The Best Marriage Proposals

The Best Marriage Proposals

Alright, so… I don’t think this should be our last letter; I say we make this our first. What do you say? We’re going to Paris. Are you serious? Yeah. We always said that we were going to be making the movies jealous. Be princess forever and marry me? Yes.

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  1. My mum proposed to my dad on the 28th of February, and he said no, but a while later he just turned to her when they were in bed and said "ah I suppose we will" then they made some tea to celebrate… Married 20 years everyone x

  2. I saw the most beatuiful proposal on whisper: my boyfriend walked for the first time today. He walked over to me, struggled to get down on one knew and Asked: will you marry me? ❤️❤️❤️❤️?? it was beatuiful admit it

  3. Fantasy proposal:
    dancing to "shut up and dance with me" only at the end there would be and overwrite saying ""OOdon't look back
    just keep your eyes on me
    so said now I say, "Shut up and marry me!"
    you are my destiny
    so I say, "Ooh-ooh-hoo,
    Will You marry me~."

  4. My friend Drew (a boy) and my friend Clara were dating and we (me, my friend Mary and those 2) were all walking up the bridge in front of the Eiffel Tower at night because we had lied to Clara and said we just wanted to see it, and then me and Mary quickly ran to the other side so that Clara and Drew would be alone, and then Drew proposed to Clara. I thought that was so beautiful and romantic. Clara showed us the ring and it said 'your the diamond of my eye' on the inside and had a single diamond with a band of gold around it, Drew said the diamond was like the stars in the sky. After that me and Mary and Clara and Drew all went on a Farris wheel and a few more rides, and then we had a picnic. The picnic included grilled salmon with lemon juice (my mouth waters thinking of it), a bottle of red wine, chicken noodle soup (Clara's favorite thing in the world), and peach cobler with ice cream for desert, oh and Madeleine cookies.

  5. I proposed in front of my class on the first day of my fiancee's and my last class together. I had a friend record it. You can find it on my YouTube page.

  6. As a European, it took me a moment to realise that actually going to Paris instead of NYC is pretty good in that couple's eyes.

  7. The best marriage proposal was the one between Barney and Robin.
    Now excuse me while I go sob into a pillow.???

  8. This made me smile, but I'd rather get proposed to in a way that's special us, without an audience. Like on a walk, or just sitting together on a couch.

  9. In my school someone put a giant scription saying Would you marry me? Hanging in the building in my school. Seriously it was that big.

  10. Ok so we were at minecon 2015 and it was after dantdms show it was question time and they called on a guy and he said this question is for my girlfriend will you marry me it was so sweet she said yes do you think it was planned I do


  11. Not that the letter thing ending in "We always knew" isn't clever or neat, but I have to say this. A marriage proposal that took 6 years to set up??? So he knew he wanted to propose and kept her in a holding pattern for six years to set up this elaborate proposal? She must have the patience of Job. Personally as a guy when you know your ready to propose, that's when you do it, it seems wrong to me to drag it out for years just to be clever. Perhaps the same Idea but over a much shorter period of days/weeks, etc. And I'm saying this as a guy. Again nothing wrong with elaborate and well planned out. That demonstrates thought, care, and desire to make it a special moment. But, don't do it in a way that makes her wait years for it, that IMHO, is not fair to her.

  12. i'm okay with a clichè grand and elegant restaurant where we were having dinner and suddenly in the bottom of my drink, there was a ring :/ that is way better than the embarrassing ones xD

  13. It's not about my parents proposal but their honeymoon, my dad told my mum they were going to Melbourne but he took her onto the plane he booked for Hawaii and he got the captain to announce they were going to Melbourne

  14. … My boyfriend informed me over the phone that he wants to marry me. That wasn't even a proposal, he straight up decided that our parents will meet (a customary for an engagement here) on July and the wedding would be next year. Still said yes though.

