SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY for the TWINS♥ [The Return of Superman/2018.04.08]

SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY for the TWINS♥ [The Return of Superman/2018.04.08]

A crisp and refreshing morning greets the twins on the shores of Jeju Island. What will unfold today? (I’m a natural man.) Hey, wear this. (Seoeon brings Seojun pants to wear.) (Getting along) (Meanwhile, what is Hwijae up to?) How should I surprise them? It’s the twins’ fifth birthday. Since we’re already on a trip, I plan on giving them a little surprise. (They spent their first birthday in Jeju Island.) (Their second birthday was spent with the triplets.) (Manse and Daehan three years ago) Blow it, Seojun. There you go. (Their third party involved a moving surprise party.) Happy birthday. (Completely moved) (They secretly prepared gifts for each other) (for their fourth birthday.) Thank you. (They wished each other a happy birthday.) (The experiences will be remembered for a lifetime.) Hwijae seems to have prepared something this time. – Seoeon and Seojun. / – Yes? Listen, I… I need some salt. – Salt? / – Yes. There should be a market in this neighborhood. Enjoy the sights and enjoy your time. Okay. Bye, Dad. – Okay. Return safely. / – Bye, Dad. – We’ll be back. / – Be safe. – Okay. / – All right. (Off they go.) (Now, shall I start preparing?) The Return of Superman, episode 219. “Like a Lie, Like a Gift”. – I’m going to be first. / – No, I will. (They run full speed to the supermarket.) (Bouncing) Do you know where it is? Do you know where you’re going? No, I don’t know. (Where do we go from here?) Shall we ask? What’s going on? Is anybody there? (Is anybody around?) – Is anybody there? / – Is anybody there? Someone’s here. – Hello, there. / – Hello, there. (An elderly grandma comes to greet them.) Where are you from? – We’re from Korea. / – Pardon? Korea. What was that? – Korea. / – Korea. – Korea. / – Yes. Where in Korea? – We’re from Seoul. / – We’re from Seoul. – Seoul. / – Seoul. From Seoul? You’re going through a lot. Where is the supermarket? – The supermarket. / – The supermarket. The supermarket? Yes, where is it? On the way here… (What did she say?) That’s where you’ll find the supermarket. Seoeon and Seojun seem totally clueless. (Communication failure) (The grandmother leaves without a word.) They decide to trail behind the grandmother. Will they be able to find the market? Would you like one? – Why, thank you. / – Don’t mention it. (Seoeon is totally confused.) Thank you so much. Would you like one, child? – Thank you. / – Take one. Would you like one more? Goodness, thank you. Thank you. (She gives one to Seojun as well.) – Say, “Thank you.” / – Thank you. (Feeling proud) What are these? They’re broccoli. Broccoli. The twins have been given sun-kissed broccoli grown in the fields of Jeju. This is what country hospitality is about. (They hold on to their broccoli like bouquets.) (They walk down Olle Trail with the grandmother) (and arrive at the supermarket.) Hurry on inside, children. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Don’t mention it.) Do you have salt here? – Salt? / – Yes. This is the only seasoning salt available. How much is it? Just give us a dollar. – This one? / – Yes, just one, please. (Counting money is a cinch now.) Thank you. Thank you. Where are you from? – Korea. / – Where are you from? Korea. Are you from Korea? You’re from Korea, and not Seoul? – We’re from Seoul. / – You’re adorable. We can’t forget the broccoli. But why are the broccolis here so big? We have a lot of fields here. Pick some from the field. But the Korean broccoli we know is very small. But they’re very tasty. Kids, this is Korea too. Would you like some crackers? Yes, please. One for you, Seojun. Here’s for you, Seojun. Are you six now too? Yes. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – Bye now. / – Bye. (They should be here any moment now.) They’re here. (He lights the birthday cake candles.) We’re back, Dad. (Welcome back.) Will his birthday surprise be a success? (Feeling nervous) – ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ / – Why is it so small? – It’s a cake! / – ♪ Happy birthday, my dear twins ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Blow the candles now. Do it together. In one, two, three. Two, three. (Happy Birthday!) – Applause. / – We blew it out at once. That’s very good. I decorated the entire area here. Proofs of Hwijae’s efforts hang in every corner. Good work, Hwijae. – It reads “Lee Seoeon and Lee Seojun”. / – I knew it. – What? / – I knew you’d do this. How would you know? I knew it when you asked us to get salt. Is that so? We need it to make seaweed soup. Dad, we bought the salt. What are these? Broccoli. Why did you buy these? A grandmother gave them to us. – They were given to you? / – Yes. Who bought these? The store owner gave them to us. It was given to you? How about these? – It’s dried squid. / – They gave it to us. – It’s tasty. / – Did you try it? The people of Jeju Island sure are kind. We can’t eat stuff like this in Korea. – You mean in Seoul? / – Yes. – This is really good. / – I brought it. But you’ve brought too many things. I should give them some money later. (Hwijae’s birthday dinner setting) Hwijae has prepared yet another gift. It’s a birthday meal. Hwijae made seaweed soup and sweet bulgogi. These are exactly what the twins love. (Let’s see how Dad’s cooking tastes.) – It’s good. / – Right? – This one’s really good. / – Is it? (Have a bite too, Dad.) (A bite for me too.) Now take your cards. Here’s yours, Seoeon. Is there allowance? – No. / – Then what’s in here? It’s a card that I poured my heart into. What do you think I wrote? That you love us. That’s right. Please read it for us. “Happy fifth birthday, my sons.” “Thank you for growing up so healthily.” “I love you more and more. Love, Dad.” “P.S.” “P.S.” shows that I have more to say. “P.S. Please behave and listen.” (I will from now on.) (After the party, Hwijae makes a phone call.) – Hello. / – It’s me, Jeongwon. (He imitates Ji Jinhee.) – Hey, Jeongwon. / – Hi, Hwijae. Mom. I love you. Thanks for raising us. Did your stomach hurt a lot when you gave birth to us? Sure, it hurt a lot, but I was okay – because you were coming. / – Okay. I knew that I’d be getting beautiful boys like you and waited patiently. The kids ran off. (Gosh, boys.) – Seoeon and Seojun. / – Yes. Thank you for growing up so well. Okay. I love you, Mom. I love you. I love you more. (I love you too, Dad.)

