Space Station Broadcast – SNL

Space Station Broadcast – SNL

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  1. “I APOLLOgize” ???
    What a pun.

    NASA is not good in my humble opinion. How about we feed all our kids, give them free healthcare, free education and a chance at a great quality life with no boundaries.
    Instead of truly doing experiments like this on taxpayers ?

  2. Dear god..what a stupid skit.. when will SNL be funny again?? Time to fire all the writers and actors and start from scratch..

  3. For y’all who don’t know polson is a real school and I went the last year. It currently is hold 6 7 and 8 grades, but it use to be just a 7 and 8 school and even earlier it was a high school

  4. kinda reminds me of that Doctor Who episode with the robot space suits full of dead astronauts where the Doctor goes blind, y'know the one?

  5. About as real as nasa's videos. How did they take the picture of the first moon landing FROM THE MOON?? So Kodak had a guy stationed at the moon to take the picture of Apollo 13?? Makes no sense

  6. “I’m sorry kids this is a bad day for space” Jesus wow can nobody try to make her lines funnier or is it just her

  7. People laugh but they're actually doing this to animals. Plenty of rapists and murderers in prison who are never getting out who they could do these experiments on….

  8. Should be commander instead of captain, there are no lieutenants and cosmonauts can be commanders too. hell, the russian segment basically runs the place

  9. Just came from the “worst sketch” (Disney) to the “best sketch” NASA! Damn relieved that they did justice to Steve. He’s a legend

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