Seungjae & Daddy Yong’s chaotic surprise birthday party! [The Return of Superman/2017.11.05]

Seungjae & Daddy Yong’s chaotic surprise birthday party! [The Return of Superman/2017.11.05]

Ta-da. – What is it? / – Guess. Before you were born, when you were inside Mom, you were this big. You were like a pea. You were smaller than your nail. This is you. (Seungjae was as small as a pea.) – What else? / – More? You must have been on your stomach. That’s your butt. I see your pee-pee too. I’m serious. Pee-pee. – I’ll ask Mom. / – Yes, ask her later. Then what happened? This is when you were 37 weeks and 4 days. This is just before you were born. Do you know what we called you then? (Seungjae’s baby bump nickname) We called you Thumb. Guess why we picked that. From a long time ago, we used the word “thumb” to describe a beginning. Seungjae, that’s… Well, that’s right too. We wanted you to become the best. That’s why you were Thumb. Just like his nickname, Seungjae became the best to his parents. What were you doing in Mom’s belly? I was playing a dinosaur. The dinosaurs were swimming in the water. How? (Let’s travel back to being Thumb.) Were you swimming in Mom’s belly? Like a fish? Seungjae, did you like being inside Mom? – Yes. / – Really? Mom set the sheets for me. Did she set the sheets for you? – It was comfortable. / – Was it? She set down the sheets, so I got a pillow and held on tightly to a baby rabbit. – A baby rabbit? / – Yes. Were you friends since then? – Yes. / – Wow. You were like this until you came out like this. (Seungjae was born on October 6th, 2014.) It’s been six days since Thumb came out. He’s happy after eating. He’s playing with Dad. Gosh, you’re cute. (Seungjae was as big as a thumb,) (but now he’s a big boy.) – Then Seungjae came out? / – Yes. You were in there for 39 weeks and 4 days. – She incubated me like a hen. / – Yes, like a hen. A hen incubates her chicks. Was it like that? – You should be good to Mom, right? / – Yes. It’s your birthday, right? Mom became a mom that day too. I thought about it and it’s my wife’s third birthday as a mom. It would be nice to surprise her too. What is Mom’s favorite color? – Purple. / – Purple. It’s purple. I’m going to go buy a cake. You can go in and pick a flower she would like. – Okay. / – Here. Welcome. Hello. I’m here to buy flowers. Do you want flowers? Who are they for? – Mom. / – Your mom? – My mom likes purple. / – Purple? – Do you want me to pack this one? / – Yes. What color wrapping paper do you want? Black, please. Black. Is it a special day today? – It’s Mom’s birthday. / – It’s her birthday? – Shall we write a card? / – Yes. What should we write? Can you write? – Yes. / – Go ahead. – This is Mom. / – Mom. – This is Seungjae. / – Seungjae. I’m done. – Bye. / – Bye. – Dad. / – Did you buy it? – Hello. Thank you. / – I bought this. – This is Mom’s card. / – Did you get a card too? – She’ll be happy, right? / – Thank you. Let’s go. Seungjae, can you hear me? Over. Dad, can you hear me? Over. I can hear you. Over. Ko Seungjae, our mission’s name is “Surprise Mom”. Do you understand? Over. I got it. Over. Let’s make a path of flowers for her. (He’s so excited.) – It looks great, Dad. / – Isn’t it? Do I go in here? No. Let’s have Mom open this. (It’s a mysterious box instead of Seungjae.) I’ll go upstairs. You wait in the kitchen until she comes. Over. I’m downstairs. Over. Will their surprise party be successful? Call Mom. Over. Okay. Over. Go, Mr. Ko Jiyong! Hello? Hello. Are you coming soon? Very soon. I’m almost there. – Soon? / – Yes. How many minutes is that? Maybe 10 minutes? 5 to 10 minutes. – Drive safe. / – Okay. (What is Seungjae doing in the meantime?) (Swimming) (He’s swimming in flower petals.) Hey! (It’s ruined.) (Running) Come here. I’ll let it go since it’s your birthday. Seungjae, you have to sit here. When Mom gets home, – give her these flowers. / – Okay. Then you can tell me to go. Watch the door carefully. You drive me crazy. He rushes to fix the flower path. It’s not easy to do a surprise. I feel like I went through a drill. Dad! Dad! Dad, I love you! (He must feel sorry.) I love you too. I love you, Seungjae. I love you more! I love you more. (Kissing) Dad… What? Dad, buy me a lot of chocolates! (No wonder he was being sweet.) Ask Mom for that. Over. When is Mom coming? Over. Let’s see. (Focused) Yangim is back just in time. They should get ready. (Confused) What is this all of a sudden? (He doesn’t know she’s back.) – Seungjae, talk. / – What is this? – Seungjae, talk. / – What is this? Dad, go! – Seungjae, talk. / – What is this? Dad, go! (The surprise party ended in five seconds.) (He’s just excited to see his mom.) – What’s this? / – They’re flowers. – Flowers? / – Yes. (Seungjae, what’s wrong with you?) (The candles are not cooperating.) (Rushing) – What is this? / – Ta-da. You have no idea why we’re doing this. – It’s his birthday. / – Blow it. Just blow it. (I want to blow too.) I should have done three. (Blowing) – It’s his birthday, / – I know. but it’s also your fourth year as a mom. No, keep it on. Keep it on. I’m thankful. He knows. I’m glad he knows. He’s not very good at expressing himself. So I’m thankful. I’m giving you a flower because I love you. Thank you. It’s because you like purple. Did you know I like purple? What’s the name of this flower? Purple. Let’s see. What is that? It’s a letter for you. What did you write? – It says “Mom”. / – Did you write it? Did you write that? Yes, like this. I can just do it. Then I’ll give you a thumb up. – Thank you. / – Yes. There are many. What is that, Seungjae? (It’s a candy ring.) Oh, here it is. One. – Seven. / – Seven. – Buy. Green. / – Buy. It’s coming out. (They bought a candy ring.) – It’s Mom’s ring. / – It’s a ring. Mom will be happy. It’s a ring on this side and a candy on this side. (It fits perfectly.) Thank you. – It’s a huge ring. / – It’s a huge ring. Hold on, Mom. After trying it, are you giving it to me to eat? (He really took it right away.) Can’t you take it a little later? Mom, I’ll buy you a real ring later. You already have a ring. How can I buy more? I have 10 fingers. (There are 10?) Mom, take this later. Where should I take it to? To the department store, of course. What for? What can I do with this at the department store? You can eat food and buy toys too. Did you think this card was a credit card? If you write us cards, we’ll never starve, then. (It’s a magical card.) Thank you. This is – something I prepared. / – Mom. I was wondering what this was. Is that Seungjae? What do you think of when you think of Mom? Mom? A princess. – Am I a princess? / – Why? Because she’s pretty. Do you love Mom? I love her as much as the sky, the earth and animals. My goodness. As much as the earth and dinosaurs. I like dinosaurs. Dinosaurs? He loves you as much as dinosaurs. It’s the biggest compliment. I like dinosaurs and Mom. – Do you like her working? / – Yes. Really? Why? – She’s cool. / – Does she look cool? She’s super cool. What does she do? My mom works at a hospital! My mom cured three people! – Did I cure three people? / – How do you know that? Do you have anything to say to her? Mom! I love you! Thank you for loving me! I love Mom! Thank you. When did you film this? Good job, Seungjae. I love you, Mom. Having to leave him when he’s sick or when he asks me if I’m working tomorrow before he goes to sleep. I feel a little bad whenever I go to work. (It’s what working moms always worry about.) I’m thankful that my child understands. He understands why I have to go. I’m thankful.

