Have a friend that can’t tear
themselves away from their phone? They have the ability to tune you out as they
scroll through their Instagram feed. Hello, Lily! Are you even listening to me
I know what’ll make her pay attention looks like lily is paused
see you later girl have fun with your phone oh now you want to listen huh wait
how am I gonna get off this bus bon voyage sucker where am i I’ve never been
this far west before I wish I brought a jacket
what was that rhyme Lily man I have nothing to wear tonight I
wonder what’s in here yeah those are dirty all right just ahead a dress that
would be perfect for my event tonight I’m sure she won’t mind if I borrow it yep it’s perfect pause what you doing there hmmm what’s that smell the iron it’s
burning through the fabric play know was it ruined huh thank goodness
um hello scurry along now Lily ah nothing like cooing off on a hot day at
the beach don’t you just love putting your hands in the sand I know I think
it’s time to savor the moment a little don’t you think one of the funniest
things about playing in the sand is burying your friends but usually you
have their consent first can you breathe under there Jessup oh very good go
oh hey bear want to go get some ice cream wait
aren’t you forgetting something Oh Jessa you’re home I hope you’re
pleased with yourself oh gosh you look like you’re missing a layer of skin what
are you doing it’s morning time so you know what that means
breakfast he’ll make a big bowl I’m starving
gosh I hope I still have some milk in the fridge this looks okay right I’ll
give it a whiff just in case paws are right there Oh No
well no use crying over spilled milk right but no one’s ever spilled with
this much of it before look at that mess no matter how hard she tries just I just
can’t get out of paws mode all right play man
was that really necessary Lillie perhaps it’s just the right time to play
a harmless prank on one of your besties grab a big glass like this one and fill
it up with your favorite soda and lots of ice of course Baelor up hey Sofia
yeah I thought you could use a nice cold drink for me wow that was so nice of you
is it just me or does something seem fishy here
I sure hope Sofia likes that drink because she’s about to spend a lot of
time with it oh no this soda is turning into a
full-blown waterfall down Sofia’s shirt play seriously Annie ah I’m so cold
you need a change of clothes in a hot shower dad catching up on some reading
is always a nice way to spend an evening but pigging out on the delicious pizza
is even better yes look at all that melted cheesy
goodness hey why can’t I have a piece what makes you think this pizzas for you
that was so mean let me guess gonna give her the old paws punishment
are we and there it is don’t mind if I do
mmm it’s so warm and gooey how’s yours taste Amy how am I supposed to know hey
you’re gonna eat the whole pie before Amy even gets a bite yep there they go
oh man this is seriously the best pizza I’ve
ever had hanging there Amy it can’t be that much longer till she hits the play
button oh okay I think I’m finally full oh but I almost forgot there’s still one
delicious piece left and it still looks nice and hot you wouldn’t really take it
from her would you Sofia okay I give in you can eat your stupid pizza that took
long enough cheese next time I’m eating in the car
oh no Sofia you look sick as a dog I don’t think you
need a thermometer to tell you you have a fever maybe some hot lemon water will
help you feel better aren’t you supposed to put that in water Sophia ooh
that’s enough to scare the sickness right out of you hey Sophia I’m sorry
you feel under the weather you don’t mind if I shout out on my tasty snack do
you mmm coconut my favorite this is so hitting the spot mmm something tells me
that lemon tastes slightly less pleasant than that popsicle oh man I suddenly
know what will make me feel better I’m putting a stop to this right now
or should I say pause Oh baby I can’t feel my tongue still
enjoying that sweet treat Amy yep and now it’s melting oh this is becoming one
messy prank Sofia how long are you gonna let this go on
it’s getting everywhere all right play oh man the whole thing’s gone well I
still have some left man that’s good stuff
lick away Amy lick away early mornings are hard but stopping by
your favorite breakfast spot makes them a lot easier it sure is a nice day today
look Vicky’s here – looks like she’s fired Kevin it’s never too early for a
little lava surprise oh hey ready for a little heat this morning no I just want
to enjoy my coffee oh man aha what do I do with this stuff who needs
door handles right huh there are two kinds of people in this world people who
love to shop and people who’d rather die they go to the store well the shopping
trip ever end hey my favorite pillow is in Aisle 10
thank goodness for this card or I’d collapse into a ball on the floor I just
need one more thing of course you do wait a minute I know exactly how to
spice things up hey Kevin oops oh man quick we’re gonna go oh man this
is so much more entertaining whoa where’s he going
who knew Kevin was so agile hey keV you okay in there
I’m alive whatever dude do your friends love being on their phone non-stop even
when you’re hanging out face it Kevin nothing you say is going to tear her
away from that thing wait a second I know what get Vicki’s attention Oh Vicki
the floor is lava huh oh my gosh do remember a big trash can I threw my
garbage in earlier you’d better hurry girl you know Vicki you’re actually
gonna climb into that thing oh whoa Vicki you two better hurry that lava is
headed your way good morning Vicki ready for the most
important meal of the day I hope I remembered to buy milk thank goodness one more thing can eat cereal without a
spoon right Oh Kevin you scared me to death
hold on to your hats it’s llama time oh man it’s too early for this well that’s
one way to protect yourself you want to see that again in slo-mo
what a mess it’s better than being burned alive by molten lava though right

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  2. I love the pause challenge soo much its way to funny,my most favorite one in this video was when Lily was on her phone and Jess left her in the bus and Lily got of the bus without anyone unpausing her that was really funny I love this channel??

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