Rep. Allen West: Gay Marriage Not Important

Rep. Allen West: Gay Marriage Not Important

and alittle less has been mentioned by
some psychotic people as a possible v_p_ candidate uh… set up a lesbian maybe pushing m on which haven’t planted is alan west
uh… creek a decent uh… vice presidential
candidate well probably on the same planet where you see russia premier
house if you live in the last uh… so uh… he’s gonna get asked about this
is of course congressman for florida uh… and apparently he also does not
like the part of other issues the wondrous eritrea like some let’s watch gay marriage a big issue at bottom line do you think
it’s something that the federal government should make a decision on i think that when you look at who is
destroying our marriage certificate so i think it’s a space issue but i think right now there are a lot of
people to try to take it out a a rabbit hole to discuss things that really not
that important notices from erica is fifteen point six trillion dollars away
are you saying asking him exactly like are you saying gay marriage is not
important i think if you call the american people
care a i don’t think they’re gonna bring update
marriage is one of the top concerns talented men still not a very good food
gas prices the gas prices with president obama came
into office was a dollar eighty four a great prices on average now over a
three dollar refund some people are very candid economic security an economic
security energy security and national security so i think the best thing the you could
do to help me and uh… about america list a focus on the face of the critical
for the american people writing and not try to create some type of situation try
to take me down to a rabbit hole no i’m not trying to get out on time at the you know i like that millions of gay
americans i’m just and just i’m just laying out the facts are useful to have
a record today here is a hair-raising is concerned i felt a parent today should
be concerned about the four years of trillion-dollar deficit that we have had
in the federal government sushi at somebody americans is on we
were memorable interested anyway look uh… i’d love to the part where he
said in the middle there let me just about sweet and help me by
asking about desperate poppy i guess i would be the best i
could help you but that’s not my spot was an interview but that’s not what i was positive that
he’s right to say that i think more americans are concerned about gas price
an economic issues and they are right the marriage so secure is that his party’s also
always the one bring it up and say all my god this is an important issue of
values in values or more important than any other stp but you know what even if it’s not the
most important issue even if you give that to it is still a very important issue for
you know you’re being considered for a vp choices of iran the really as but at
least as i can say shit even if you’re just a congressman from florida is that a legitimate issue that you can
answer honestly rats of course just an alibi for uart opt out you know
he’s always talking about how he saw a big income from raw foods so what what do you run away from issue
for tell us your real opinion which one is that and if you’re just imagine what don’t tell me they run away from that
values issue that values are important to go unanswered all of your four gay
marriage great answer about what or your power one wonders you’re not a small politicians arm see what people’s rallies beliefs are
and where the leading with majority polls republicans lots and say that’s not what america can you believe
the american to believe what i’m saying they believe this is ignoring everything
to actually saying in a moment gay americans are not concerned allowed
demands the americans are concerned about the deficit in the story friends and a group or
murder the israeli like in here near record and it really
sorry writer like you know what let me tell you something we’re really a
set of my skin is a deficit no-man’s kate aren’t there is a gamer
miseries are robust all this is our standard as a reserve
other devastated if the uh… love other partner one e
imag is the dabs of their top issue why would be surprised and it’s it’s not to say that these
other issues are monumentally important but it’s like that the same trick that they’re using
with uh… that with what mister issues where they
don’t care about gas prices yet they are sick after writer taken
away it’s not exclusive it’s like well i
think if you want your more by gas prices and gay rights so i went i’m more for gay people and he says if you’re not even that i
guess first you’re the one per day being the speculators that had sixty five that are six pipes
on the market and that i had a aidid technician on
this yesterday on the show eighty dollars and forty cents every time we will probably take a
perspective it is formed no reason so you know what gay americans will also be pressed about

100 Replies to “Rep. Allen West: Gay Marriage Not Important”

  1. so why don't they actually do something about it.. i mean the repugllicans control the houses, they could do some mean legislating and get stuff done.. but instead they're too busy trying to give their rich buddies tax breaks and dismantling all our social safety nets.. medicare, social security, food stamps.. if you're a billionaire in this country the republicans are the party for you…

  2. Social security and medicare contribute to the national debt. Next to the occupation expenses, they're the biggest taxpayer wastes. Medicare takes money from our defense and security, roads, schools, research, and industries and gives it to elderly people who could buy insurance and medicine otherwise if the government got rid of crippling regulations.

