Take Ecstasy to Save Your Marriage?

Take Ecstasy to Save Your Marriage?

is upstart at this is to argues that
married couples should have the right to take a taxi order to save their
marriages any couple al should have the right any adult should have a right okay
i i i agree with you are not i think that all drug should be legalized
unregulated out that way we don’t have uh… you know this black market for
drugs which is why drug cartels are so successful in mexico but that’s a completely different story
really focus on a lighter side of this and what breitbart is arguing nal more than ever before people are
living longer and as a result their marriages is go through decades and decades of we
had a hard work anne becomes more and more difficult to keep you know the marriage delighted it’s
harder to connect with your significant other using at the end a could really help
he’ll foster a healthier relationship yet but of course he saying that you
should do so under uh… you know medical supervision and you should do so in a responsible
way if even if you’ve exhausted all other avenues of bridging that gap in
keeping the relationship together i mean i think it’s a fascinating point that couples are staying together and living
longer than ever before it was like right and he gave it a little bit the
apartheid that was a kisi commitment to make when
it was like allegheny got like seventeen years together i could handle that yeah i could get
together for that now six sixteen years right what are we gonna do i mean lost
is done flynn had nothing to talk about it all right i know it and about the kids are at the house near
you now have to focus on one another as something that needed to iran’s
indicator can disconnect a_c_ happen all the time uh… by like my peers of in together
for thirty years we just celebrated their anniversary asking him i softly
she goes in me the reasons that incredible people do
that and you guys are not to celebrate went on all of the original tickets to
see the administration’s fantastic it like
family with a aka but undervalued rolling nancy salad bread sticks put on
me nothing side that celebrating its thirtieth wedding
anniversary like dancing on the table and all about the air thing condoms on
your phone back to top so anyway this is a really interesting point of view from
the staff assistant i want to get your thoughts on it on you know this this is a drug that was
discovered mostly by accident in like nineteen twelve linden was literally
left on the shelf for almost ten extra years they become a product that they did
studies on what to do for muscle relaxation in the way blood sugar interacts with its yeah then
that darn c_i_a_ aroung military did studies on it to see the f_d_a_’s yeah
that it’s true that it is a great book about the our government using asate methamphetamine and d_n_a_ and
it’s called acid rains brilliant book this is an cable trip project with a
administered in d_n_a_ the people uh… sometimes but without the even
their knowledge or consent if they were prisoners and the idea was with us to relax and
weakened pullout information out of emily’s uses a truth serum yet at the
same time he’s like a fairy is kinda shady and she studies are going on uh… actual that psychiatrists and
psychologists were doing studies of them relationship behavior both behavioral
therapist for using it and they found that because it opens you up in sort of
fletcher body with natural serotonin it makes you hoping to feelings that it
removes some of the walls may build up it was the perfect therapy drug yet a
lot of really shady things uh… going on with the d_e_a_ and had the mid
nineteen eighties and saw a huh first of all interesting things when the
wind and d_n_a_ was discovered it was fine marked in germany okay so
merck pharmaceutical as you guys are aware of them and as you mentioned it
was kind of under the radar for a very very long time and in the seventies you
know the psychiatrists are using any became very popular all this and you see ecstasy panels
being pass around and in the party scene downs down a list of all places race of people
are party that pop into town to get into this is one that i miss terribly happy
extensive kidnapping and it becomes very popular in dollars
and indeed finds out about it there like and not to have fun so i want you
mentioned the shady studies because parts of the d_e_a_ getting involved in
this other was like one study involving wraps and they were like with like copious amounts of and d_n_a_
show dog it damages that dot if you get pumped with copious
amounts of anything you don’t read that they’re probably going to look at at
least sugar alcohol nicotine anything is a poison in cuban jets buckets of ep at
a time exactly but they do didn’t care about dot com and and this
one issue assistant classified as a schedule one
drug evened out there was proof because the psychiatrist for using it otherwise
proved that it had some medical value but he didn’t care they’re gonna
scheduling as a schedule one and not just in therapy like there’s
documentation that it could help people better than we had that they had
stuttering issues they could have a little bit of d_n_a_
and sometimes it turned out not saying it’s a it’s been cured of it would be a would
temporarily uh… take care of the issue i’m not saying that that’s its main goal
of purpose but clearly it has some value in for everybody is a proponent of couples
staying together because this this is the sanctity of
marriage or staying together for the kids for the the health and wellness of
the family why would you why would you ever be opposed to but wall that’s a
look at having their arsenal to help maintain a healthy relationship
also your absolutely right about that because i think that drives me crazy if
you need a lot of sitting you regulated month just like prostitution right you can create a safer environment for
people who do want to take it because right now what’s happening is that you
think people subsidy acts as a people are still taking ecstasy known
kensington it’s just mixed with baby direct and let me tell you that’s needed
only fun for like three minutes not texas state if it’s a terrible
things that you know it’s like if i hate that the government that not
sketchy so far today just think that they have this that we get to pick the
poison right we get to pick the poison for the
profit l there’s a huge lobbying hard to keep that this particular drug legal or
regulated mister packs that the capacity like like oxy which that you know the kills had tons of people all the
time it is terribly addicting like okay will leave that legal and regulated
on shop at the southern drug that’s one might wanna take for whatever their
reasons well that was that was not a lot

