Group Activities

Becoming involved in neighborhood events is a great way to keep your family active. Get moving with walks that raise money for charitable causes. Pick-up games of basketball, soccer or catch are fun and physical — as are walking groups where you can set goals of going a little bit farther every few weeks. Or…

Star Wars Celebration Droids!

(BB-8 sounds ) (Star Wars Celebration Droids, Droids, Droids) (Droids sounds and Star Wars theme) Star Wars Celebration Star Wars Celebration (Droid sounds) (BB-8 sounds) (Batman R2 droid plays the Imperial March) (Batman R2 plays the Batman theme) (BB-8 sounds) (R2-D2 plays the Cantina song) (R2-D2 sounds) R2-KT! (BB-8 sounds) (Droid sounds) Subscribe

Mommy Daughter Road Trip to a True Girl Pajama Party

– I’m getting ready to whisk it away for a special weekend together a special mother daughter weekend. We head out tomorrow morning and she has no idea so I’m gonna go break news to her. Bye. (upbeat music) – Hi everyone, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, shh. I’m getting ready…

Minion Rush – Celebration Update – Rooms and Missions

Hello, Minion Runners! In the last video we promised to talk more about Rooms and Missions, so let’s get right to that! The Rooms are basically the game’s new main menu, where you’ll find different missions, promotions, and thematic events. Using the elevator, you can now scroll up and down to any room you’ve unlocked….