  3. I did know that actually, I've been explaining that marriage is the least of LGBT legal problems. Having to hide your attractions and/or relationships, living in fear you'll be evicted, sacked and turned away by homeless charities if people find out about them, IS discrimination, as if straight you wouldn't have to. As gays can be legally discriminated against, major blackmail can occur if anyone knows. Religion isn't an 'obvious, immutable characteristic' yet is covered by the Civil Rights Act.

  4. Conservatives don't EVER bring up gay marraige. You idiots bring it up. Questioning West's toughness. Who is taking anyones rights. These guys are children.

  5. @ebunrandall we don't all have babies in test tubes, that is a ridiculous point..lots of us have them the old fashioned my point stands..furthermore how a child gets here is irrelevant, theykre here and shouldn't be discriminated against just because you don't approve of their parents…

  6. @ledgendgoku1 whether you're a christian or not is irrelevant.. this is secular society not a theocracy, we shouldn't be making laws according to your beliefs..and to the 10 million people who identify as gay and lesbian, and who have families , it's very important…

  7. @MegaAstrodude social secuity medicare are programs we pay into.. these are not freebie programs that the gov't is paying for.. we're paying for them..if the govt wants to diminish the national debt, they should tax more fairly accross the boards.. we have multi dollar corps paying next to nothing on taxes because of loopholes and tax breaks, which we the middle class are paying for, so dont give me that crap about national debt..

  8. They may be menial for you, but you have the choice to opt in or out. We don't have the option of getting those "menial" rights.

  9. @KMANWEBER the only ones talking about gay marriage so far have been the conservatives. almost every republican candidate signed noms' pledge to fight against it.. we didn't start this war…

  10. @wfmkk the basic civil right of "all" citizens. no matter what you do in the sack…specific sexual acts, that by the way heterosexual couples also practice are not mentioned.. now you're really reaching..

  11. @wfmkk not true. within the last year and a half 6 courts have struck down doma and prop 8 as unconstitional and discriminatory towards gay and lesbians..tell me something, what exactly have gays done to you personally thats causing you to spew so much hate and animus towards us..why would usgetting married destroy your way of life…

  12. The $1.84 gas prices when Obama took office were a fluke, they were that low for maybe two months. When Bush took office on the other hand, gas had been under $1.50 since the invention of the automobile, and then they skyrocketed up to almost $4.50 a gallon by 2008, and other than said fluke they've never really gone under $2.20 for any serious length of time, and probably never will again (good, fuck everyone who drives an SUV or other sort of penis compensation-mobile).

  13. like I said before…if gay marriage should be left up to the states, why is there the DOMA? you need a brain cell transplant.

  14. Yes, my entire point is that the FCRA doesn't cover LGBTs, and that that is the real problem. The 'liability' argument would fail in a court of law simply because it isn't true. Gangs of LGBTs don't assault people for being straight, it's the other way round. LGBTs never passed laws punishing straight sex with hard labour, castration, torture or execution, it's the other way round. LGBTs didn't put men in Nazi concentration camps for being straight; other way round. Who's the liability?

  15. Wouldn't we be assuming gays are really concerned about marriage rights as well, and politican create in them "Gays should be able to get married" when it was far from their mind?(theres another corner of this table you know)

  16. I LOVE Allen West! Calling out closet commies and standing up against gays is something more good Americans need to do.

  17. Cruising is worse than the torture, medical abuse, hard labour, execution, assault, eviction, sacking by straights? Worse than the Allies taking decades to admit there were men in concentration camps for being gay and that they re-imprisoned them when they found them? Gays cruise when afraid to use hotels or take people home in case they're seen and outed by anyone they know. What makes the idea of being outed so scary? Straights. (Who ALSO have sex in public, but for thrills, not fear.)

