Sadhguru Shuts up Rude and arrogant Nalsar Students..

Sadhguru Shuts up Rude and arrogant Nalsar Students..

Questioner: So, Sadhguru we have two questions. Sadhguru: One at a time, I am a simple guy. Questioner: Yeah, so first I’ll ask and
then one more. So firstly (Laughter), you said that from
your years of practice and looking at people, you can just look at somebody and tell their
past, present and future. Now we’d really appreciate it if you could
look at me and tell my past and present (Cheering/Applause), anything (Sadhguru Laughs). Sadhguru: No, I am not an astrologer for you. Questioner: Astrologer would be somebody who
sees the future, I am asking you only to see the past and tell me. Sadhguru: No, no, astrologers also talk about
the past to get the market oriented, all right? I am not in that profession. Questioner: So sir when you say you are a mystic, what exactly do you mean? When your first answer to his question about
first impressions was, that you can see the past and the present while all of us, most
of us here wouldn’t be able to do the same thing. So then fulfill his claim that you can tell
us about his… about his past or his present but not withstanding that, my question is
different, my question is that you are… you’ve spoken about how you believe that
like we must live in harmony with nature etcetera. You told us that we’ve come here and we’ve
taken over the land, which belong to snakes. Sadhguru: No, that is true everywhere. Questioner: Correct, correct. Taking you to the question that… Moderator: Just… I am sorry to stop you. Sir, in case you are not comfortable answering,
then… Sadhguru: No, no, I am okay with any question,
it’s all right! Questioner (Ankita): A lot of the infrastructure… Sadhguru: Just make the question smaller and
more… Questioner (Ankita): Yeah, thirty seconds. A lot of the infrastructure of…
Sadhguru: Thirty seconds is a long question, five seconds. Questioner (Ankita): Twenty… Twenty seconds, twenty seconds. A lot of the infrastructure of the Isha Foundation
has been built on elephant corridors… Sadhguru: Oh! Really? Questioner(Ankita): …something which both
the National Green Tribunal as well as the High Courts have admitted to without the requisite
permissions. We tell you, this goes against the rule of
law which you stand for, this goes against living in harmony with species… some…
both of which you’ve spoken right here at Nalsar. So if you could clarify regarding that (Applause). Sadhguru: (Laughs) okay. There is a… There is a fan following for that also. So right now, all of you, those of you who
are clapping and screaming, listen to me, you also ma’am, what’s your name? Hmm? Questioner (Ankita): Ankita. Sadhguru: Sanchita. Participant: Ankita. Sadhguru: Ankita. Okay. Now we’ll do one thing, I don’t know what
authority you have to say it’s a elephant corridor. Listen, listen, listen, let me finish. The state forest departments clearly has submitted
to the High Court that this is not a elephant corridor. The Wildlife Trust of India has given a clear
directive to the NGT that it’s not a elephant corridor, the World Wildlife Fund says that
it’s not a elephant corridor but you say it’s a elephant corridor, I don’t know
what’s your relationship with the elephants (Few laugh), okay? If you do not understand, right now we’ve
put up the map published by the Wildlife Trust of India as to which are the elephant corridors
and which are not. And elephant corridor is not anywhere in hundred
kilometers of where we… where we are. You can go look up the map today. Now, you can open up your cellphone and look
it up now. So, being in a legal profession you’re going to get into, first you must get your facts
right, all right (Applause)? And… well, I know where this is coming from,
there are some activists who are going on publishing this endlessly, you are reading
that social media trash and you’re coming to conclusions. Anyway, I want you to know, today if I want,
by tomorrow evening I can file hundred cases against you, all kinds of things. It’s for you to come out of it in the next
twenty years. This is the country you are living in, I want
you to know. So, it doesn’t matter, I will tell you further,
for continuously I have been accused of razing a rainforest. Which is that rainforest, where was it? Please show it to me. There is no such forests, so they’ve kept
quiet now because I asked these questions. Then they said we have occupied forest lands. Well, Forest Department has dispo… you know
senior forest officers from not only Tamil Nadu, from the center came and surveyed the
place and said not a little bit of encroachment has happened but people keep writing the same
thing. Now I am asking you, if you are really interested
in justice, you and your friends who are clapping for everything, I will ask you to come, ten,
fifteen of you come with cameras, I will give you all the maps, sa… survey maps and revenue
maps and forest maps, you walk across. We’ll give you total freedom to do the survey,
as you want, all right? If… If one inch – not one acre – one inch of forest
land is taken, I’ve said this yesterday also, day before yesterday also because (Laughs)
I am surprised the same question is being asked, I will leave the country, you will
not see me again. Is this good enough? Will you do it? Interviewer: So, we’ll leave one final question, Sadhguru… Sadhguru: No, no, let me finish this, hmm? This is a charge, this is not a question. Now, if one little bit is taken, forest land,