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  1. They grown up so's sad that they'll be leaving us??btw gomawo Seoeon,Seojun for bringing smile and laugh every week..stay healthy both of you!??‍♀️??‍♀️??i'm gonna miss them..??

  2. They grew up really well and I almost cant recognize twins by the thumbnails. I watched them from when they was still babies and now they're soo big now…

  3. Seoun-na seojun-na. Bogosipeo. Where are they. ? I really miss them. I like them so much. They really a good example for people who have sibling.

  4. I hope that the twins and the triplets to be an actor,model or kpop idol so we can see them again even they are big??

  5. Happy weird birthday twins i wish that you will be a bad person when you grow i wish you all the worst 😉

  6. Seojun is little hoshi hahah he’s resemble him a lot ❤️anyway this twin is a whole mood of cutie pie?✨I miss them

  7. Seojun is little hoshi hahah he’s resemble him a lot ❤️anyway this twin is a whole mood of cutie pie?✨I miss them

  8. So sad that they've leaved thats why keep repeating this videos i hope that when its the TROS next anniversarry they celebrate here in the Philippines especially Manila so i can see them all including my favorites such as The twin(Seojun and Seoeon),Seungjae,Sian,Naeun,Seola and Sua,Rohui and William 🙂 Hope you read this

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    Do you see the purple?Like if you did!

  10. Leurs parents sont beaux mais les twins pas dsl de dire ça ça veut dire les parents ont fait de la chirurgie esthétique avant le mariage

  11. Cool they can walk with theirselves thats korea is little friendly and japan our country is not good kidnapped 9000kids this year im kinda sad

  12. I've been watching a whole lot of these videos, but I still dont understand why the mom is not with them most of the time. like as I understood it's because of the show, like it's part of the show for just the dad to take care of them… but isn't that unfair to the mom though, like she is away from the kids?

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