26 Replies to “Sachin Tendulkar’s Car Collection”

  1. He sold his Ferrari to some bizman in gujrat…coz he dint want to pay excise & custom duty charges for the gift he never wanted, aftrerall it was his gift he could have flushed it or burnt it out… if world can accept Clinton as a president then its THE SACHIN TENDULKAR.. the worlds greatest batsman..

  2. in this poor country where people has no job ,people are Starving for food and see him so off expensive car and smiling shame shame.

  3. Kya Sachin Sachin laga rakha h usne. Paisa kamaya wo tereko kya de raha h. Sab apne liye kamatey h.

    Tere jese chootiye dusro k chamche baney rahenge, chootia sala

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