100 Replies to “Take Ecstasy to Save Your Marriage?”

  1. People buy capsules or rocks of pure MDMA. Ecstasy contains MDMA and can contain god knows what else. Usually meth.

  2. You can make this argument with any medicine or drug what so ever that has an intended purpose therefore your point is completely invalid.

  3. Except that you can't because that wouldn't make any sense. If you have allergies and take Zyrtek it doesn't really affect anything like that. The point is, you don't want to make the connection between being high and communication with your loved ones because that is a bad thing to do. We, our culture, are too dependent on quick fix solutions to problems that are more nuanced than that. If you are really having issues that prevent you from connecting with people than deal with those issues.

  4. Don't bury them under drugs to deal, or if you do at least have the decency to not drag other people into it. What happens when that husband/wife runs out of exstacy and just can't deal? What happens when that father runs out of Pot and his kids want to play with him? I've never been the kind of person to believe that interpersonal relationships are a cure for anything, and I believe our society focuses way to much on "finding that missing piece of your heart" and numbing everything with drugs.

  5. The statistics bear it out ….I AM NOT GOING TO RECITE THE DRY NUMBERS! Having said that there is a subjective element to it, who knows what's right for you; in the aggregate? I stand by that statement.

  6. onething to consider is that all people are all on the same planet, and are all the same species no matter what colour they are.

  7. Yes, I agree that people should solve their problems rather than use substances to temporarily forget them or feel better, but that is really easy to say from a outside perspective, and sometimes as explained in the video and cited by you,drugs can actually help people solve their problems.

  8. @Deathbypimp I guess he blocked me… Why are you so concerned with what substances people use? Most now illegal drugs were formerly used as medicines, but then got banned because they were discovered to make people feel 'too' good. With all, even 'hard' drugs, except hallucinogens, if not a large dose is taken, other than dilated pupils you wouldn't be able to identify that someone is on one, because they allow people to do their everyday activities the same way, if not better.

  9. that's fucking retarded. No offense son but you need to look at the stats of countries who actually have the liberal laws and attitudes these guys are in favour of, there mostly in europe and not exactly over-endowed with teen pregnacy either, that tends to be in places where people are taught contraception is evil

  10. It will lose it's "magic" because what it does is release several neurotransmitters with the main one being serotonin. It doesn't actually really make serotonin, it just dumps some serotonin that is in storage waiting for use into the brain. It has to replenish naturally which can take up to several weeks. After a few uses in a week, very little is released with per use (exponential decay, levels shrink but are too small to notice) . That would take a month or two to recover from though.

