Real Life Vampires Find Love At First Bite: EXTREME LOVE

Real Life Vampires Find Love At First Bite: EXTREME LOVE

COUNT TIM: Vampirism is something that you live, that you breathe, and that you’re
in it 100% every day of your life. COUNT TIM: Hi! My name is Tim, and this is my beautiful Countess Lea Van Doorn,
and we’re vampires. COMM: Count Tim and Countess Lea are part of a growing community of vampires living
in Austin, Texas. COUNT TIM: We do wear our fangs out in public. It’s part of who we are. A lot of people
come up to me like, “Will you bite me?” COUNTESS LEA: Yeah.
COUNT TIM: We could definitely draw blood, if we really wanted to. If we bit hard enough,
oh yeah! COUNTESS LEA: They are sharpened to a complete
point and they’re real dental acrylic fangs. COMM: Tim and Lea met through a mutual friend at an event not long ago. COUNT TIM: I felt a connection of darkness, as I call it. You know, there was a certain
vibe of vampirism. COUNT TIM: The typical stereotypes of vampirism are, you know, we can’t be out in the sun
or that you know, we, you know pounce and, you know, take someone by force, and stuff
like that. That’s not who we’re. That’s not what we do.
COUNTESS LEA: I mean we could if if you ask nicely. COUNT TIM: No. COUNT TIM: This is our sacred space. This is where we do our rituals and so forth. You
know, she has her altar and I have mine. I removed the door, so I could actually have
my own little space. COUNT TIM: I always had this odd connection to the night time. I felt like, I just felt
more empowered, more awake, more heightened, I guess the word would be…
COUNTESS LEA: I’m hyper sensitive to sunlight. I get intense migraines. Even if it’s cloudy,
I will wear sunglasses outside. I have a parasol that I carry, that’s why I’m white as
a ghost. Because I just don’t like the sun, it hurts. COMM: And naturally being a vampire requires regular feeding, which for these two is done
in more ways than one. COUNT TIM: How I feed? Most commonly is via sexuality. I kind of absorb it via the skin,
you know, kissing and so forth. And when they have reached the climax, I take in that energy.
Also, I feed via blood as well. COUNTESS LEA: A feeding for me, I actually
prefer blood. You’re taking the essence of a person and that to me is ecstasy. COUNT TIM: Basically, I just feel very, just open, just allowing her just to do, what she
needs to do to satisfy her hunger. COUNTESS LEA: I have to panic control myself,
because I get very hungry actually, I desire it more. So I have to be very careful when
I am doing this. COUNT TIM: The way I do the blood feeding
is that I’ll allow my love here to you know just have a straight razor, you know, a clean
one, and she picks a part of my arm to cut and, but we let it bleed enough and, you know,
she just puts her mouth around it. COUNT TIM: Feels really good actually. It feels like she is taking a part of me into herself. COUNT TIM: I flex my fist, so therefore it helps with the blood circulation.
COUNTESS LEA: And then you can see from my bite mark, I’m biting that to make it bleed more. COUNTESS LEA: It’s like, the best chocolate in the world you can imagine and someone just
gave it to you for free. I feel stronger, I feel more energised, I feel more awake. COUNTESS LEA: We don’t sleep in coffins, I mean I would like one, but…
COUNT TIM: Some people do, some people don’t, you know, it’s all personal preferences.
COUNTESS LEA: Yes. COUNTESS LEA: It’s part of who I am, it’s part of who we are, and it’s a very prominent
part of our lives, and I love every second of it, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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  1. Well…..that happened. Yep. She's only with him for his blood. Don't fall asleep at their place. At 4:20 she's higher than a witch on a broomstick. Blood does NOT taste like chocolate but iron and metals. If you bite your own lip or the inside of your mouth and you taste chocolate, you should probably get tested.

  2. This is sick & disgusting…are they for real?? cuz if they are they've got some serious psychological issues.. and this is what happens when you watch too much vampire diaries..??

  3. So energy exchange ….where do they get their energy where it isn't being depleted all the time? Bucket of blood just going into another bucket and exchanging the same energy…no?

  4. Wow this is not normal this is gross and weird u actually have each other's blood yeah if it was fake blood yeah but this is super weird your not watching vampire diaries anymore

  5. The sun hurts because you obviously don’t go outside much ? this is fuckn ?. Plus how can u trust a person enough to drink their blood. Hell to da naw to da naw naw?

  6. Most of us vampires don't slice each other up, that's super unsanitary. We usually use a few pokes from a lancet and suck on our donor's finger. 🙂

  7. If u are vampire how do you look on photos….????lol

    And i think did he drink her virgim blood…like eww

  8. one question:They are just canibal right…? not real vampires = Canibal means a person who eats humans.. I kind of have vampire teeths But i eat normal food like humans._.

  9. I have teeth that are higher than the rest, I call them my fangs. People say that makes me look like a vampire, but if anything I'd be a fruit bat

  10. How are you allowed to give yourselves titles such as Count and Countess.
    I think the instant feelings you describe may be a placebo effect.

  11. All I can think about is The grim adventures of billy and mandy where Dracula explains vampires don't suck they "scratch and lick"

  12. How this Dumbass feeds is through sexuality he absorbs it through his skin, I think from the size of his big gut he may need to look into diet sexuality, or find another woman with less calories.

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