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(upbeat music) – [Tiffany] Good morning, Papa. – Yeah. – [Tiffany] Ew, gross. – Nice job in the morning, yeah. That’s why you
do that and I don’t. (both laughing) He’s playing with the
turkey, getting it ready. Ew, maybe we shouldn’t
show that, I don’t know. That’s the gross part. (Papa laughing) One day, I’ll have
to do it on my own. – It’s not that hard. – [Tiffany] It’s gross. Good morning, girls. – [Sierra] Good morning.
– [Bella] Good morning. (mixer whirring) – [Tiffany] Already
in here bakin’… this is gonna be the
frosting for Sierra’s cake. Alright, ya ready?
This is the before… It’s already pretty and now
we’re gonna splatter it, Sierra? – [Sierra] Yeah. – [Meemaw] There ya go. – [Sierra] It’s
not thick enough. It’s not thin enough. Oh, there we go.
– [Teresa] Perfect. – [Bella] Can I go? (cross-talk)
(laughter) – [Bella] Can I go? – Yeah, hurry up though.
– [Teresa] Oooo. – [Bella] I can’t do it. – [Sierra] It’s
not thick enough. – [Ken] The chairs
are out of the way. – [Tiffany] That one’s too thin? – [Sierra] No,
it’s not thin enough – [Tiffany] Not thin enough. – [Sierra] Hers isn’t. – [Tiffany] Ah, okay. – [Sierra] It wasn’t
flicking off of hers. – [Ken] Do you
add more water to it? – [Teresa] Yeah,
that’s what we’re doing. It’s supposed to
harden as it goes, but you just
have to go like fast. – [Tiffany] Yours is a
little bit too thick still I think, Bella. – [Sierra] Here,
use some water in it. – [Tiffany] There ya go.
Oh that one’s too thin. – [Teresa] That one’s too thin! (laughing) We’ll get it! – [Ken] That’s
awesome. Just right. – [Meemaw] That’s
what the three bears said. – [Ken] Yup! – [Tiffany] That’s a good one. – [Sierra] Blue’s definitely
the brightest, best color. – [Teresa] Yeah, it like it
needs some dark colors in there. – [Sierra] The black’s
gonna work hopefully. – [Tiffany] It’s looking good. – Well, hello there
and welcome to the vlog. It is Wednesday and today we are
celebrating Sierra’s birthday. It’s not ’til
next week but because family in town with
Thanksgiving and whatnot, a bunch of people staying
here with us for the week. It makes sense
for us to celebrate. Plus, Teresa’s the master baker. She’s making a cake for her. They’ve been working
on it all morning long, and I’m excited to see it. I haven’t seen it yet. Also… Thanksgiving’s tomorrow so
cooking and stuff and things. The girls are out shopping
right now for food and stuff. Guests should be
arriving in about 4 hours or so. – [Clintus] Papa’s
always working. Whatcha cookin’? – Homemade alfredo sauce.
Hopefully it turns out. – [Clintus] Is this
Sierra’s request? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Homemade
alfredo sauce. – She wanted Italian so this
is her favorite, alfredo. Alfreda. Alfredo. – [Clintus] Alfredo pasta. Girls are doing
stuff downstairs. Come upstairs to kind
of put some things away. I just wanted to
do a quick update. Yesterday, today,
whatever you want to call it. There were two
videos that went up. One was obviously the
vlog that was later in the day, but then there
was the sponsored video that was done before that. That’s the one that
I talked about weeks ago that we shot like a month ago, and then like waited
for the prizes to come in, and then we shot the
second half of that video, and then we had to like send
it off to get it approved. Well, because it was in Japan, I don’t know it just
took longer to approve. So that video was
done like weeks ago and it just now
finally got approved and got up so that’s why the went up. if you missed one of the two, there were two videos
that went up yesterday. Be sure to go back
and watch them both. I’m really proud of that one. I really, there
was a really fun game. It’s a crane game where you
play a real crane in Japan on your phone or
from your computer. A lot of people were asking like “do you get free points?” “can you get free points?” You get 5 free
plays and after that it’s just like
a real crane game. Like if you walk into an
arcade or to your grocery store and you see a crane game, you put a dollar bill
in you get to play, right? It’s the same thing. You buy the TP points
and you play for real prizes. If you win the prize,
it gets shipped to you. It’s real its not fake. As far as I know
there’s no way for you to like earn more TP points
or anything like that. You put in money
and you play the game. That’s it. So go check
it out. It’s a lot of fun. Alright, so we’re
on the super garage and Ken is giving me a little
house warming gift here. – What’s up, guys. – [Clintus] He is going to
organize and set up my garage, my workbench, right? You guys have seen me out here. I’ve got my tool set
which is basically in a box that Mike got me 15 years ago when we moved
into our first house. I have most of the tools, there’s a couple of things
we lost over the 15 years, But for the most part,
they’re all in there. Slowly, buying new things. I bought the drill
a couple weeks ago. I thought I had drill bits apparently I just found out
these are all screw drivers. I didn’t even pay attention, – But, now he’s got drill bits. – [Clintus] Ken
bought me drill bits. – We’re good. – [Clintus] So we’re
gonna do some stuff for the peg boards here.