you will never see me again, you will never hear me again, okay? I’ll be gone. Interviewer: Okay. Sadhguru: Hey wait, wait (Few laugh). I will tell you, the kind of activism that
is happening there, why… I’m… I’m sure many of you may be associated with
this, I’m saying this on camera, it can be published, I don’t care what, because
I’ve reached a point where death… death threats are every day from these kind of people. Why all this is happening is, we are at the
tri-junction of the three state borders. There are certain people who want to be active
in the forests in that area and we’ve become a big problem for them. They want us ousted from there, that’s not
going to happen in their lifetime. Because it’s not just for our interest,
I want to make sure such activity doesn’t happen in the forest. And we have fought for this, so we’re getting
all this flack. And for every little thing without knowing
facts, being future lawyers you must have little more facts on your hand. This is not the way to go to a court, you
know? This is not the way to go to a court. You must go with facts. If you are not looking at being a lawyer as
just as a business but as a way of serving people and bringing justice to people, this
is not the way to go. I will tell you further. You’ve seen the image of Adiyogi? Yes. A whole campaign has been made, they showed
images of some forest and how it was… entire thing was razed to put-up Adiyogi statue. So we put out the Google maps. Before we bought the land, how it was, how
it is today. Today there’s technology, you can’t go
on lying forever. Once we put up the Google maps they became
quiet. So, Google maps are of 2006, they said before
that there was a forest. So I said, “Do one thing, from 1960s, okay,
or before I was born, 1940s, you take the revenue map. I will give you all the survey numbers in
which we are, see what were the crops which are grown, for what taxes people have paid. Revenue records are there, Google maps are
there, you can’t be just lying to yourself endlessly.” And I will tell you how much prejudice is
there, a certain group of people with government officials and the collector comes to visit
the Adiyogi statue. One official, not a low level official, a
mid-level official, says, “They have built a factory shed without permission.” So collector asked, “Where is the factory
shed?” He points at Adiyogi and says, “This is
the factory shed.” He is surprised, “Is this a factory shed
you are saying? This is a monument, they’ve taken permission
for a monument.” “No, no, in my opinion this is a factory
shed. Inside there are metal members and outside
there is a metal skin, so it is a factory shed.” Tell me who will call the image of – if there
is a image of Adiyogi, can you put it up – who will call this a factory shed? Please look it up. Please look it up on the website, you look
at the Adiyogi, it is on the Guinness record for the largest face on the planet. And now somebody describes this as a factory
shed and wants to file a case on us. I want you to know who is this person who
calls Adiyogi a factory shed and what is the… what is the intention and what is the purpose
of such a comment. Who they are and what they are motiv… motivated
by, you must look at it, yes or know? Please look at it. And I’m telling you, the reason all this
has started is because of the tri-junction. One mistake we have done, if it is a mistake,
I don’t think it’s a mistake personally, but legally it’s a mistake is – they did
not give us a particular officer who was sitting. It’s… it’s all become religious in this
country. A particular officer who was sitting there,
does not give us a “No Objection” certificate even though we fulfill all the legalities,
for four-and-a-half years. Nothing happening – I said, “Go ahead
and build.” We had everything else, only one department
we don’t have “No Objection”. First, why the hell do you have… have an
objection when I’m investing and building infrastructure for this country and for the
people? What’s your problem? But they have a problem. “No Objection” certificate takes four-and-a-half
years, and they don’t give an explanation why they have an objection. There is not a single reply. So I said, “Go ahead and build.” So we built two buildings without that one
“No Objection”, using that they filed multiple cases on us. But now, the government has given us permission
for that also, it’s been regularized, they asked us to pay a penalty, we paid, and we
regularized all that. There’s not one illegal structure there
and we are not on the elephant corridor. Please get your facts checked properly (Applause). Interviewer: Okay, one last question, the
man in the blue shirt… Sadhguru: And now that you raised this question
– I must finish this – now that you raised this question, and you charged me with this,
if what you have said is not true, please go on the social media and say “I’ve been
talking rubbish without knowing what are the facts (Cheers & Applause).”

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  1. I wish ankita, read all the comments on her. Their familr aswell so that they can see how well their child is being educated and such good friends like joe she has.

  2. I wish ankita, read all the comments on her. Their familr aswell so that they can see how well their child is being educated and such good friends like joe she has.

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    This is totally shameful and shameless of Sathguru. If this man has any sense of integrity he shouls surrender this land to the state of Tamil Nadu . Please don't exploit Tamil Nadu

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