  11. Yes it is easier to say from an outside perspective but it is also less bias. There is a reason we don't let people prescribe their own medication because they are biased towards the easiest most feel good solution. If we are talking about drugs and therapy then maybe I can get on bored because that is what Ecstacy was originally used for. But this is still ignoring the root cause which is marriage which has a 50%+ divorce rate. So maybe the solution is less marriage not more drugs.

  12. That's another false equivalency. Viagra isn't a chemically addictive substance. You keep naming drugs that don't have anything to do with how your brain works and saying "LOL It's the SAMEEE". It's not. Not only that Viagra can be used to treat actual disorders like erectile dysfunction. Not being able to stand your wife isn't a disorder it is a sign that your relationship is failing and maybe you need to get counseling or split up. Or perhaps you think the solution is just to pop pills forever

  13. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against legalizing it and then people using it for whatever reason they deem appropriate. I am however against people pushing this idea that the solution to another socially constructed problem is a pill that you may become addicted to. If you want to take it for fun god bless, but don't pull this "I need it to deal with my wife" nonsense because that just makes you seem disingenuous and unable to come to terms with your mistake of marrying someone too early.

  14. People like to focus on symptoms of the real problem than the problem itself. How do you know?? The problem never goes away and the symptons as well. You get rid of the real problem…you remove 10 or more symptoms. Its really that simple!

  15. I didn't block you, maybe there is some issue. I am concerned about what substances people use because I care about people in general and while I want them to be happy I also want them to be safe and make decisions out of knowledge and with proper safety not as a quick fix to a problem. My question to you would be "Why don't you care"? Do you really think "Well it's not my business" is anything short of having disregard for people's lives because you may like to get high.

  16. Also bullshit. You can not do the same activities while high on drugs as you can while not. One thing I can think of would be driving, correct? Listen if you want to do drugs god bless, I don't actually have a problem with legalizing all drugs. My problem comes when A) people try to use socially constructed illnesses as an excuse to medicate the world and B) When people make these disingenuous statements about how "Being high totally doesn't affect you", it does. Not a bad thing, but it does.

  17. Yeah i agree that it won't stop them but they will do anything just to get that fix think about those junkies sucking on dick for a little change

  18. Yeah. Let's legalise all drugs. Heroin should be legal, so should prostitution and petty theft which junkies useto facilitate their addiction.

  19. There's actually solid research that shows MDMA does significant neurological damage. Stick to the weed, MDMA isn't worth it.

  20. I've seen the studies man – the long term studies of users do show a (small) effect of memory well within the normal range, what is also important to note though is that ecstasy users generally use other drugs as well – more than non-users by far – and also tend to sleep much less regularly on the whole – making these studies deeply flawed. If you've seen othe studies – I actually would like to see them.

  21. Then obviously you don't have any experience with drugs, and don't know how they work. Psychostimulants like cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, cathinones ('bath salts'), and the weakest of them, caffeine, 'stimulate' the person, making them able to endure physical and mental tasks better and longer, while making them feel very happy. Many other drugs like opioids in small quantities, entactogens and cannabinoids also have stimulant properties.

  22. @06afeher this makes me think you are the kind of person that thinks it's super okay to drive under the influence of drugs

  23. take drugs together to escape the big issues negatively affecting your marriage…that's a great idea. Pretty sure that's how addictions develop. MDMA destroys your limited amount of nigral cells in your brain which are responsible for release of dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for your happiness and keeps your body healthy. I can't say i agree with your advice on this one.

  24. After watching this Young Turk episode CONDONING ectasy…I, a 10 year old boy, am going to take ectasy. Thank you Ana for the advice.

