100 Replies to “Russell Westbrook TOP 28 Dunks To Celebrate His 28th Birthday!”

  1. I bet im not the only one who saw westbrook stick out his middle finger of his left hand during his dunk in #20

  2. Where is the Memphis dunk? Those final three steps he takes, I've never seen a human move that fast. Not even in the olympics.

  3. this dude only does sledge hammers and mountain destroyers lolol, he dunks with so much anger, and the way he flies so hard to the rim, if you go there you will be flattened

  4. Basketball Ring be like: sigh uhhhh
    Me: hey Mr. Ring hey please talk
    Basketball Ring : ouch ouch it hurts
    Me: Why?
    Basketball Ring: I got murdered
    Me:Who murdered you?
    Basketball Ring: Russell Beastbrook

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