SPIDER-MAN, BATMAN vs BLACK CAT, CATWOMAN & BLACK PANTHER! parody real life superhero movie

SPIDER-MAN, BATMAN vs BLACK CAT, CATWOMAN & BLACK PANTHER! parody real life superhero movie

[ ♪ ♪ ] Catwoman: What are you so nervous about? Black Cat: I thought I heard something… Catwoman: Oh relax, we just pulled off the biggest heist in history! Catwoman: They’ll never find us. [ ♪ ♪ ] Spider-Man: Black Cat and Catwoman! You are under arrest! Batman: Yeah! Batman: …Whaaat?! [ ♪ ♪ ] Batman: Hey! Cat-Man! Right-yeah! Cool new suit! Batman: I mean still gotta bring you in with these two, so… Black Panther: I am not Cat-Man! I am T’Challa – the Black Panther! [ ♪ ♪ ] Black Panther: And they are with me! [ ♪ ♪ ] Batman: I’ve tracked them to this location. They’re right behind this door! Spider-Man: Who knows what crimes they’re planning! Batman: Right?! Let’s go get ’em! [door opens] [ ♪ ♪ ] [cape flaps] Batman: You’re busted! Selena, what the eff?! [ ♪ ♪ ] Catwoman: What? It’s nice to meet people who share my affinity for cat culture! Catwoman: It’s not that you’re not fun, it’s just… Catwoman: …I’m sick of hanging out in the Batcave! Catwoman: Oooh! Batman: But I thought you liked hanging out down there! [Catwoman sighs] Catwoman: That place is rotten with bat-poop! Catwoman: Seriously. Catwoman: Floors. Counter. Microwave. Catwoman: It’s everywhere! Batman: Siri, set a reminder – have Alfred buy Lysol wipes to clean all the poo! [ ♪ ♪ ] Batman: Who even is this dude? Spider-Man: Are you kidding me? Spider-Man: He’s got the biggest superhero movie out right now! Batman: Hero? (scoffs) Why isn’t he with us? Spider-Man: Do you seriously not know who this guy is? Spider-Man: His movie made a billion dollars! Batman: Pfffft! Batman: I have over a billion dollars! Batman: So… Black Panther: My MOVIE made over a billion dollars. Black Panther: I have a trillion dollars. Batman: Yeah, well I have, like, several teenage side kicks… Batman: …and a butler! And a car! So, that’s pretty… SHUT UP! Batman: Justice! Black Cat: Anyway, we would love to entertain you but… [ ♪ ♪ ] Batman: Fine. Whatever. Y’know what? We’re gonna go and do a stakeout behind the parking lot anyway. Batman: There’s a guy peeing out there by a dumpster and it looks like he has a story to tell! [ ♪ ♪ ] [door closes] [Batman sighs] Batman: What could they possibly be doing in there? [ ♪ ♪ ] [ ♪ ♪ ] [Black Cat sighs happily] [ ♪ ♪ ] Batman: Drugs! I thought they were just into low level burglary! Batman: We gotta get in there! [glass shattering] [cape flapping] Batman: Ugh! [ ♪ ♪ ] Batman: Drugs? Even for criminals like you, this is a bit much! [ ♪ ♪ ] Black Cat: You dummy! It’s catnip! [ ♪ ♪ ] [Catwoman hisses] [ ♪ ♪ ] [Catwoman hisses] [ ♪ ♪ ] [Black Cat hisses] Batman: Crap! [whack] [ ♪ ♪ ] Batman: It’s like they want to fight or something- CAT! [ ♪ ♪ ] Black Panther: You’re under arrest! Black Panther: Gotcha! Batman & Spider-Man: What?! Black Panther: There’s a robbery at the beginning of the video. [ ♪ ♪ ] Black Panther: They unwittingly stole a rare vibranium artifact. Black Panther: I’m taking them back to Wakanda to face justice! [ ♪ ♪ ] [ ♪ ♪ ] Batman: Wakanda forever! Batman: It’s like in the movie. Spider-Man: Exactly like the movie! [Batman laughs] Batman: It was a good movie. [ ♪ ♪ ] Sean: Yo, we’re gonna give away a prize pack with T-shirts, stickers, pop-socket for your phone… Sean: …and a bunch of collectibles to one lucky subscriber! Sean: Just leave a comment below and let us know what you think would happen if billionaire Bruce Wayne and King T’Challa got together! Sean: We’ll pick a winner and reply to your comment to let you know when this video gets to 500 likes! Sean: So hit the ‘like’ button, subscribe and hit the notification bell… Sean: …so you’re the first to see it when we do our next epic, hilarious superhero parody video on The Sean Ward Show! Sean: Thanks for watching everyone!

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  1. I think Batman’s and black panther would arrange some deals and maybe even help one another. That’s if Batman doesn’t see black panther as a danger for having a wide supply of vibranium to use at his choosing. But if things we’re to go smoothly I’m sure Batman would get a very badass outfit and they would train with each other and maybe even become best friends at each other’s weddings lol

  2. Hello, I'm very much a fan of you and especially of the channel I love you the guy that makes the spider man and black cat my favorite

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  4. It would either be bad or good that's what would happen love you guys love everybody that get the superhero Thing

  5. They would fight crime and kick butt they could be a cat bat team and. There name could be Black Boys

  6. Yeah there's pussy and then there's A cyclone of Loveing. Why you give that up. For some whiniey ass Kat's.

  7. Just imageine. Dragons, playing I nice moist puddles. Then we Can brave the storm. And get to where we need to be. Meowwwww!

  8. It's a lot of animal type heroes Spider-Man spider Batman's is a bat Catwoman is a cat black cat is a cat Black Panthers a cat

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