving like a beast! I am behaving like a beast! Son! Dear! Raju, what are you doing? I’m going back to my
village with my people. You’re making a mistake
by going back like this, Raju. I committed a mistake by
marrying you. – Don’t say that. I’ve understood it.
You called me a wild beast, right? Raju! Get out. – Sir! Out! – Sir,
they killed our child, our peacock. Out! – Sir, listen to us. Sir. Raju please.
Is this the last decision? If you wish to live with this
wild beast, come to the forest. I’ll wait for you. – Raju, wait. Listen to me. Raju! What happened? Madam? What happened? I thought my son would
bring a beautiful wife live happily. But who knew that things
would get out of control.. ..and everything will be ruined? A car’s coming to the village,
Raju! Towards our house! Village chief! A car is coming! Car! A car’s coming.
– To our house? I’ve seen it.
I’m telling the truth. Raju’s father-in-law is driving it. Your father-in-law is coming. Son, don’t argue with him again.
Just compromise. Yes, son. We want you
to live happily with your wife. Please come, sir! – Come. Come in. – Come. Come in, sir. – Please! Come. – Come! Listen. Please bring
some fruits for him. Yes, go.
– No, I don’t need anything. I’ve come here to give
some papers to your son. What papers? – Papers? What’s this? Divorce papers.
This means, separation documents. Sir. Why divorce, sir? My daughter wants to
be separated from your son. Now she doesn’t want to stay
with him. She wants a divorce. What’s this, sir?
If children make mistakes.. ..we should make
them understand, sir. Yes, sir.
We shouldn’t separate them. We should explain to both of
them and get them to live together. That’s why I suggest we come there.
– Now she won’t listen to you. She hates Raju.
She is heart broken. She won’t live with him now. Did she say all this? – Absolutely! Not only that. She doesn’t
want to see you ever again. In few days, she’ll marry
a boy of her choice and go abroad. She must be repenting the way I am. I thought she’d come to meet me. But if she hates me,
it’d be better if we get separated. That’s what’s written in it. Oh, God! – Sign here. Son! Son! Son, don’t be so hasty. – Son! At least meet her once.
– No, Mother! If she doesn’t have
any feelings for us.. ..then it’d be wrong
to even think about her. But.. No! Sir! Sir! What has happened, son? Stop it, Mother! – Son. Don’t be disheartened. If something belongs to us,
it’ll come to us. If it isn’t ours, we won’t get it,
no matter how hard we try. Brother Raju, I really
feel strange after hearing.. ..about your love and
divorce after marriage. You’re a great warrior and
she’s such a beautiful engineer. It’s unfortunate that you
two have separated, brother Raju. I feel you two will
soon reunite. Surely. Yes, Raju! Even we feel that. Forget it!
It’s all up to God’s wishes. Congratulations, Aishwarya.
You are pregnant. You’re going to be a grandfather. But there’s a problem.
She’s very weak. She needs to rest both
mentally and physically. I’ll send some medicines.
Give it to her daily. Okay? – Okay. Thank you, doctor.
– I’ll leave now. Bye, Aishwarya. Don’t get up! – Dad! What, dear? I want to go to him.
Right now, Dad! What’s this, dear? The doctor
has strictly warned you to rest. And you want to go so
far in the jungle to meet him? But dad, I have to
give him this good news. Don’t worry, dear.
I’ll go and tell him right away. Dad! I’ll go, dear. I’m the cause of all these
troubles. I’ll definitely go. I’ll go and apologise to him.
Because I.. You two got separated
because of me. I’ll pacify him
and bring him here..
01:33:01,840 –>01:33:03,371
..so that you two can reunite. Thank you, Dad! When he hears about my pregnancy.. ..he’ll forget everything
and come running to me. Because he loves children, dad. Go there immediately.
– I’ll go there right away, dear. What are you saying? Yes, dear. He wants a divorce. He can’t live with you anymore. And he doesn’t even
want to see you again. Did you tell him that I’m pregnant? Yes! When I told him, he said.. ..he neither wants
his wife nor the child. Everyone gives birth to kids. Every animal in the
jungle gives birth to kids. He said if you want the child,
you can keep it or else.. ..abort the child. – No! He’s really a wild beast, dear. Animals sire children
and leave them. There’s no difference between him
and them. Why should you suffer? I won’t even let him come near you. If you want, many men
will be ready to marry you. Any rich boy will
be ready to marry you. Why go far?
Vicky’s ready to marry you. Listen, dear. I’d suggest that you divorce him.. ..and abort this child! – No! This paper and
this law are useless. Since he has said all this,
everything is over. I won’t commit a murder. I won’t kill a living
being before it takes birth. I won’t sacrifice
the child in my womb.. ..because of his cruelty
and my arrogance. I’ll give birth. I’ll raise
that child with hard work. I’ll live my life with
the aid of that child. Now I don’t need anyone.