Got some organizers. So here’s the before guys. Here’s the before. It’s a little messy cause everything’s kind
of thrown up thrown up there, but … the before. (“You Found Me” by The Fray) (background conversation) (scratchy music) – Alright, so
Sierra’s birthday party is a splatter paint
theme and one of the ideas, who came up with this idea? You or… – [Sierra] Aunt Teresa.
– Aunt Teresa’s idea. We’re gonna take white canvas and everyone’s gonna take a
spot and splatter paint it. – [Sierra] So everyone
gets two splatters. – [Clintus] Everyone
gets two splatters? (crosstalk) – [Teresa] You can
do the same color. You can do one of each. – [Clintus] Bella’s
gonna go. Go for it. – [Sierra] Woo! Alright, you can pick a
different color if you want. – [Ken] Do you
have orange or blue? – [Clintus] Boom! Nice job. – [Sierra] Yeah, we have
orange, dark blue, green. – [Ken] I’d like to
do some orange and blue. – [Clintus] Go for it Bryce. – Perfect! – Nice!
– That was a good one. – That was good! – [Clintus] There’s some in
the cup. That’s too much. – That was good. – That was good. – That was bad. – It’s good! That
will add character. – [Clintus] Oh! Dribble
dribble. Come on, do it. – What? – [Mason] That
might be… nevermind. – [Sierra] No, it’s fine. – [Sierra] Perfect!
– [Ken] Nice. – [Man] Thank you, Mason. – [Jack] Mason. What? Why’d you pick blue and yellow? – [Sierra] Perfect!
– [Woman] Yes! – [Tiffany] There’s a
little bit left in each one. (splatter) – Ooh, that was good. – Perfect. Alright. – Who did orange? Oh me. I did. – [Tiffany] Whoa! – And blue. What’s closer to royal blue? – The one on your left. – [Teresa] Oh, Gator colors. (laughter) (exclamation) – [Woman] That was a good one. – [Boy] Oh yeah, Sierra,
I forgot to tell you but in – [Ken] See, I left
the green for you bud. – [Bryce] Yesterday,
we did Tribe Tuesday and our theme was colors. – [Tiffany] Oh, green and black? – [Bryce] So the art teacher
said each color stands like so if your favorite color was
blue you’re like sad a lot and you like… each color… – [Ken] Well you
went double green. – [Teresa] Yeah.
– [Tiffany] Yeah. – [Meemaw] Okay, who’s next? – [Clintus] Ooh. – [Mason] Ooh, yeah. – [Woman] He’s nerv-
– (exclaims) – [Clintus] As much– – [Ken] I said
it first, out loud. – [Jack] And she’s
an artist? Hm. – [Ken] Hm.
(scuffs) yeah exactly. Black and pink. Honey, there’s always a blue. – [Tiffany] Ooh I like it. – [Man] Somebody crapped
on one side of the picture. – [Clintus] Yep yep. (audience oohs) – [Ken] Smiley
face green. – [Papa] Oh, we’ve
got a new artist now. (laughter) – [Ken] Don’t forget,
oh you know what I see a orange– (audience exclaims) (excited laughing) – [Teresa] That was awesome! – [Ken] A tornado? (impressed noises) – [Tiffany] You hungry, Sierra? You picked the menu. Wait where’s your lasagna? – What have we got? – [Tiffany] You’re
like “I didn’t pick that.” (laughs) – Homemade. Guys guys, I started
recording this morning. I think I got this recorded. Homemade alfredo sauce. – And homemade rolls. – [Tiffany] Homemade
rolls from Aunt Lou, yeah. – [Ken] I love alfredo sauce. – Was that
lasagna homemade though? – [Tiffany] Oh
you got the chicken. – I got the chicken, yeah. – [Clintus] Success.
You’re first big family meal. First big family meal. – Yeah because
normally in the summer you would grill. – [Clintus] What do you think kids? Sierra, is it
everything you wanted? – [Sierra] Yeah. – [Clintus] Yeah!
– This actually is. – [Clintus] Bryce, Mason?
You guys approve? – [Boys] Approved.
– [Clintus] Approved. Oh, good thing we got
a new table for you guys, huh? Or else you guys would
be sitting on the floor? – Yeah, thank you. – It’s the kids table,
that’s why we’re all in here. – [Clintus] The kids table!
(laughs) Alright guys, here
is the final product. Ken did all this
practically by himself and I’m like in awe. I’m in awe. Look at this.
