Hey guys, it’s Evelyn. And Emily told me to sit in my room and it’s been a while, ans I don’t know what she’s doing. I feel like she’s gonna
pull a prank on me, which I do not want to happen. Hey guys, it’s me, Emily. And tomorrow is Evelyn’s birthday, and she’s turning 8, so I want to throw her
a super special surprise birthday party, and her two favorite things
are donuts and toys. And Moose Toys is coming out
with a combination of both, They’re bringing out
the Pikmi Pop DoughMis, and also, thank you
so much to Moose Toys for sponsoring this video. So, I decided that I was going to plan
her a surprise birthday party with the new Pikmi Pop DoughMis, and the theme is donuts. And I really hope she enjoys it. So let’s go and get her, because she’s been waiting
in her room for a while. Okay, let’s go in. Evelyn, ready to come out? Yeah, I’m ready! Okay Evelyn, cover your eyes. Don’t worry,
I’m gonna lead you. Okay, just walk forward. I’ll tell you when to stop. Almost there,
just a few more steps. Okay, few more steps. Okay, are you ready
to open your eyes? Okay, ready, set,
open them! What’s going on? Well, it’s your birthday tomorrow, so I wanted to surprise you. And Moose Toys
wanted to surprise you too. Did you see that sign? Emily and Evelyn’s Donut Shop! Yeah, how cool is that? We should put out aprons on since we have our donut shop now. Cool. I know how much
you love donuts, and Moose Toys really
wanted to surprise you with the brand new
Season 4 Pikmi Pops! This season is super special because they’re inspired by donuts, and they’re called DoughMis. Whoa, this just keeps on
getting better and better. Evelyn, are you ready
to blow out your candles, and open your presents? Let’s do it! Happy Birthday, Evelyn! I’m so excited! Pikmi Pop Doughmis! Oh, this is so cute. They really look like donuts,
and there’s so many of them! Whoa Emily, look at
how unique these are. Even the packaging is so different. I love the donut theme. Emily, let’s open them. Okay, I’m gonna pick the blue one. Oh, this wrapping is so cute. I can’t wait to see
what characters we got. There’s more than 40 to collect. Oh, this one is so adorable. This smells so delicious! I’m gonna see which
character I got. I got Scutter the Ladybug, and he smells like caramel cream. Aw, look how cute that is. Meet Graze the Cow, she smells like
powedered sugar. She’s rare. Hmm, and she really
did smell like powdered sugar. She smells super good. Emily, before we open
more characters, let’s see what’s on
the second box. Okay. Come on, Emily,
help me open it. Okay. I know what’s inside here. Yay, more DoughMis! Yes! Whoa, these are different! These are DoughMis Surprise Packs! Evelyn, this one, you’re
going to crack and reveal the Jelly Pikmi center, and also, look out for
the Squish’n Rise DoughMis. I love how big these are. Yeah, me too. I can’t wait to see
what scents it’s gonna be. Okay, so now, I’m gonna
be cracking the jelly center. Ooh. So squishy! Let me see what
my jelly Pikmi is gonna be. Oh, I got– It looks like a snail. I love this one. Okay, let’s see our DoughMis! It’s so big. Whoa, there’s so many surprises. 1, 2, 3,
4 surprises!>>Oh!
