Talking Kitty Cat 54 – The dog ate WHAT!?

Talking Kitty Cat 54 – The dog ate WHAT!?

Gibbyson: Heyyyy Steve: Hey Gibbyson Hey Sylvester guess what? Somebody mailed us a present! Sylvester: For me? Steve: No, no, its actually not for you- Sylvester: Why Not ?! Steve: Well because its- Gibbyson: woooooooo Steve: Ok, buddy Steve: No, its a squeaky cheeseburger for Shelby! Sylvester: What? Steve: Its a toy for the dog.. Steve: I’m gonna go give it to her. Sylvester: K.. Steve: Alright, i’ll be back Steve: Do you want it Shelby girl?? Steve: You ready? Steve: Here you go! Steve: Now don’t tear it up too fast! Ok? Steve: Good girl.. Steve: I don’t usually give Shelby squeaky toys, because they’re really annoying.. Steve: But after everything she’s been through lately I figured she deserves it, besides, Shelby LOVES squeaky toys! *Happy music* *Squeaks* Sylvester: SHUT UP!! Steve: Kitty, is she bothering you that bad?? Sylvester: Yeah! Steve: Aw, c’mon after everything she’s been through don’t you think she deserves her squeaky cheeseburger?? Sylvester: No! Steve: Aw but, Shelby, no… no don’t let the kitty bully you like that Shelby girl, c’mon you take your cheeseburger and you be proud!! Steve: There you go.. Steve: Good girl.. Steve: No, kitty, i’m not gonna take it away from her! Sylvester: Why?? Steve: Because, kitty, just don’t be all mad about it… Sylvester: I am! Steve: Yeah, I can tell, but get over with it..its only temporary, she’s gonna have it torn up in no time, alright? Steve: Hey, Random Kitty! Random Kitty: blab bub Steve: Is Shelbys squeaky toy bothering you at all? Random: No… Steve: Well for some reason Sylvester is being a total dick about it.. Steve: The squeaking doesn’t bother Random Kitty.. Sylvester: Ok..? Steve: But I mean it doesn’t bother her, maybe its not that big of a deal.. Steve: Hey, don’t sniff her butt Sylvester we’ve talked about this! Steve: Hey, you two..! Steve: Hey, stop no fighting in the house! Steve: Theres alot of cotton in here than I expected, atleast the kitty can stop bitching, wait a minute.. Steve: What the hell, where is it…? Steve: I don’t get..Shelby wheres the squeaker at? Steve: Oh my go- Steve: Ok, its not in your mouth….Disgusting by the way.. *Squeaks come from Shelbys stomach* Steve: Ugh, Shelby! Are you kidding me?? Steve: Alright, thanks Doc! Steve: Well the veterinarian says theres nothing to worry about it, Shelbys stomach acid will dissolve the squeaker, and then she’ll just..Poop it out.. Sylvester: The dog ate WHAT? Steve: You heard me on the phone huh? Sylvester: Yeah.. Steve: Ok its not a big deal, she’s just having some tummy issues, ok? Sylvester: Ok.. *Squeaks* Sylvester: DAMN! Steve: Shelby! C’mon, please, stop! Sylvester i’m sorry I should’ve just told you it was more than just tummy issues.. Sylvester: Shut her up! Steve: I am working on it! Sylvester: FUUUCK!! Steve: Look, you know this is just a temporary situation right kitty? Sylvester: No. Steve: Its gonna be over soon.. Sylvester: GOOD! Steve: Gosh, its not her fault that she ate the squeaker.. Sylvester: Bitch is dumb! Steve: She is not dumb.. Steve: She’s my good girl.. Steve: Alright, go outside Shelby girl! Go potty i’ll let you back in a little bit! Steve: Its nice and quiet when she’s outside Sylvester: Yeah. Steve: Well, when she comes back in are you going to try to be nice to her? Sylvester: No.. Steve: I’ve kinda figured just much.. Steve: Alright come back inside Shelby girl! Steve: Lets go, c’mon! Steve: Shelby, your not even making any noise! Steve: Wait let me check.. Steve: Is it gone?! Steve: Welp, here we go.. Steve: Thats it! *Squeak* Steve: Thats it! *Squeak again* *Water running while squeaking* Steve: Hey kitty guess what?! I found it!! Sylvester: What? Steve: T-the squeaker!! This right here! Thats whats making all the noise! *Gasp* Steve: Shelby! No! You spit that out!! Right now!! Steve: Happy birthday to my special kitty! Sylvester: me? Steve: No! no Sylvester , is not your Birthday… Sylvester: What ?! Steve: Aww , Your is in October ! Steve: It’s Gibbyson’s Birthday ! Steve: Gibbyson ! Can you believe it ? Steve: You’re finally 1 Year Old Today ! Steve: Which , Apparently Gives him the right to stick his butt in your face… Steve: Heh Steve: Sorry Sylvester 🙂 Steve: Aww You Still Get that from your mum That’s Cute ! 🙂 Steve: And even cuter if Sylvester wasn’t sniffer her butt ! Stawwph! Steve: geez… Happy Birthday Kitty ! We Love You Gibbyson , Happy Birthday !
*Birthday Music*

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  1. Happy birthday to you happy birthday day to you happy birthday day to gibson happy birthday to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?

  2. 1. Steve
    2. Random
    3. Shelby
    4. Gibbyson
    5. Gibson (rest in peace ?)
    6. Todd
    7. Missy
    8. GG
    9. If Gibson was still alive
    10. Any character i didn't find
    K. Talking Shelby (collar)
    You know what this means.

  3. Selvestea: damm shut her up :Steve selvesta doesn’t she deserve a toy :me they should both deserve something i think selvesta deserve wet food and Shelby girl deserves a Hamburg

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