  25. Firstly, your argument is flawed, that isn't what psychostimulants do, they don't allow you to do your work better just longer because they remove things like hunger and tiredness that's why miners used to chew coca it still isn't good for you. Second, that mentality, is dishonest and dangerous. yes they can be fun, but they don't make you more productive and people thinking that they are "just the same" on drugs kills many people every year. All and all that post was disingenuous and disgusting

  26. I'm not even against drug use, just excuses for drug use that have a higher chance of causing dependency. Why isn't it enough for you to say "I'm an adult and It's fun and unless I do something stupid I am not hurting anyone but myself?". Most of your justifications are half truths, blatant lies or involve huge leaps in logic. You know what I don't even care, anyone who promotes drug use as an every day thing to make you more efficient and the like is in serious need of therapy.

  27. Wrong! Ecstacy effects serotonin levels do you research there has been many lie about ecstacy and there is no proof of any brain damage

  28. They aren't condoning ecstasy, they are condoning the rights for adults to take certain drugs. It's about freedoms for adults. Finish your coco pops and get to school

  29. I agree. It's kinda like concentrating a weeks worth of happiness into 3 hours. Is it worth being crabby and coming down for a week in order to achieve bliss together for a mere moment?
    I do agree however that adults should have the right to consume drugs at will; adults should be able to make their own decisions, the government is far too restrictive in many regards.

  30. Did Ana just say all drugs should be legal? Brilliant! Lets make all drugs legal & have everyone out of their minds killing people & not remembering a single thing. Lets have brain dead employees to help grow the economy.

  31. Oh yeah, I agree with that. A couple should be compatible with two sober minds… not after one or both of them takes some sort of mind-altering drug.

  32. most of the time if you buy it from a dealer it will have cocaine, meth, or heroine in it to get people hooked on it for repeat customers but normally no as for the holes in your brain it is cause buy the added drugs like cocaine, meth, or heroine

  33. Makes pure sense get them hooked on the hard drugs and they will keep coming back, think of it as an investment for the future.

  34. Rarely would a dealer mix coke, meth or heroin with mdma because they can get a much better price for that stuff on its own. The most common things it is mixed with is speed, caffeine, piperazine etc. Very few pills have been tested to report with heroin and so it isn't widely accepted as an issue. You should check out erowid.

  35. mdma is rarely mixed with meth, coke or heroin because dealers make more money off that stuff on its own and would be pointless. Most dealers mix mdma with amphetamines and caffeine. It is not possible to become addicted to mdma because it isn't physically addictive – psychologically you may want to do it again but that isn't the same thing as addiction.

  36. As good an argument for legalisation as I've ever heard.
    That being said – It's not something I've ever encountered or any of the people I know have encountered, it can't be that common.

  37. I would like to think X saved my life… Because it did! Then a few months later my family screwed me harder than anyone else in my life.

    As President I would like this drug to be one of the many NEW legal ones.

  38. MDPV could have therapeutic potential since it's an NDRI. It could be used to treat ADHD, narcolepsy and obesity. Just like Methamphetamine.

  39. If i was in a relationship that could ONLY be solved by doing drugs, i wouldn't want to take drugs to save it. If you had a magical potion that made any guy/girl fall in love with you, would you use it? Would you care that they aren't falling in love with YOU, but that you're forcing them to feel something for you with a chemical?

  40. Screw that. Love is based on money and sex. People only get married cause its traditional. Loving another? Actually working out problems? Nah, bring in the Pcp and lets get wet. Trololol On a serious note, drugs should be used as a bonus to a relationship, not a cure.

  41. Lol you get wet on pcp? Drugs can also improve one's aiming and persistence skills… which are great for marriage 😀

  42. Putting a ring on your finger doesn't solve problems either, but most people seem to think it does. MDMA sounds a lot more fun.

  43. @kimberylyhill
    Yeah.. I like its method cause it gave me the courage
    to do what ive always wanted to do but because of
    hindrances, Its impossible. Thanks to that wonderful
    program offered by the site:
    IT has all the information I need to win her heart back.
    And now were on our 3yrs with happy relationship.:)

  44. Nah. I say, if your relationship is falling apart, just have a baby! That'll fix everything! lol
    Still though, just because MDMA isn't as bad of a solution as getting married, doesn't mean its a good solution.