  18. Speaking of not liking to talk about the issues. All you seem to do on your channel is throw insults instead of giving well thought-out arguments.

  19. You can tell Allen West is the douche bag of the worst kind. The way he absolutely refused to let that reporter finish her question, kept babbling on and on… what a shit bag.

  20. Young Turks, your a liar and idiot. Sarah Palin never stated "I can see Russia from Alaska". It was said by Tina Fay on SNL.

  21. Excellent points all with case citations, just love it. I thought I was the only informed sane person here rebutting these brainwashed propaganda Libs.

    "Liberalism is a mental illness"- Michael Savage

  22. This man (the commentator in this video) is also another commie, repeating commie talking points coming out of the commie Democrat party. Allen West is, of course, right, EVERY American should be more concerned about the runaway debt this president has incurred to ENSLAVE every one of us. There is a purpose to this debt and it ain't to ensure we are all equal and free….just the opposite. WAKE UP people.

  23. As to marriage being a right, yes that is true. And, every American CAN get married in this country. YES, EVERY AMERICAN CAN MARRY ALREADY. The point is, what IS marriage. Is it between a man and his dog? NO. Is it between a woman and her favorite purse? NO. Marriage is between a man and a woman, the purpose of which is to PROCREATE and to ensure a STABLE family life for the wonderful blessings of marriage…..CHILDREN! I just don't know what people don't get about the definition of this word.

  24. Allen West speaks the truth, as usual. The crumbling economy is more important than gay marriage. So is abortion, I care more personally about a genocide against babies than who gets to marry who.

  25. Jesus is not even a realistic choice as he is dead 1'st off. BTW way Jesus was Israeli, which is not america also.

  26. This addresses a big concern of the future of America. It is people like Allen West who only want to address big issues but not all other issues. As a Representative it is your jobs to respect and discusses all issues within your constituency, not just the issues that you believe are important. This why since 2010 congressional elections less productive bills have been pass or bill which will help the US grow as a nation. This can also reflect the most recent disapproval rating of congress.

  27. Would gay marriage be truely beneficial to the American populous right now?Should it be THE target issue at say, Occupy?Lets be for real,we would be crazy to put that in front of gas prices, tax cuts, tuition,and employment.I'd just love to be sitting at home with my car on E,unable to pay my tuition,watching how two chicks or two dudes are able to get married(sarcasm),like that's a huge step,it happened in Rome,and we saw what that was about.

  28. And I'm sure there were more pressing issues when women and black people demanded equality as well – that's not a valid excuse. The obvious way to fix the US economy would be to cut military expenditure – halving the budget would bring the US in line with EU spending relative to GDP (it would still be over 500% higher in real terms and way more than ANY other country) and save over $350bn. I don't give a shit if you oppose gay marriage but don't try to claim that you're doing it for the economy.

  29. I don't oppose it,but it's not the same thing as sex and race,and I don't understand how that will solve our most important issues,because if it did,I guarantee that the straight American people would me marching for that,if it's really that important do what the Mormons do,start your own community and get married anyway,so we can move on.I want to legally have multiple wives,and I have women willing to do it, do you see me saying that's more important than whats going on?No,because it's not.

  30. only that marriage isn't "fundamental to our very existence and survival" (anymore at least) because people don't need to be married to have kids and a family. The definition of marriage was changed by straight people and gays just figured that the current form/purpose of marriage is one that should include them as well… stop trying to hide behind quotes

  31. Let's ban marriage for people that can't have children then. If that's the reasoning behind marriage then it's pointless for those people to join something that promotes reproduction. PS. saying that you've heard this argument before doesn't make it any less valid. You are desperately trying to cling onto some sort of reasoning as to why gays should not get married, because you feel it in your gut that it's wrong. I was like that but realized that I needed some self-reflection. Try & do the same

  32. The purpose of marriage is NOT to procreate. It's arguably not even the main reason. It could be one of the reasons but other reasons include financial convenience and love. Otherwise infertile people wouldn't be able to get married. If you want to talk about things ruining the sacred institution of marriage why not focus on Kim Kardashian instead of some gay dudes who just wants the benefits and rights coming with a marriage license.

