Sexual Harassment Charlie – SNL

Sexual Harassment Charlie – SNL

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  1. I knew a guy just like this doing security like frfr. All the women brought him lunch and snacks lol. All he did was complement them as they walked by. Some was jus like this skit here.

  2. Despite his advanced years, "Crack all the windows" Charlie must retain an acute sense of smell.
    He (shrewdly?) lays some ground work for a possible later defense when he says (at 2:08), "Aw, you know I ain't got no sense."
    Just wondering – did Janet – the fired CFO's "little honey bee" – dress in black and yellow?

  3. This crap is about true. Women pick and choose who they claim is sexually harrassing them, even if two men speak and act exactly the same way.

  4. Classic, I see old man getting away with it all the time, I advised my assistant to keep her distance from a 72 year old dirty man, I did not tell her that about him, just asked her to keep things professional and the talk to a minimum, her answer was "Oh I just see him as my sweet old Grandpa, I really like him"
    He of course says he does not mean anything by his comments, he just like to make the ladies laugh.
    I just received the 1st sexual harrasment complaining about him, unfortunately the lady quit first and complained about it two months later when she wrote a thank you letter for me, she just did not want to ge him fired being so old, she felt sorry for her harraser, he could be collecting his pension at home already but where is the fun in that?
    I will get him.

  5. Unfortunately this is how sexual harassment works. A double standard. Thank god nobody gives a darn about SH or PC at my work. You don't feel like you have to tiptoe around for 40 years

  6. That guy’s comment about the girl’s dress compliment and his comment about the girl smiling more wasn’t sexually inappropriate in my opinion. I’m a woman and I wouldn’t find the dress thing bad, I would actually take it as a compliment. The smile thing I would take as a little offensive but not sexual.

  7. It’s weird watching this after knowing that James Franco works as a porn star on TV after being accused of sexual harassment 🤦‍♀️

  8. So when I was listening to it and I heard one of the old guy comments I was like “ wait what’s going on?” I had no clue at first and then when I heard the other guy speak I then said to myself “ so this younger guy is being targeted and the old guys isn’t wtf!” Or if that’s what I thought to myself. It’s really dark and horrible and disgusting at the same time.

  9. As a woman, even it’s hard for me to complain if a “charming” guy is sexually creepy because others will say I’m being mean because he’s a sweetheart to them. I think this sketch is true.

  10. I found this interesting because this is how many women treat sexual harassment…it is one of the few "crimes" that is primarily interpreted by the feelings of the offended rather than by the action itself……. there can be two men at work, in the same position.. that say exactly the same thing to the same woman… and the woman reports only one of them.

  11. First time I heard about James Franco's sexual allegations, it was how he whipped out his dick in front of an actress and she felt pressured to give him head. I didn't think much of it until years later, they uncover a whole record of him using his position as head of an acting academy to pick up women. Goes to show that one small thing always leads to another.

  12. If Charlie wasn't being fired for sexual harassment, why'd they bring him out to apologize during the sexual harassment meeting?

  13. This is true… I worked security with an older guy who would say things to the females just short of rape and they would laugh and blow him off as if it was a jokes.

  14. If you are a man, just live life like VP Mike Pence and don't dine or
    converse with an attractive female unaccompanied . At least, until you retire from said job.

  15. This is so freaking true! My work colleague could get a way with murder. Half of the things he says and do I get crucified for it!

  16. Women do this all the time they put their boobs on display and wear a sweater. If they don't find you attractive or catch you looking suddenly they pull their sweater closed. However if they like you the sweater comes open. What are the odds

  17. The allegations against Franco are all meaningless BS… women just want a piece of him and social media attention– even a girl he dated for a few months ''accused him'' of dumping her

  18. Donald Trump is Charlie. Way worse than anyone on the planet, but getting away with stuff that would get everyone else fired. Sheesh.

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