  15. sits at computer, cries over buzzfeed
    Person: yo cmere imma propose in deleware or somethin
    me: naw, I'm watchin buzzfeed

  16. My now brother in law proposed to my sister in the cutest way so my sister is always breaking her phone and at Christmas my brother in law bought her a new phone and he sent a text saying will you marry me and he took the phone out of the box and the ring was inside and she said yes but she broke that phone to lol

  17. I proposed to my fiancée during a photoshoot that I got her friend to help me set up. Near the end of the shoot I setup memorable pictures of us in a vintage room at an arboretum in my town and I proposed while we were posing. I call it our Engagement Photoshoot!

  18. The way I want to be proposed to is just sitting on a couch watching friends and he asks me "hey, want to get married later?" Just so cas

  19. My boyfriend actually purposed to me pretty simply and I couldn't ask for a better way to. It was in a gazebo on a sunny day. The ring was a replica from a show we bonded over. He did it at the right time too. We joked about a song that said "I was 19, you were 21 the year we got engaged" and it was 5 days before he turned 22 and a couple weeks after I just turned 19. I didn't need a big display, just him.

  20. I remember when I proposed to my fiancee. We loved walking at a specific park near her house out by a nice lake. It was about a good half hour walk and the whole time I'm wondering if it was the right moment or not. We sat down at a bench and hung out for a while taking in the weather. Right as we decided to move out I caught a glimpse of sunlight peering down at us. I figured that was the sign I was looking for and said: "Well actually, there's something I gotta ask you…" Her eyes widened and she said in the most serious voice I have ever heard "What?!" I got down on my knee and her hands instantly went to her mouth with a little squeal as I asked her to marry me.

    The point is, don't worry about how it's going to go, just wait for the right moment and do what you think will make your partner's heart melt.

  21. I've been with my partner for a while now and what I want with all of my heart is to get married in the future and start a family. Yesterday we had a bit of an argument and when we made up he told me that it's impossible for us to ever get married because his parents don't approve of me (he's Korean so this is his culture). And watching this has made me so crushed to know that it wont ever be me..

  22. I remember being super exited because my moms boyfriend was going to propose to her. So they went to this lake type thing on a beach, then he proposed. When it all happened I was actually super grossed out and wanted to throw up and kill myself. I think proposals and marriages are wonderful, I didn't expect to feel the way I did.

  23. My mum was so original, she came into my dads bedroom with a bunch of flowers and was like; will you marry

  24. I hate watching wedding proposals because I'll never get to experience these because I'll be alone forever.

  25. GUYS THEY WERE IN THE CHARLOTTE AIRPORT HEYYY NC FAM like we're not all bad here (don't blame us for mccrory's actions )

  26. that's becouse you have not seen jpelirrojo (a spanish youtuber) proposing on disneyland on frozen theme to her girlfriend of years. i literally cried when i saw it, with everyone in costumes and she didnt have any idea

  27. The best wedding proposal was jpelirrojo (a Spanish YouTuber) to his girlfriend Roenlared (an other YouTuber) look it up ???

  28. How I want my proposal to be like… (BTW the special He has to know I love harry potter otherwise the proposal is gonna be different.)

    We're on a vaca at Florida and we are at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando. We go to Ollivanders wand shop and we pick out and buy our wands. He says he has to go do something and walks out the store with a smile. He comes back and brings me right at the perfect spot where we can see the dragon. Staff form a heart around us and they say "Avis" (which is the spell to make birds fly out the wand) and white doves come flying over us. He bends down on one knee and shows me a beautiful diamond ring. "You may not be a quidditch player, but you sure are a keeper. Will you make me the happiest man in the world, and marry me?" Ofc I would say yes. ☺️

  29. i want him to get down on one knee and flip me off and after i yell at him i see the ring on his middle finger x'D

  30. I admire the wedding proposals all men on this video had. They had different concepts of preparing their proposals to their lovely fiancees. Congrats to all of you.

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