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  1. The pool has saved me do many times when stuff disappeared, or something went wrong, like a message saying "missing files", or "files can be found" Dive into the pool! It is probably there! Lol

  2. For the Notion "crossgrade" it looks like you just need a Studio One pro 3 or 4 license.

    This is from the Presonus store
    Notion 6 Crossgrade from Studio One Professional 3 or 4

    Already own Studio One Professional version 3 or 4? Get Notion 6 for a special reduced price!

    For items like this I find it is best to log into your MyPresonus account on their website.
    Then you go into the presonus shop and buy it through that.
    I license should then be in your Mypresonus account, under my products.
    I had purchased "Progression" and several add-ons that way.

  3. Thank you for kind words about my brother, Skip. He will be missed greatly. One of the sweetest tribute a high school friend of mine said was “ the thing I remember most about Skip is that he turned us on to good music”. That’s was Skip. Thank you for your friendship to him. He was blessed.

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