– But listen to me, dear. It’s my decision! Madam? – Yes? These letters are for you. Thank you. ‘Since Akhila’s birth you’ve
been a mother and a father to her.’ ‘By trusting me..’ ‘..you’ve asked me
to take care of her.’ ‘She’s feeling the
absence of her parents.’ ‘That’s why she keeps sad.’ ‘Madam, in spite of your..’ Madam! – Yes? The supervisor has had an
accident near the fourth pillar. Has he? Let’s go. ‘Madam, I’m sending you a snap of
the child along with this letter.’ ‘By trusting me..’ ‘..you’ve asked me
to take care of her.’ ‘She’s feeling the
absence of her parents.’ ‘That’s why she’s sad.’ ‘But a babysitter
can’t replace a mother.’ ‘She always keeps crying,
thinking of you.’ ‘Madam, in spite of
your repeated orders..’ ‘I’m coming to you
on Friday with the baby.’ ‘That means today our daughter..’ Daughter! Aishwarya!
– Reading someone else’s letter.. ..isn’t good manners! Aishwarya. A person like you who lives in
a jungle can’t be human. – Sorry. Aishwarya! Good girl! How are you? Good girl! What does my beloved daughter want? Babysitter! Yes? Coming, madam! Don’t leave the baby alone.
Be careful. Okay. – Take her. This is a jungle.
Wild animals stay here. Son! Father! How are you? Son! Hug me too! What makes you come here, Mother? I’ve heard my
daughter-in-law’s here. And you’re friends again. It’s nothing like that.
– Listen, son. Let me meet my
grand daughter first. Where’s she? My eyes
are yearning to see her, son. Where’s she?
– Who told you all this? Anyone could have.
Such things can’t be hidden. Bholu told Kalu. Kalu told Suri. Suri told Ishwar.
Ishwar told Naresh.. ..and Naresh told all
of them and all of them.. Shut up! Son, where’s my granddaughter?
Tell me. Father, tell every one to be quiet. Quiet. Father, in that house,
just turn left and.. Is she’s our granddaughter? Our granddaughter? – Yours. Great! Where’s our daughter-in-law?
– Near the bridge. She’s so sweet. So beautiful! She looks like my son. My granddaughter, come. – Look,
our granddaughter’s so beautiful. Come! My son is happy again.
– Yes! Absolutely! Now due to this child.. ..the two will reunite. Yes. That’s true. Stop! What’s this?
Are you out of your mind? You’re making a baby
dance crazily in such clothes? It’s not that, dear. She’s
our child. So we were loving.. Beware if you say that again. Your son and you don’t know
the meaning of love, affection and care. When he has no relation with me.. ..then what has he
got to do with the child? This is what your son,
Raju told my father, right? Did he ever try to understand
what the bond of love is? If he were human, he’d know.
But he’s a beast! What are you saying?
– Why are you feign ignorance? When my father had come to
you with the news of my pregnancy.. ..he said that he didn’t care. That he wanted a divorce.
He didn’t want to see my face. And your son ruined my entire life. A wild man came to my
life and destroyed everything. That’s why I want to keep
my daughter away from wild people. Don’t come again
and poison her life. If you try to get
close to my daughter.. ..I’ll commit suicide. Listen, dear. What is she saying? – What’s this? My son, Raju. Did you betray her
or she betrayed you, son? What is she saying? Her father, who did this injustice
to us, died to save his dignity. Then why don’t you tell
this to daughter-in-law? Listen, dear! Father, one who doesn’t
trust won’t understand anything. Run! Help! Help! Run! Help! Someone help! What happened? – Brother Raju, the
lion just went towards our houses! Our child! Akhila! Akhila! Look. Nothing
happened to the child. Daughter-in-law, you had
asked us not to touch the baby. But I touched her to save her.
Forgive me. Don’t say so. You’ve saved my child. I suspected you. I’m a sinner. I should apologise to you. We don’t mind that. But we regret that
you don’t know the truth. The truth? – Yes, dear. Your father didn’t tell
us that you were pregnant. He said that you wanted divorce. He even took the signature
from my son in a state of fury. He went crazy on hearing that.. ..you don’t even
wish to see his face. Son! Son! Mother! Father! – Son! Mother! I’ll save both of you.
– Our life is about to end. Daughter-in-law
has a big heart, son. She had no idea about
what had happened. She didn’t know anything.
– She regrets her mistake, son. Mother, we’ll see that later. Let me take you to a.. – Son! If both of you reunite with
our death, it’d make us very happy. Father! – We saved our
granddaughter in our last moments. That’s enough for
us in this life, son. Son. Mother. Father! – Don’t cry. If you cry then.. Mother! – ..her soul
won’t rest in peace. Father! – She won’t be at peace.
Father! Madam! I can’t find the baby. What? Did you search
for her everywhere? I searched everywhere.
But I couldn’t find her. Some people said she was
walking towards the jungle. Our child is nowhere to be found. Listen, please. Akhila! Akhila! Akhila! Akhila! Akhila! Akhila! Akhila! Akhila! Akhila! Akhila! Akhila! My daughter!

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