  33. Oh really now?Love has nothing to do with it?How about straight couples that can't have children? They in your opinion shouldn't be allowed to be marred then.
    An animal and an inanimate object don't have the mental capacity to consent therefore marriage with them shouldn't be permitted.Two or more consenting adults who love each other should be able to get married if they so choose.

  34. lol allen west is a idiot. This guy seems to me to be a neo-nazi republican. allen west is just another timothy mcveigh America hating fascist republican.

  35. Believe it or not, we can deal with more than one issue at once, allan west. I certainly hope you are capable of doing so, otherwise how the hell was anyone stupid enough to elect you to congress?

    Also what the hell is "leading people down a rabbit hole"? Asking you a question you don't want to ****ing answer? No that's a key part of journalism, you stupid twit. The fact that Republican would consider this clown a VP candidate is telling.

  36. You anchor fake, are the coward and on top of that you are a boring idiot. That's the last time i will ever see any video by you. What a joke. What a waste of time.

  37. Allan West is on the same planet that elected a community organizer who had never led anything in his life and even his vice president said that he would have to learn on the job. Who Hillary Clinton said would not be able to make the tough calls boy they were right but yet we as a nation elected Obama….lol The audacity to think that a war vet is less qualified than a 1 term senator who spent most of his time running for president…

  38. Mr. West is correct. For the majority of American people, gay marriage is really not an issue. It certainly is not for me. I really don't care whether they marry or not, nor would my decision to vote for a person have to do with whether they are pro or con gay marriage. I believe it is a state issue. States are the ones that issue marriage licenses. It is this question the reason that CNN is doing lousy in the ratings. My concerns are jobs, the debt and the economy. Gay marriage would be last.

  39. Don't call me a right wing extremist, I am far from that. I've never listened to Limbaugh, and know very little about West, but I am beginning to get to know West a bit more, and I like him. And the issue here is not whether West supports
    gay marriage, the issue is that he does not see it to be an important issue with all the hardship facing Americans today. Again, I don't care whether gays marry or not. It's not at the top of my list, and that does not make me a hate monger, you ignorant fool.

  40. You are a scum bag,you call this war veteran a coward while you are a spineless uneducated liberal trashbag. he answered the question. "I beleive it is a state issue."

  41. Wish he'd just fucking shut up and let her talk. Gay rights are important. Fuck him for trying to weasel his way out of answering the damn question.

  42. While people on a whole might be more concerned with jobs and gas prices, the economy is a tough situation with not a whole lot of super obvious answers for most people. Gay marriage is an easy issue to solve to everyone who's not a religious zealot.

  43. Republicans don't bring up gay marriage you dope. They support don't ask don't tell, they don't support gay marriage but civil unions which is a fair compromise. The left keeps bringing up these divisive issues to take away from the fact they have been abysmal on economic policy.

  44. He did answer her. They're just upset that he didn't give them a thread to pull on so they can demonize him and roast him on stage. What a liberal cesspool of a media that we have.

  45. Liberal people on CNN sound so idiotic/ foolish. Cornel Allen West is a true American and I hope he in consideration for V.P.

  46. At one time whether or not to own a man was a state issue, or if women could vote or blacks ride the bus. West is a dumbass in a long line of dumbasses when it comes to letting people of all types be equal you dont put it to a vote because some red states are full of dumbasses

  47. Gay marriage is WRONG and ALWAYS was. So shove it!

    Maybe you should suggest to the gay community they go live in Iran or Saudi Arabia, because maybe their sexual orientation would be accepted a lot faster over there.

    God bless the concept of mother, father, and family! And if THAT seems revolutionary for you, God help you 🙂

    MARRIAGE = 1 man 1 woman!

  48. I'm a democrat but Alen West is 100% right. I wish the mdia would stop demonizing him. I actually didn't vote in this election since Obama now supports gay marriage.

  49. then ur not a democrat lekes – the platform protects the disenfranchised, so change parties or get with the program

  50. i'll never change parties. i dont need to believe in 100% of the democratic platform. i also am pro guns and anto marriage but card carrying democratic, allen west is spot on in this interview.

