Separated At Birth 33 Years Ago, Identical Twins Meet For The First Time | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Separated At Birth 33 Years Ago, Identical Twins Meet For The First Time | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  1. As some one who is half of identical twins. l can't imagine not growing up with my twin sister, Margo. She's not just my twin sister, she's my best friend.

  2. Identical twins have pretty much the same soul. They are really just one egg that split in half. Due to electrical unseen energy in the air, the twins will do similar things. If one have the urge to something the same one energy will send that feeling and urge to do what the other did. When they first meet after years you will find out they have done and own are similar in so many ways. Two 60 year old twin males met a while back and it turned out that they use the exact same tooth paste and it's not even a toothpaste that the average person uses

  3. well they're not identical at all they don't even look alike the only thing that matches are their mouths and their eyes that's it

  4. her interviewing skills are questionable?? like sometimes she throws people off makes things uncomfortable

  5. I'm thinking the writing going across the bottom of the screen is what the the people
    on the screen were saying. Then I realized it's advertisements. How utterly stupid !!!

  6. We all have different personalities – if I had a twin and met them for the first time, it would be like meeting any other stranger for the first time. Blood and genetics does NOT make you family, and family is what can (not always) make us emotional after a long absence or first meeting. But I appreciate there are people who have different personalities than I do, and would be very emotional meeting their twin for the first time, probably due to some void, fantasy, etc. I have a few friends who are adopted and they all say, they have no interest in finding their biological "parents" – they have parents and are very happy with that. Of course, you can argue that medically it's good to know your biology/genes but that shouldn't be the only reason for wanting to find your biological "parents" unless it was a life-and-death situation.

  7. It’s 02:50 – I need to get off YouTube because I’ve BEEEN crying with these twin reunions, huh uh thanks bye

  8. Don’t call me stupid but why do they have different dates of birth? Just because they didn’t know?

  9. Ofcourse they have seen eachother before the "reveal". Otherwise they would have kept staring at each other to find similarities.
    Come on TODAY…stop the fake introductions. We're not fools!

  10. I'm a twin also. My twin and I used to be identical. We loved the same music, food and clothing. After being separated for 8 years we started to not look so much alike and now we don't like the same music, clothes or anything. Check us out on Facebook. mike j clippers and Rome J Green

  11. The English subtitles have nothing to do with what they are doing. It appears it was hacked or someone thought it was funny to just make up something completely different. Strange. Great video though 🙂

  12. I want a twin so bad!! My sister Jolee Jean died before I was born and my brother was already born before both of us (not lying) my step sisters Kylee,Cameron, and Brynn don’t get to see me anymore and Kylee is my age and I don’t get to see her anymore

  13. While I believe this kind of testing is a wonderful tool for this purpose, I get a weird vibe from the constant mentioning of 23&me. Is this sponsored? Also, isnt it a bit risky to have your genetic "footprint" in a giant dataset for potentially anyone to look up, with other purposes than finding long lost relatives. Maybe Ive read too many dystopian novels and thats why my hackles went up. Overthinking this.

  14. ok I swear I'm not lying, my teacher was the adoptive mother of kattie Bennett, i swear I'm not lying I don't want attention, but I'm actually serious mrs.bennett was my 4th grade teacher

  15. Social media at its best……I love how they giggle at the same time……and I just love to hear “happy stories” with “happy endings”. I cry at weddings/funerals and sad/happy stories, even Disney movies at 63 years old…….Thank you girls for sharing your story ??

  16. I was adopted and only recently been told that who they thought were my birth parents may not even be my birth parents …so now I'm going to ask them for a paternity test and do 23 and me

  17. This so deeply moved me. I lost a baby brother before I got to know him, and this just touched me. I started balling out crying out of no where. I hope he’s watching over me.

  18. Megyn Kelly is a horrendous interview. Please remove her from interviews that involve emotional and heavy content.

  19. And they both don´t like Donald Trump either, so maybe a few biljon other people are DNA related to them aswel

  20. Now why would almost 1000 people vote thumbs down !?
    They didn't like it that two sisters found each other. F ing idoits !!

  21. Question I have always had is why these people dont carry out reveals or meet ups in private.guess the are broke

  22. I have friends that are identical twins. My mother was taking a psychology course that required her to give some kind of personality test. There were no right/wrong answers. She pucks them for the test. After 200 questions the results were almost identical. My mother then did a comparison question for question, only 2 or 3 had different answers. Identical twins are deep.

  23. I have a twin sister and we're always together. I just can't imagine how my life would be like if we were separated. My twin was a bit sick when we were about 7-8 so we had to live separately in different countries for a few months while she was being cured. I was with our dad and she was with our mum. Those months were the hardest and every time I saw a plane flying over I thought she was in there. It was equally as hard for her as well. Every time she passed a toy store over there, she'd buy me something. She wouldn't even buy a toy for herself. We're now 27 and we get along so well. She has a 6 year old daughter whom I love so much and I always make sure I'm in her life as much as possible. We really live the best life! Being twins is a blessing from God

  24. That's wild. They're like a mirror image. One girl's left eye is lower than the right. And the other girl's right eye is lower than the left.

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