Talking Tom and Friends – Friends Forever (Season 1 Episode 35)

Talking Tom and Friends – Friends Forever (Season 1 Episode 35)

Guys, I’d say our first annual
indoor fun day was a big success. It sure was. I’m glad the Landlord
sprayed all those chemicals on the lawn so we couldn’t go outside. Well, look at this, Angela even
set up an arts and crafts table. I made friendship bracelets. See,
the different threads represent… ahm, different colors of friendship. Angela. I don’t ever exaggerate.
But these. Are. Mind-Blowing. Oh, well, do you want one? Do I?! Ha! I mean, you know, if you
happen to have an extra one, yeah, sure, I’ll take it off your hands. Awesome. There. Now we have matching
friendship bracelets so everyone will know we’re friends. But remember, you can’t
remove it. You have to let the bracelet fall off on its own. What happens if I take it off? I think technically, that means
we wouldn’t be friends anymore. No! Anyways, I’ve got to get home. Hey,
do you think the lawn is safe yet? Hmm. Maybe if you hold your breath. Okay, thanks, bye! Not breathing, not breathing. I’ll never take you off! Got you. Ow! Ginger! Man, you weren’t even
trying to dodge me. Oh. You missed me. Ginger, slow down or I
won’t be able to catch you. That’s the point. I’m the most
excellent player of every indoor game there is. From
indoor tag to indoor catch… Tag, you’re it. No fair. I was giving
a speech that doesn’t count. Indoor fun day will now conclude
with a traditional game of hide and seek. Though it’s not exactly a tradition
since it’s the first Indoor fun day. But I’ll allow it. Gotta start somewhere, right? You guys are going down! Now, I’ve developed a completely
fair method to decide who’s it. All we need is a spoon, fishing
line, a number of hooks – Last one to touch his nose is it! Last one what ? Tom’s it! Everybody scatter! Hold on, I wasn’t ready – oh, all right… See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. We’re out of here. One Mississippi… two
Mississippi… three Albuquerque. Ben, always hiding by
your work. Oh-huh. Alright. If I was Hank, where would I be…? Well, these cushions look
suspicious. Hank, I’m on to you. Hmm. So no one’s decided to
hide in the most obvious places… Well I like a challenge. Alright
guys, come out, come out, wherever you are. Uh-oh, this is not good… Um,
guys? Time out, real quick, okay? I need some help here! Hey! I’m stuck! Oh, come on, Tom. I’m not gonna
fall for the oldest trick in the book. I know this seems like the oldest
trick in the book, but my arm is actually stuck in the couch! Do you really need help?
Or when you said this wasn’t a trick, was that a trick? No, it’s not a trick! Okay. But what about a double trick – And it’s not a double-trick
that I said it wasn’t a trick! Alright, I’m coming out to help!
But this doesn’t count as you finding me! Uh-oh. Did you say “uh-oh”? I’m stuck in the bathroom! Just like the last time I was stuck
in the bathroom! Remember that? Hey, can you come in and get me? No, Hank, I’m stuck too, remember? Ben! Bennnnnn! Ben, where are you? No. But this is the perfect place… Fine. Hey, that was you! Good hiding. Yes. Fortunately, you rarely
give things a closer look. Well, maybe not so fortunately
because me and Hank are both stuck. Hank, where were you even
planning on hiding in there? Not sure, but hide and seek
makes me nervous, and when I’m nervous I have to go. Ngh! This is really jammed.
I don’t know how you pulled the doorknob off so easily. It’s like I suddenly had super strength. Stand back, I’m gonna try something! Never mind. Some internal piece must
have worn down. No worry, I’ll just get a spare doorknob
from spare doorknob storage. Let’s see. The Polished Elegance,
hm… the Emerald Turner, ah, there we go. A good ol’ bathroom spare… Wait, don’t let that door – close. Uh-oh. Tom! Why isn’t there a handle on
the inside of the storage room? I took it off. And why did you take it off? Because I trapped that