  51. Malarkey – to say gay marriage is wrong is simply to be out of step with history. It's not any different than a time when interracial relations were considered "unnatural" because blacks were regarded as not fully human. Homosexuality exists in nature, throughout nature – insects, mammals, fish – so it is not "unnatural" as some would presume. Love is love, and no two adults who love are hurting another. Hatred, though, hurts people.

  52. Also, malarkey, ur comment on gays living in Iran, etc., is absurd. If a woman in these countries walks unaccompanied by a man she can be punished. The beauty of this country is its freedom. Ur interpretation of marriage is strange. Family is a construct. Children used to be wanted as future employees of the family. "Natural, familial love" was not the thing we have sentimentalized it to be today. You need to read more books, Malarkey

  53. what century do you live in, asswipe? you sound so dumb with your antiquated equation (look up "antiquated in the dictionary – it'll help your mind to grow, even for a 2-digit IQ like you). You sound like a woman abuser – are you? and you're probably proud of it. i hope you never have a gay child, poor guy or girl!

  54. What world are YOU living in is the better question? When has the world EVER benefited from gay marriage? Answer –> NEVER

    MARRIAGE = 1 MAN 1 WOMAN, if you don't like that, kiss my ass! God bless the concept of mother, father, and family, let alone the CIVILiZED world! FUCK gay marriage dipshit! HAHAHAHA

  55. This is why I will continue to be against same sex marriage because of the HYPOCRISY and fallacious arguments these "couples" bring up

  56. too pussy and worried about being tapped out – so i'll concede the mat –

    but just take note that history is on my side really – minds are opening and outdated religious views are being subsumed to more enlightened perspectives. spirituality is overtaking religion, an opening up –

    lennon once said, "if you don't change with the music, the music will change without you." the same might be said of gay marriage, gay couples adopting and the like – just an fyi mala.

  57. p.s. – even the military's policy has changed – and if there is one stringent and conservative, unchanging institution, it is the military, so you need to take a look at that. military is generally the very last thing to change to new social policy (as it once kept soldiers ethnically segregated believing it would damage the morale of soldiers – strange but true)

  58. Morons like you really need to shut the fuck up you are not doing any service to your religion by the stupid hateful way imbeciles like you ALWAYS act. Way to be a hypocrite dude im guessing you intentionally IGNORED the love thy neighbor verse…fucking fail troll. 😛

  59. im so sick of these ppl that blatantly lie on TV – When Pres. Obama came to the office the gas price was $1.80?!?! does he think ppl were born yesterday? i clearly remember the gas price hitting almost $4-5 when Bush decided to invade the middle east! It was during BUSH that the gas price skyrocketed! Definitely think Obama should do more to control gas price but it is a total lie that the gas price was $1.80 when Obama took the office!! this is why i hate the News = full of lies and propaganda

  60. i'm supporter of gay marriage but i have to say….I do agree that current failing US economy situation is probably much more serious and urgent issue that needs to be dealt with. that being said though, the interviewer asked a simple question, he totally could've said his opinion about the importance of the economy vs. gay rights but it was definitely cowardly of him not to just let out his view on gay marriage. why hide it?? just fking say it if ur against it and let it out?

  61. actually more people then one would think are not ok with gay marriage but say that they are so people will like them or in some cases vote for them.

  62. Actually (@1:10 to 1:20) Gas prices were 4.00+ per gallon nationwide in the summer of 2008!!! Bush was president and for most of his time in office they were over 2.00 to 2.50+. When obama was elected they dropped to below 2.00 january 2009! i love how right wingers love to say this and think people are actually that dumb to fall for this edited history sound bite.

  63. He answered the question right off the bat. "…who issues the marriage license. I think it's a state issue."

  64. whos idea was it to have the governmment decide who can and cant get married? bad idea. if you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, go ahead. who cares what obama or west or washington or your state or you county or city or neighbors or even you family think? or what a piece of paper or stamp or book or religion says?

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