Rolling Sky – Birthday Party Bonus 29 [OFFICIAL]

Rolling Sky – Birthday Party Bonus 29 [OFFICIAL]

Rolling Sky – Birthday Party Bonus 29 [OFFICIAL] by Tuan Nguyen

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  1. 1. This is a 4-star level
    2. This level is between Sci-tech and Tetris
    3. This level takes 3 keys to unlock.
    4. Becoming a core Rolling Sky Discord member to get the latest packages, as always:

  2. Birthday Party: Happy Birthday Rolling Sky!
    The 4th Anniversary: Yey!!!!
    Happy Birthday: Your bonus so fun!
    Anniversary: I agree!
    The 4th Anniversary: Thanks! Now we will challenge RS players!

    Laser: I wish if Ignite was here… He'll be happy 🙁
    Faded: Yeah :/

  3. World cup music has the Unlock the future sound at last
    Anyway, I love this level, Ignite, Faded( for anyone to try when they don't have Fade level) ,VR Fairyland, and World cup theme!

    P.s.: it is so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Predictions correct:
    Name: Birthday Party (Right but I cheated but I’ll let it slide)
    Gems: 10 (Wrong)
    Crowns: Yes (Right)
    Hidden Boxes: Yes (Wrong)
    Placement: Volcano, Birthday Party, City (Wrong)
    Stars: 4 (Right)
    Themes: Birthday Party, The 4th Anniversary, Dynamic Cube, Naval Battle, Digital Matrix (2/5 Right)
    Total: 5/11 Right

  5. This is really a World Cup remix: the song and the last crown LOL
    Ps.: I thought it was gonna be a 5-star level

  6. If you want all rs musics I have I playlist and thx to Cr1s7opher to help me with this playlist I just add the new music birthday party

  7. Aha yeah great level, but again the song lacks of creativity and it's essentially what makes Rolling Sky, Rolling Sky. Anyway good video…

  8. Ok I'm clearly not playing Oracle but I CALLED IT OUT 😄😄😄THAT IS AMAZING!!! I honestly did not know it was gonna be that I just can't believe it. I do apologize if anyone thinks I'm bragging but I'm just suprised I guessed the nane and difficulty right I don't think that has ever happened before

  9. 0:50 is where camera rotated– The 4th anniversary had 2 remix of other levels, this level had a remix of world cup

  10. Classic themes:
    Happy birthday
    The Spectra remix
    The 4th anniversary
    And Now… Birthday Party

  11. The two crowns in which it is easier to get the crown than not – meaning of you do not get the crown, 99.999% of the time you’ll die

    Lost City Crown 2
    Birthday Party Crown 3

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