Sex with Animals Legal in 20+ States; Gay Marriage: 9 Medical Marijuana: 18

Sex with Animals Legal in 20+ States; Gay Marriage: 9 Medical Marijuana: 18

sex with a animals is basically a
verdict david’s sex love animals is basically legal in over twenty u_s_ states no gay
marriages only legal in nine states plus washington d_c_ medical marijuana only
legal in eighteen states in other words you can have sex with a animals in more than twenty u_s_ states but if you have a medical condition which would benefit from using a natural plant you can only have in eighteen states makes perfect sense that you think
perfectly logical if you have a a partner who happened to
be the same gender issue and you’ve been with them twenty years
unless you’re in one of nine key states or washington d_c_ you can’t marry them right to death but sex with animals that you can do it over twenty states
it’s much easier to legally have sex with a horse than it is to marry a
long-time partner of twenty years who happens to be the same gender rates do change daily fired on issue this will change some
would say it well but the gay marriage thing is very clear
and and leviticus wealth so with the sex animals think
without leviticus eighteen twenty three uh… do not have sexual relations with
an animal and defile yourself a woman must not present herself to an animal to
have sexual relations with that is a perversion you know there are some restrictions
like the animal can have been raped some states a sex with animals that specifically
forbidden but you can’t rate for the animal of course it’s very easy to prove
whether the animal with raped or not you just asked if they ask if it consented
or not they have an animal psychic yeah theaters report we have a problem in
this country ladies and gentlemen this is the case we have a decade deep problem and to quote mitra imbue gingrich we
need a fundamental paradigm shift in this country on gay marriage on sex and horses we we d need a data
syria’s reevaluation yes there’s a shocking but was put things into
perspective please put a horse sex into perspective we both believe that we’ve been ten years every state will have uh… mary’s purse and there are a lot
more close to it as cases they really run the show just
whiteside um… because it everybody’s republican it’s
gonna depend on a federal mandate of sorts and i just don’t know that we’re
gonna get that in the next ten years maybe not but individual states are moving in that
direction many states are what we’re gonna quickly reached the number of
where that’s that’s possible

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  1. Not that I don't agree, but there aren't a lot of people having sex with animals. Definitely not as many as gay marriage or marijuana. Therefore, wouldn't it be less likely that there would be a law against it? It's not like there's 20+ states that have actual laws in favoring animal sex. It just seems like a bit of a straw-man.

  2. you and marriage are two different things.two guys can have sex.and a human can't marry an animal.leave journalism to professionals on cbs,nbc and abc.the reason why you clowns are stuck on youtube is because all you do is take a video that real news organizations have invested time and money on,and you spend 3 minutes commenting on guys do nothing.i'm doing what you're doing now,commenting on a video.except i don't sit in front of a cheap computer and post a video on youtube

  3. These two morons are distorting the truth and being sensationalist. The law does not say u can have sex with animals. One more fake news program , Great that is what we needed, NOT!

  4. humans can have sex with animals, two gays can have sex, all legal. humans can't marry animals and gays can't get married. you're video is comparing apples to oranges and now that i realize that you are not professionals and really have no qualifications in the field of journalism, (which is why you guys have to put videos on youtube), i'm unsubscribing and watching more cnn. seriously, i hope you guys aren't doing this out of your parents basement or that would be to funny. ( . ) ( . )

  5. You're probably right about that. But I still think they'll approve it. By the way, I like the Maya Angelou quote on your channel.

  6. I believe in equal rights when it comes to marriage. But that comparison is silly. Gays can engage in sexual acts wtih one another. That is legal. But people cannot marry animals. The title is talking abotu two different things… sex and marriage.

  7. I'm pretty sure it is legal to have sex with animals in every state. I mean you can at least have heterosexual sex with a human in every state, I am sure.

  8. Also in Leviticus it says that shrimp and lobster are abominations that we must not eat because they have no fins. Citing that book (in particular) is a joke and a mockery of logic.

  9. Hhahaha just imagine the law written about this:

    "And so you can have sex with any animal, as long that this animal is not from the same sex as yours, or neither is a marijuana user"

  10. I actually think we will either have nationwide marriage equality in the next decade, or very close to it. With the massive shift going on in people's perception of the issue, it's looking pretty good. Even some social conservatives are currently saying that they have lost/are losing on this issue. What happens with the make-up of SCOTUS over the next few years will be very important.

