LEGO Power Functions Motor Set Review (8293)

Jaystepher presents: Lego Power Functions! Power Functions Motor Set. Set number 8293. Contains 10 pieces. Recommended for ages 9 through 16. So it appears we get lights, motor, a switch, and a battery box. Let’s check it out. Nothing else in the box? So here’s all the various packages we get in the set. We…

Star Wars Celebration Droids!

(BB-8 sounds ) (Star Wars Celebration Droids, Droids, Droids) (Droids sounds and Star Wars theme) Star Wars Celebration Star Wars Celebration (Droid sounds) (BB-8 sounds) (Batman R2 droid plays the Imperial March) (Batman R2 plays the Batman theme) (BB-8 sounds) (R2-D2 plays the Cantina song) (R2-D2 sounds) R2-KT! (BB-8 sounds) (Droid sounds) Subscribe