>>Whoa! I got this one. Look at its face. Lucky. It”s like a little turtle. Yeah, turtle. It’s hiding. This one smells so good! Okay, let’s see which
one I got. Cute, I got a crab. It’s so adorable! This one kind of smells like fruity, and it smells really good. Let’s see what’s in here. Oh, I got stickers. There’s the donuts, my jelly Pikmi
and my DoughMi! Oh, look how cute
this ring is. It’s a cat,
it’s like a donut, and it’s so cute. Oh, I got 2 different
colored key chains, I really really like the colors. And then, Yay, we got the checklist so we could see what
our names are. We also have some messages. Witness her Pipis,
the great jelly Pikmi hermit crab. And it says,
“It’s grape to meet you.” And Pipis is rare. And this one is from
Tux the Turtle. And his message says, “You bake my day.” And also, Tux is rare too. And his scent is
classic glaze. I got the key chains,
the checklist and the messages. The keychains are same
as Evelyn’s, pink and blue. My first message is from
Snol, the great jelly snail, and it says,
“You’re a grape friend,” and he’s a rare. And also, I got a message
for Appy the hermit crab, and it says,
“You’re crab-tivating.” And he’s also a rare,
and he smells like berry glaze. Oh, I got stickers. I got a little penguin. It rattles, kind of. Is there something inside? Yeah, there is. There’s like a small surprise. Let’s see what’s in our
last surprise. Oh, I got like a little tag, and it’s a beaver donut, and you can put like your name, and your address,
and your phone number. And I got stickers. There’s like a jelly pikmi, and like cinnamon,
and some [inaudible]. And also, I got a tag too, And some stickers as well. Okay, let’s pick our next
DougMis to open! I’m gonna pick this one. I’m gonna pick this one. I love the containers. You can use them for
so many things. You can use them
to store your Pikmi Pops, or just anything that fits. Yeah, and they’re super cute. Mine look like a strawberry
frosted donut with a swirl. It looks super yummy. Mine’s a mint frosted donut
with pink sprinkles. I’m gonna open mine. Oh, can’t wait to see
which one it is. Oh, look at mine. It’s so furry. Oh, look at that. Oh, I think I got like a… Dragon. Or stingray. Yeah, stingray. This is so cute. Let’s see the message
and who I got. So, he is Zeppo the hedgehog, and it says,
“You’re a-dough-rable.” I love how fluffy
the back of it is. And I got Kisbee
the manta ray, and her message says, “Seas the day!” And she’s a common, and she smells like
strawberry jelly. Welcome to my donut shop, which DoughMis would
you like to purchase? I would like this one. Have fun opening your DoughMi. Thank you. I’m gonna pick one too. Okay, so I’m gonna open
this Great Flavor Surprise Pack. And I picked the
Pink Surprise Pack to open. Oh, I hope I got one of the squishy ones. Yeah, those were so cute. Okay, let’s see what jelly Pikmi
I’m gonna get. It’s pink! Ooh. And I get this. It kind of looks like cotton candy. It’s a kitty. This is Jub the kitten, and she’s a common. Ooh, it’s yellow. I really want the bee. Whoa, this is cute! I got Vanilli the monkey, and she is a common. Okay. Okay, I think it’s a plushie. Yes, I wanted this one. This is Jools the llama, and she is a common. And she’s so pretty and fluffy. Oh, I got a bee. Hmm, smells good. This is Beelish the bee, she’s a common,
and she smells like custard cream. And Jools smells like caramel cream. I got… I got another container, and it’s a bee. And Emily got a bee, that’s so cool. Mine’s a cute little bee eraser. And on the front,
it’s yellow, and on the back,
it’s pink. I got a little bracelet
with a charm, and the charm is a turtle. I got fuzzy stickers. I got normal stickers. But look at that, they’re cute, and I love the llama sticker. Oh, I got the checklist,
and I look at the messages, and I also got keychains. I got the pink one and the purple one. The jelly Pikmi one says, the strawberry jelly kitten Jub, and it says,
“You’re the center of my world.” And then this one says, Beelish the bee, and it says,
“Bee my BFF!” I got the checklist too. And, oh! I got the blue keychain, whoop. The blue keychain,
and the purple keychain. And the messages. So, the one from Vanilli, is “You’re the cream of my”– of the cro– “You’re the cream of the crop.” Okay, and the one from
Jools the llama is “You make my heart icing.” I get– I get stickers,
I got the bee and the kitty. I got a cute ring. I think I got like
like a turtle. I pick the one with
pink drizzle and pink frosting. Hmm, I’m gonna pick this one. Here’s my Jelly Pikmi. Oh, it’s pink, it’s pink! Oh, I got kitten,
I got Jub. Hi, my name is Jub the kitten. I’m a common. Okay, I’m gonna see