  11. We'll see. Hopefully they take the Windsor v. United States case to strike down DOMA and classify us as a quasi-suspect class in need of protection from discrimination. That will be our best result. I don't know if they will completely legalize gay marriage across the country. And, thank you. 🙂

  12. Keep in mind that it used to be illegal for black and white people to marry fifty years ago until the Supreme Court stepped in and ruled it legal. Now anybody can marry anybody else regardless of their race. The Supreme Court will rule in favor of gay marriage, too, and anybody will be able to marry anybody else regardless of their gender.

  13. Obama will thankfully get to appoint at least one if not more new Justices to the Supreme Court during the next four years. Yay!

  14. Actually, no it isn't. Legality has the concequence of being punished by a governmental entity. A fat lady wearing daisy dukes will not get you punished by a governmental entity. Just because I openly bash Romney and you don't condone that doesn't put it in that gray area. If a person wants to fuck a dog, I may think they are gross, but I really don't care.

  15. Wait… so the bible quote specifically talks about women… does that mean woman on animal a no no, but man on animal ok? lol

  16. Animals can't say yes, and they can't say no, but they have fuckable orifices and are peoples' property. Just like fleshlights. We should be able to do as we please with them in all 50 states.

  17. Geez, i went in for a sec to look if that was true about his channel…. now how do i unwatch that ?
    ( i also think i threw up a little in my mouth..)

  18. Im sorry. I didn't know you wanted to fuck pigs so much. At least you should be happy knowing there are still states where its legal.
    BTW, where is this article?

  19. what? Is that some sort of insult towards stoners or gays? I'm sorry but if its an insult towards marriage equality then you are against the constitution, you know "Congress shall make no law abridging the rights and privileges of citizens" if it is a religious institution then petition the government to remove all legal benefits so then the church can exclude whomever they want.

  20. Did you see the video "Two Guys, One Horse"? The horse's penis was so long it actually killed the guy, went all the way up to his heart or something! Smart guy..not!

  21. All kinds of animals have mating seasons where they get all frisky and hump let let themselves be humped by almost anything. But generally .. yes, animals are not made to have sex with all the time so most of it would be rape.

  22. Not sure if its worse that people are not allowed to fuck animals or that they are allowed to keep them under horrible conditions just to kill them fast and make money off it. I think the laws regarding animal cruelty in food production is something much bigger than the sex thing.

  23. Great comparison. Shows you just how ridiculous some (or many) states are.
    I'd like to have listed those of the states that allow sex with animals, but not gay marriage and/or medical marijuana.

  24. Right, so people have actively forbade marriage between same sex couples, and have not actively forbade raping animals. And you're OK with this?

  25. Zoosexual activity (bestiality) is officially illegal in 37 states. Zoosexual activity is a misdemeanor in the 20 states,Zoosexual activity (bestiality) is a felony in the 17 states
    states listed on wikipedia

  26. You so called white people are lawless having sex with anima,l I don't give a f what your governments the Most High says death to those who do so!

  27. Leave me alone sick white person who has sex with his Dog.
    A black person will never do this, end of story. BYE.

  28. Lutheran Surrealism
    Thursday, March 28, 2013
    The person ignoring this is mentally sick. This is what I have been saying all along.

  29. For those who are saying that animals cannot consent to sexual advances so those who take advantage of them must be criminalized have forgotten to ask that same question when slaughtering them for food. I suppose it would be logical to refuse eating meat since those creatures cannot consent to being eaten or not. pff!

  30. Both gay marriage and horse sex should be legal.  Gays yell that gov't should stay out of bedroom then so be it. leave the gays and horse lovers alone and live your life how you should see fit. It sounds like right wing nut jobs need a whipping boy.  Since gays will become the new straight that leave the horse lovers next to pick on.   Hypocrisy just getting deeper.  

  31. Esau's kingdom is setting all this up. Looks who's in control! We do have a deep problem and thanks for quoting scripture from the Good Book. All Glories to Yaweh Yeshua and the REAL Hebrew/Israelites!

  32. women having sex with animals is clearly more profitable, and more beneficial to human well being as a whole, than smoking marijuana. don't know what the fuck your problem is.

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  34. The Mouth defiles you or it does not define you. One assumption leads to another. We are animals, you dolt. Doing you know anatomy? We have a tail too. We are not living, in a cartoon. Animals cannot say, you can, or cannot, eat me. Money is a problem, not having ask, and receive, being like Jesus, with others. Non – human animals, don't know, what marriage is. it is pointless. A free nation, does not say, vote. People chose, on their own. We are not, in a free, anything, when we have, price tags.

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