This is amazing. Like I would
never do this myself. We’ve got drill
bits and a leveler. We’ve got soap
and W-40 trash bags, my drill, scissors… I mean look at this. Things I don’t even need right
now but I may need someday. I mean, like it’s awesome. It’s awesome. All the stuff that
you need on a quick basis. Then I’ve got all this
pegboard I can still like flesh out and of course, I can move these things. If I buy new things
and need a place for them, it turned out really good, man. It turned out
really, really good. (sings Happy Birthday) – [Clintus] Yeah, one shot! Nice. – [Bryce] Are those 13? – Yep! Aren’t they like the
perfect candles for this? – [Clintus] Yeah, it’s perfect. – [Sierra] Neon and squiggly? – [Clintus] It’s great. Good job. (cross talk) – [Clintus] Official
teenager on Wednesday. – Wednesday. – [Clintus] Wednesday,
a week from today. – [Sierra] Yeah.
– [Clintus] Not yet. (cross talk) – Push your limits. – [Woman] Whoa! – [Jack] Those are awesome. – [Woman] Cute. – Ooh. – [Meemaw] Ooh! – [Chrissy] I thought you might, that would be fun
to do fingernails for Bella’s, you know. – Yeah, you like make
braces out of like this gel pen and then they dry and
you can use them as bracelets or rings and stuff. – [Woman] That’s cool.
– Cool. Thank you Aunt and Uncle Larry. – [Woman] We don’t
have a card either. (cross talk) – [Meemaw] Oh,
it’s a volleyball. – [Woman]
Oh, that’s so neat. – [Papa] No, it’s
not a volleyball. It’s a square. How
can it be a volleyball? (laughter) – [Tiffany] If
you played volleyball, you would know
that’s a volleyball. – [Papa] Oh okay. – [Chrissy] I know! – [Woman] It’s for your laptop. – Oh! Cool! It’s like a little sticker. It says love and it’s
got a volleyball on the “O.” I was like “what is this?” Markers. – [Tiffany] Chalk markers. – Chalkers. – [Woman] Do I run
over my chalk board so you can do
this in the same team? Thank you, Sierra. (cross talk) – Volleyball: served hot. (laughter) – [Woman] I know you
like your Starbucks. – [Meemaw] Where’d
you find that? – [Woman] Amazon. – [Jack] Mike,
what’d you get her? (laughs) – [Papa] Oh yeah,
I remember that now. (laughs) – [Bryce] Is it glow in the dark? – Yeah, it’s glow in the dark. I’ve had this volleyball before and it got crazy ripped up, so now I’ve got another one. – [Bryce] We’re gonna get like
three more for Christmas. So that’s good. – Lot of nail polish. – [Papa] I bought that for you. – Yeah… I believe it. To my one of
a kind niece – oh god. (cross talk) – [Man] Woohoo. – [Bryce] Wait, Sierra
how much money is that? – 25. Life savers… (adults chattering) Skittles… (chatter) (thud) Junior mints peppermints. Papa, these are for you. (laughs) – [Meemaw] He
doesn’t like mint! – SweeTarts ropes. – [Teresa] That one’s for me. (laughs) – Little Christmas gloves. – [Tiffany] Aw. – [Woman] Those are cute.
– [Clintus] Nice. – Write all my notes. I’m gonna take
this to school with me and everyone’s gonna stare. (laughs) Thank you Aunt Joy and Tyler. Kohl’s and Chipotle. (laughs) – [Clintus] Already at it, coloring in your
new coloring book, huh? Who got you that? – She gives us one every year. – [Clintus] Aunt Joy?
– For our birthday or Christmas. – [Clintus] Yeah? So she gave you a
Christmas one for your birthday. – Yep.
– [Clintus] Very nice. (thud) (thump) (thud) – Things are starting to wind
down here for Sierra’s party and I don’t know guys. I was back here having a moment. Just admiring what we have here, this house, this yard. Tiffany, obviously, is just
beside herself with the house and with decorating
with her sisters and whatnot. This obviously was
what I was excited about when we got this house
was this backyard, right? Having this basketball court. Not only for
basketball for Bryce but, concrete to do things with. Kids ride their
scooters, their skateboards. Us being able to
do the corn hole. And who knows
what else we’ll do? Like what else can we
do when we have this giant slab of concrete that
you can do things with that you can’t
do in dirt or grass. Bounce house, right? I wanna get the kids a
trampoline for Christmas so that’ll happen. Where’s that gonna go? Is it gonna go on the concrete? Is it gonna go on the grass? I don’t know. Having the big part of grass to do grass activities, right? Sports and stuff. Obviously the pool
was a huge amazing success this summer. Having this
barbecue kit, and this bar, and this giant patio… Just like, it’s perfect. It’s absolutely perfect. This house is perfect. It’s a little big. It’s a little too
big in my opinion, but it has everything
that Tiffany wanted. It has everything
that we wanted in a house. This garage is redonkulous. I don’t deserve it. I don’t need it. It’s nice to have the trailer. It’s a nice place
for the dirt bikes, but it’s definitely like … I’m… I’m honored. I’m privileged. I’m fortunate to have this… and I’m just having
a moment admiring it and being thankful. Being Thanksgiving’s
tomorrow, I’m thankful. And I’m thankful for you guys. I’m thankful for every minute
that you give to this channel because you’re the
lifeline, you know? You’re the customer. I’m the business. This is the business
and you’re the customer. So, thank you. I appreciate you. (upbeat music)

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