thing in there that one time. What thing?! Don’t worry, it probably went away. But, yeah, you can’t open
the storage from the inside. Why didn’t you tell me that
before I got locked inside here? Okay, well, nobody panic. Ginger’s
still hiding somewhere around here. He can help us. Ginger! Ginger!!! Ginger! Ginger! Sounds like Tom found everyone
else, but they still can’t find me. Haha, This is gonna take a while… So, Ginger’s not answering, and
struggling just gets the friendship bracelet more stuck… Maybe Hank
is having more luck than I am. Tom! My head is stuck in the sink! I mean, maybe Ben is
having more luck than I am. I call this new invention the
Emergency Door Opener Five Thousand. Wait… Nine Thousand. No, that’s
too much. Five Thousand is better. Anyway, my troubles are about to be… You don’t need to eat that pizza.
You don’t need to eat that pizza. Eat that pizza, eat that pizza, eat
that pizza, eat the pizza, eat the pizza! Tom, what are you doing? Just cleaning the table. It
sure was messy. Tables… Oh, yah, don’t get me started on that. Man, Angela. I’m so glad you’re
here! But wait, wait, wait, why… You went home a while ago,
so how are you back here? Angela… You’re floating. Yeah, do you like it? The chemicals on the lawn turned
you into a ghost! Or a superhero… Wait. Are you a ghost or a superhero? Oh, neither. Actually, I’m a hallucination.
Your brain created me to deal with the loneliness of being stuck. So you’re not the real Angela? If I were the real Angela would
I say this? My favorite things in the world are Tom, Tom,
Tom, singing, and dancing and Tom. In that order. Wow, you are a really
cool hallucination. So, you’re really stuck, huh? It’s the friendship bracelet.
Alright, it’s caught on a spring. And I don’t know what to do
because on one hand, I don’t want to be stuck here forever.
But if I cut it, that means we aren’t friends anymore. But how good a friend are you if
you can’t even answer my calls, or help Ben and Hank? Not a very good friend. A friendship bracelet is just a
bunch of string. If it keeps you from helping friends who
need you, then, you should cut it. Wait, how do you know I’m
making the right decision huh? I mean you’re just a hallucination. I know, but I’m yooour hallucinaaation… Oh, Hallucinangela, come back. His name is Ginger! Baw ba bah baaaoowww! Like an invisible ninja! Okay. My brain made up that
hallucination. And my brain has never led me astray before.
Right brain – right. Left brain – wrong. Or maybe I don’t need to rush things.
Maybe if I just wait long enough, the friendship bracelet
will just come off on its own. Tom, help! My head is caught in the
sink and I can’t turn the water off! Hank, why did you
even turn the water on? I was thirsty. Sorry… the sink… is filling…
faster than I can drink… the water. Tom, get me out of here so
we can get Hank out of there. Alright, guys. Hang in there! I’m on my way. Carry the ten to the twelfth
power and this proves that this is one-hundred percent Tom’s fault. What did you just say? Never mind! Take this and go free Hank! Yeah, right. I’m here, buddy! Thanks, Tom… What were you thinking? Can I explain later? This water
is going right through me. Uh, you’re welcome. Tom, why didn’t you answer your phone?
I called, I texted, I even sent you an email. Oh, okay. That explains it. You
took off my friendship bracelet. Angela, I had to! We were playing
hide and seek and the bracelet uh – it got stuck on a spring in the couch.
Then Hank got trapped in the bathroom – And I got trapped in the storage room – Don’t worry, Tom. I knew
something like this might happen, so I made an extra. Oh that’s great, that’s really. Oh… pink. Helping friends is way more
important than a bunch of string. You made the right decision, Tom. I am not sure about that… What? Uh, I mean… Hey, whatever happened to Ginger? I guess the real problem with hide
and seek is, when you’re as good at it as I am, the game
can get pretty boring. I’ll give them another hour… or two.

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