  45. Ok until they have to deal with the comedowns and back to reality. As long as they're strong enough to take the rough with the smooth and have the social and emotional skills to deal with it, that's great. MDMA in my opinion is only ok for certain personality types but I agree, it could be used as a tool of heightened experience for relationships that are failing, not a plaster to cover up the cracks.

  46. Lol I'm sorry but I have had plenty of experiences with MDMA when I was in my teens and I don't think it's something people can just use regularly or even once or twice a month to spice up a marriage. I have had plenty of experiences with MDMA and don't get me wrong some of the most amazing nights of my life were on it and I don't think anyone who hasn't done M truly knows the meaning of the word euphoria lol 😛 but it's not something I would do in old age and it is a very intense sometimes ove

  47. not something I would do in old age and it is a very intense sometimes overwhelming drug and it can have awful downs and crappy next days. So I think thats a bit extreme for someone in their 40's to be doing! Might have a heart attack! Haha maybe if it were pure and made by the gov't but the stuff off the street nowadays is pretty awful. I agree with Ana it should be legalized mainly because of the dangers that come with popping a pill of something cooked up in some creepo's tub in his basement

  48. Zionism have nothing to do with getting some people a homeland. Zionist are elitist racists who use various tactics to achieve a goal of a single race separated from others. Pretty much the same as the nazists of the WW2.

  49. i agree but IF their just looking for things to improve their relationship like when couples try out new ways of having sex im for it, speaking as someone whos taken ecstacy it makes you much more loving and feel more connected to others, this doesnt go away after you come down either, you will still feel more connected in my experience

  50. Im a retired UK raver I dont take E any more although I still love the music and my DJing and, of course, my yearly trip to (the quieter side of) Ibiza…… even just 20 years ago this debate would have been classed as illegal and this show wouldnt have been broadcast, This show in itself is great progress toward a logical conclusion.

  51. @bulakbalk892
    Yeah.. I like its method cause it gave me the courage
    to do what ive always wanted to do but because of
    hindrances, Its impossible. Thanks to that wonderful
    program offered by the site:
    It has all the information I need to win her heart back.
    And now were on our 3yrs with happy relationship.

  52. Because although it maybe a fun drug and you may feel good on it while it last… I couple needs god in their relationship to hold it together not pills.

  53. the dumbest tyt video in a loooooong while. and im including the one where they were telling us tattooing your face with the name of a man youve known for one day was a bad idea. thanks dunno how i manage without the sage advice!

  54. How's it a 'false' sense of love?

    There must be some pre-existing reason that they'd be willing to do this together, in the same way that people go on holidays together or take art classes together or renew their vows and stuff. They're trying to re-energise the relationship.

    The point is to try and create new experiences that remind you of what you love them in the first place.

  55. I think it's a little unfair that the person they bring on to this report is someone who is HIGHLY towards the pro side and someone who is slightly towards the pro side. I would respect the arguments more if they had someone who was at least neutral if not against so we can get a less bias view of it. (not a comment on the report just that I think the arguments MAY be bias) 

  56. Taking drugs to mend a wounded relationship?—Really??? Drugs won't solve the problem, it will only mask it. You know what heals relationships? Communication, not drugs. If it gets that bad, then the real healthy thing would be to separate. This pro-drug talk is getting more and more ridiculous. (And this is coming from a guy whose a HUGE fan of Kev Pereira, and has been watching his shows since AOTS back in 2006. Got nothing but love for the guy, but he is way too liberal with this kind of thing…

  57. Well, yes, it helps veterans, and it helps rape victims, and it helps adult victims of childhood abuse, and yes it helps to heal marriages, but you see young people are jumping up and down with glowsticks, and we have to stop that.

    Priorities, people.

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