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  1. This has to be the cutest thing ever.

    This proves there are men like jiyoung around so don’t settle for anyone but people who act like him and treat you like a princess and are so thoughtful ??? also I hope we all have children as thoughtful as seungjae

  2. Such an adorable kiddo… I keep watching his videos ??? Love the relationship between the father & son. Love from Assam…. ???

  3. Seungjea-ah why are you thoughtful and caring so happy that I get to know you
    You’re are the best #Seungjae
    You are the best gift that your parents glad to you in their lives ?

  4. i'm super late to this family but seungjae is so adorable & so sweet especially at his age ??? but did anyone notice seungjae put the ring pop into the fish bowl at 9:55 ???? he is too cute

  5. Seungjae was adorable from birth. His mom looks very grounded. I hope she receives all the love from her husbnd and child.

  6. If I was the mom, I'd cried from the moment I hear seungjae called me a princess ?
    she's such an amazing woman, wife n mother. I really like this family

  7. Did anyone realize Seungjae in the back dipping his candy ring in the fish bowl water at 9:53 ? And then him eating the candy later on??.

  8. Did anyone see Seungjae stick the rig in the fishbowl water and then lick it when his mom was watching the video?

  9. 9:53
    Peep the Seungjae dipping his candy ring into the fish bowl ???

    And back in his mouth it goes ??

  10. i was about to cry on seungjae's message to his mom when i suddenly saw him dipping his candy into the fish bowl hahahaha

  11. U know what ,in Karnataka , one of state of India… We call our father appa and Mother Amma …Korea and Kannada language is similar in this

  12. I was today years old when I found out that seungjae was born the day after my brother's birthday!! this is so cutee

  13. He is so cute, adorable, and smart.. Jiyong and her wife must be really lucky and proud to have a child like Seungjae ❤

  14. Awww..What a cute family ? .i really love sungjae. I want to have a child like him someday. Jiyong is cute too . The mother is so pretty ?

  15. i feel like jiyong intentionally asked seungjae how he felt about his mom working coz he knew that his wife is stressed n sad about always leaving their son at home n going to work

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