Birthday party collab w/ AliciaJamesMusic | Nik Scott

Alicia! I am too excited about our birthday party this weekend. You ready? WOO-WOO! Girl you are so crazy! But you know what, I been ready since last year, actually. Okay? I want to invite all of you to my birthday party on Saturday. And I am co-celebrating with Alicia James of AliciaJamesMusic and….

Anime Doll Party: Summertime Fun

hey guys this is Sticks I can’t tell you how happy I am of the great responses I received from my first Dollfie video so I wanted to show you clips from our last Doll meet we had in mid-june it was a summertime event and everyone had a great time but remember when I…


The story of the Buddha’s life, like all of Buddhism, is a story about confronting suffering. He was born between the sixth and fourth century B.C., the son of a wealthy king in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. It was prophesied that the young Buddha — then called Siddhartha Gautama — would either become the…

What is the Purpose of Life? – Sadhguru

Questioner: What’s… what’s for me the purpose of life, if you can give an insight on that? Thank you. Sadhguru: Isn’t it fantastic that if there is no purpose, you have nothing to fulfill, you can just live? Hmm? No, but you want a purpose and not a simple purpose, you want a God-given purpose….

Sadhguru on Marriage – Choosing Consciously

Questioner: My name is Ananth. My question is about marriage, divorce. I’m married Sadhguru: No, no, they are two different things (Laughter & Applause). Questioner: …marriage what I see today is many youngsters like many of them they don’t want to marry and few of them who marry there are occasions where they are getting…