The Bachelorette SUPERFAN Recap – S14E07 | The Bachelor Insider

The Bachelorette SUPERFAN Recap – S14E07 | The Bachelor Insider

So we just finished watching The Bachelorette episode 7 you need to dust off your puka-shell necklace Because we’re gonna little Bahamas I feel like this week Becca’s mind was as clear as the Bahama Ocean. It was clear. It was a new And we know this because her and Chris, I feel like they’ve been having some really Deep heart-to-heart. Where are you emotionally. Are you falling in love? Do you see yourself falling in love? Yeah And one three on one This is the week before hometowns. So like pressure is a skyrocket a Colton yeah, you come with me. Let’s go go. Let’s do it. Colton gets the very first one-on-one day This dates all about rock it out with your car guy. They’re on their date and they are sailing through the sea and Making out really awkwardly on a boat She was on like on like Donkey Kong starts to open up with this big secret confession and then this other yellow boat comes up with this crazy guy on there in time II was so affectionate because ironically Action shows up. The John Cage said his name was action. He teaches them how to go honking You just kept saying the word come come come and honey. It’s confidence and combat and Like so many columns oaks, you know I’m saying for someone whose average items is like trying to be like no one’s touched my cock, you know I’m saying and they tell us that the shelves are an aphrodisiac So they eat that peddle and I don’t know if it helped them or not But like Becca says no It doesn’t need to help her because she’s already super attracted to hope what I thought was funny is that she goes well Unless he has some crazy bomb to drop on me Like I’m just gonna give him the rose and that it was a crazy moment. I am a virgin Really? Yeah History basically called himself a virgin. That’s right. Dude. The other people call you virgin. Why are you calling yourself a virgin? Yes, seriously man. Zero people have seen his cock. So he says he didn’t have many girlfriends You don’t need a girl in the house I do not in fact that did not take it very well, excuse me one second She actually was like really like we thought that she wasn’t believing in that verse she like bounced for five Yeah at the dinner so cool. She’s like I just gotta take a lap Anyways Becca finally returns and says, you know what not only do I not care about this but I really appreciate The fact that you manned up and you told me in the way that you did because I know it’s so hard for you Colton Did get the rose I was It was hard to watch a little bit but also I think it made them closer She cash she was able to get over it. Yes, so then Garriga a date card It’s a love is in the air and his reaction. She’s just gonna be yes Garrett and Becca’s date started with them on a seaplane TIA Colton’s glad this wasn’t his date. I Love Gareth being super extra being super extra They are smitten little kittens you guys with their smile until their cheeks get dimples forever, too Giddy. Yeah, and it’s nice to see like a very easy relationship on screen something That was so cute that Gary’s I was I’m not perfect. I know you’re not perfect the world’s not perfect But I think that we can be perfect together Running into the ocean in the dark and again scene out of a movie Also shout-out to whoever was operating light on the boat that they didn’t show to pretend to be the moonlight and get like that Perfect glowy casted line it over both of them if they made out in the water at midnight truTV magic They just seem like very much in love. I literally looked at you like how dare hand carefully I was like So the next one-on-one date happens finally Blake is so relieved and you know, he tells her how worried he was how shaking in his boots he was and Yo, she really likes Blake. I really like Blake first off the date starts with them walking by a baja man concert Gonna be good dancer. No, and he was he was Armed, it’s we’re like detached from his body and then she goes to Blake and says I’m feeling all of these feelings for all these different guys and it’s like why would you say that to someone who’s truly like confessing his love to you like in a way like I do sympathize with Ari because I couldn’t understand how You could feel so strongly for multiple people. She sympathizes with Ari she tells like that just Blake opens up about his parents divorce. He tells all the t on his family. So apparently he’s a mother Was cheating on his father while he was in high school with his basketball English teacher Blake to drop the biggest ball me go drop Becca I am in love with he finally said I am in love with you. I’m falling in love with you I am in love with you the date ends with them just up against the wall making out and Their kisses are steamy girl like their kiss has had me like I’m watching this like Oh my god, like to know we have our last group date of the season my gosh Which is a three on one with Leo wills in Jason a very real group of underdogs. I think it’s only fair to you Go back to your family because I would would never want to bring in something that means so much to you I was pretty much as she let him go right then and there you know what Leo made it all the way to the Bahamas He made it all the way to the Bahamas about having nothing but a one-on-one Right before so kudos to Leo and that hair in that curl pattern. So then this turns into a two-on-one with Becca Jason and Will’s after kissing those pillowy lips She somehow has the audacity 11 wills go shocking shocking shocking will says So much more cool. Well, she was impressed with the way he handled it, but he was like completely broken up a very well-meaning. Yang Get off the car Though she is going to hometown with Colton Garret Jason and Blake hometowns are like my favorite. Yes, because you really see where these guys come from like what kind of family background Hometowns next week. Can’t wait to see what Blake’s mom’s hair Great. Alright. See ya Subscribe to our channel for more exclusive Bachelor Insider content from The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise!

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  1. Blake is my favorite and I think Becca should pick him. I’m not convinced that Garrett is in love with her, but I think she likes him tons!!!

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