*You can turn these captions off by clicking the CC button below* Hey Dak, you got that backing track? Turn it on! Oh yeah Go ahead, pump it up Uh, I’d love to catch a firefly that’s far away I see your whole crew staring as I put this beat down Mmm, you’re like a soup can I’m like Superman I saw Veronica the girl that put you OFF blast Cause you played harmonica in art class I know you want her, too But you don’t move ’cause you don’t have any shoes You touch a pom-pom I touch an A-Bomb Mmm, aw yeahhh Hey, see if you can give it more bass OW! Hey! Where’s the music? I’m not German And I’m not a Mexican potato Yum, yum, rum Like, I will not touch spit Oh, you’ll like MY spit Oh, that’s gross You got a second? Yeah, so what’s up man, what’s troubling you? When it’s dark out there, I kinda want mommy Yeah, but it’s not like your mom can do anything to protect you Even if she’s bonkers with a razor? Ohh. Wow, okay. Different kind of mom. Hey, see if she wants a job! Oh okay. Nice floor! Thank you! Spinny chair, spin me around, ’cause you’re my friend! Oh, what are you doing there? Nope, that’s not what I’m trying to do – Back the other way? Okay, oh, mm, oh Okay Nooooooooooo! And that’s how I lost my tail Yo dog Penny for your thoughts I hate Brenda and a bad guy hit me in the shin and I peed all on my pants Ha ha ha It’s nothing a little music can’t help! Rockin’, rockin’ and rollin’ Down to the beach I’m strollin’ But the seagulls poke at my head NOT FUN! I said, Seagulls, MMMPHH STOP IT NOW! HMMM HA hmm hmm hmmm HA hmm hmm HA hmm hmm hmm hmm HA HMM HA hmm HMM hmm HMM hmm hmmm HA! Yeah, whatever, you’re sort of pitchy You didn’t like it? Listen man, I’m not your friend MMmmm Don’t fall asleep DONT. FALL. ASLEEP Can you let me go eat Big Jimmy’s Dim Sum? Yeah, that’s fine, just bring me some back Okay, but wait, it has nuts! Oh, well then never mind! Okay, sorry about that, Your Blackness! Wow, you’re looking very exotic You need to look harder Hmm Hey you guys! Aw, what happened? He tripped over a wicker basket and fell apart Wicker? Uh-Huh A wicker basket? YES I think I’ll just move my hand around Ghost face Knock knock Hmmm Y’all wanna come pet the horses? Yeah, I’m starving Another wicker incident? Don’t look I’ll probably cry So you got a crush on the Princess Well, yeah, maybe Wait, how do you know that? Just read it in your journal Oh Yeah, yeah Yes, yes, YESS, yeah OOOHH YEAH YEAH KEEP GOING Nobody come in here! AUGH Nuh-UHH Well, Shobbity Diggity Diggity Ahh, I could fart on you If you did it’d mess up stuff Vader’s after my Pelican Vader wants this horse, Donny! No, he’s after the pelican OH DANG! I LEFT THE PELICAN OUTSIDE! Aww, seriously? Well, it’s gotta be gone by now I wanted the pelican! Well, who wouldn’t?! Hey, I don’t like fruit Well, you ought to ‘Cause you’re bananas, right Chewie? Hahaha, I get it! Yeah!!! Wow, he is so amazing! He always puts on the best shows, you know? Hey, Boba Ski Watten Totten, your barn door’s open Huh? Haha, I got you son! Real mature Do you think that I would want you to dine in the woods alone? Na na na na na na na Don’t sing! NA na na Oh w-w-w-w-w- yeah whatever I hated wearing those shorts I’m the trout man! Yeah, we don’t CARE if you’re Albert! Huh? HUH? Huhhhh? What is going on? Huh? HUHHH? Guys? HUH? HuhHH? Is anything actually happening, or are you just saying HUH? I need you to itch my foot please! Do it Hahaha! Oh, wait, that hurts! Dude! I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that You know what it is, my depth pereception is off ’cause I need new glasses But they don’t fit over the helmet, so I’m just like – Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? No no no, no – careful! Can you just come back over here? NO! No no, don’t turn around! I got, I got it! Ohhh Buddy! Listen Nuh-uh, you’re BAD AT STUFF! Dude, that’s hurtful, that’s what the kids used to say when I was little Yeah, I bet you’re kidding me I wish I was. One time in summer camp the kids tied me up to a goat And they put us both in a hole A goat? Yeah In a hole? Oh yeah Kids are cruel! I know, tell me about it, right? They were mean to you! Oh you don’t even know In junior high, my nickname was “Flower” FLOWERRRR!!! NOOOOOOO!! I think it’s about time that I walk away, walk away So I turn around to walk away but then I look back Sad lady make me turn and walk away again

100 Replies to ““THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: A Bad Lip Reading””

  1. Dude, this is totally Randall Park doing Luke's voice here. Go watch "Always Be My Maybe" on Netflix and you'll know this is his voice. I bet Randall is the genius behind A Bad Lip Reading. His voice reminds me a little of Ryan Reynolds.

  2. Imperial Star Destroyer Officer: I’m afraid of the dark, I need mommy.

    Me: ‘Tis a true tragedy when a high ranking official is afraid of space…

  3. You have to do this for Rogue One forward, because idt there's anything that can save the SW franchise, so we might as well laugh at it.

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  5. “Hey, Boba Ski Watten Totten, your barn door’s open.”
    “Haha, I got you son!”
    “Real Mature.”

  6. If you think about it. Anakin murdered young jedis' during order 66 because they put anakin in a whole with a goat and called him flowers.

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