The Birthday Party: “Not This Time…”

The Birthday Party: “Not This Time…”

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  1. @lycanthropewerewolf IT'S IN FACEBOOK?! Well, actually I kinda understand them. If you read some of those, it can be a little scary, but it's CONFIRMED THAT NOTHING HAPPENS!!!

  2. @lycanthropewerewolf Don't know if it's a scientist, but I proved it. There is nothing happening. To get rid of the fear, try to concentrate on awesome TV things or comics or any sort of fiction, it helps during the night.

  3. i watched this about 10 times the only reason i am watching this again is to see if the hospital was called linda vista couse i saw it on blackboxtv true stories and couse the sighn on the hospitals was in the same font and both hospitals had ghosts i decided to check it

  4. I know it actually is. It's just some people snap at me saying "it's not you stupid!" and you watch Ghost Adventures? AWESOME! my FAVORITE show!

  5. Linda Vista is an abandon hospital, It has held thousands of patients and hundreds died, It is One of the most haunted places in San Fransisco.

  6. That hospital is an actual haunted community hospital which was shut down. Alot of people died there. It's located in East LA, like boyle heights. 

  7. I say Linda Vista and my jaw dropped because I remember seeing all these paranormal videos on it OMG! Can't believe they are actually in there

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