Russian Students Celebrate The Students Day – Saint Tatyana’s Day – With Festivities & Celebrations

Russian Students Celebrate The Students Day – Saint Tatyana’s Day – With Festivities & Celebrations

Large-scale celebrations are unfolding the day before the holiday in the very center of the capital. Moscow began to celebrate their favorite youth and student holiday – St. Tatyana’s Day. Eminent athletes took participation with students and started with the student’s sports night at Red Square. Yulia Perfenyk reports Future doctors, teachers, lawyers are celebrating one of the biggest student’s holidays – St Tatyana Day. The end of the session marks the beginning of the winter holidays. It is a deserved vacation, but here you can count only on yourself and your physical form. Hold the puck to there and back as fast as possible, faster than the opponent. Neither snow nor wind stops them because the prize treasured for the student is at stake. A in a grade book! We did a maximum of effort, we trained and I think we deservedly won. Relay batches are taken across the whole country in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Kazan. This year the project takes place in eight cities. Let this tradition lasts for many years to come and give an opportunity to students to be together and feel the joy, and do sports. Not everyone ice skates with confidence, and while some participate in competitions others hone skills in the company of professional athletes. They play for the win but still, the students do not forget cheering each other up. Everyone gets “Tatyanka”. This is Tatyanka, the girl that was always understanding students and will continue doing so. It is just the beginning of the holiday. It will get even more cheerful.

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  1. Tatiana Day (Russian: Татьянин день, Tatyanin den'), also known as Tatyana's Day or Students Day, is named after Saint Tatiana. Tatiana Day has come to be celebrated as Students Day in countries of the former Russian empire. The observance has a long tradition of festive activities and celebrations. Although originating in Moscow, St. Tatiana's Day celebrations have spread to most university towns. Tatiana Day also coincides with the end of the first term of the traditional academic year.
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  2. Proud of My President Putin and his Governing Systems, Great Motherland Russia and my brothers and sisters. Russia, Russia, Russia.

  3. Much respect and love to the Holy Saint Tatyana, to our beloved and beautiful fellow Christian believers and to the beautiful and pure mother Russia, Ameen❣️

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