which one I’m gonna get. I got a light purple one. Whoa, I never got a light one. A light purple one. It looks like a walrus. She got an ultra-rare! I did? Yeah, you got Wallo the Walrus. Whoa, lucky! I love the purple shade on this one. It’s super cool. The jelly Pikmis are like real jelly. They’re so squishy. Can’t wait. Whoa, look at this one. It’s so sparkly! This is Zero the Zebra,
and she’s a special edition, and she’s Squish’n Rise, so she’s kind of like
squishy material on the inside, and it smells so good. She smells like strawbery jam, and yeah, she’s pretty cute. Okay. Ooh. I got a monkey. I got Flava the monkey. She’s a common,
and she smells like berry glaze. Let’s see the surprises. I got a little case. And this time, it’s a penguin,
and it’s a donut. Ooh, I got stickers. I got stickers of Vanilli and Flava. This is the case,
it’s a pastel pengiun, and it has light blue and pink. And inside, there’s like a hot pink penguin. Because it got a little face on there. I got this fuzzy stickers again. I got beavers and donuts. Oh, I got this holo stickers again. And I got a cute tag. Oh, is it like– Oh, this time, I got normal stickers. I got a little llama bracelet,
it’s so cute. Isn’t she cute? Okay, the last one. Oh, I got a checklist, keychains, and the messages. I got the same thing as Evelyn,
and I also got my messages. I got 2 messages,
one from Flava, and one from Jub. And the one from Flava says, “I’m glaze-y about you!” And the one from Jub says, “You’re the center of my world.” So this message is
from Zero the zebra, and it says,
“I love you so munch.” And this one is from Wallo,
the blueberry cream walrus, and it says,
“You make me whole.” Evelyn, you got one more
birthday present to open. Thank you. You like the donuts? Yeah. Okay! I got a Jumbo Pikmi Pops DoughMi! It’s so big! It’s Rumbles the Fluffy Hedgehog. You can get 1 or 2 or 3
surprises inside! She looks so fluffy. Yay. She’s out of her package. And I got 2 surprises. Rumbles is so soft and fluffy, and she smells like
a real donut. Emily, can you hold Rumbles
as I open my 2 surprises? Sure. Thank you. I got… Oh, I got Rumble stickers, and a Rumbles message! There’s stickers of Rumbles,
and also chocolate. Okay, let’s read the
message from Rumbles. And it says,
“Donut stop believeing.” And she smells like chocolate cream. Oh, I got a little hedgehog ring. That is so adorable. We are super excited about the
new Pikmi Pops DoughMis collection, and like they smell super
good, like real donuts, and also, we love donuts, so we obviously gonna
love the donut theme. And I really like the Jelly Pikmis because they’re super squishy, and jelly, and like, they’re
like really pretty colors. Yeah, they make good sounds. Yeah, like… Sounds really good. So, I don’t know,
I really like all of them, and they’re super colorful, I really like the Squish’n Rise, because you can squish it,
and it’s kind of like a squishy. And also, this one, they added
sparkles ’cause it’s special edition. And I really like this one. This is probably one of my favorite
because they also smell really good. And mine, my favorite is probably this. And my second favorite is this one. And yeah, out of the jelly Pikmis, I really like the purple walrus, because, I mean,
I really love the color, and it’s also ultra-rare so… Yeah, the purple was– The cases are also super cool. You can stack them,
and also they are collectible beucase they come in
different colors and design. I also really love the fact that you can
take the DoughMis anywhere with you. Because they come with the string, You can put them on your backpack, or on your lunchbox,
or like on a purse. And it’s super cool. I love the surprises that
come with the DoughMis. I love the rings, the bracelet and the stickers. They’re all so cute. As I said before, there’s over 40 characters that you
can collect in the DoughMis series, and you can use the Collector’s Guide
to keep track of all of them. For the small DoughMis, you have the common, the rare,
the special edition, and the limited edition, and you also have large DoughMis which are the jumbo plushes. And then you have
the medium DoughMis, with the common, rare,
super set and special edition which are the Squish’n Rise, and then you all have
the Jelly Pikmis, which are common, rare,
ultra-rare and super set. If you want to get
the new DoughMis, they will be available in
the stores on March 1st, and also, thank you so much
to Moose Toys for sponsoring this video, and sending us all the DoughMis, and also, for helping us
set up our donut shop. So thanks for watching. See you next time.>>Please subscribe and bye!
>>Bye! Thanks for watching this video. We hope you liked it. Don’t forget to subscribe
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